Age of Magic Mod apk 1.13 + [Unlimited Shards/ Money]

Have you ever wanted to be part of the magical world, where evil have taken over the world and few heroes are the only hope of the mankind, who can take mettle with the evil forces and can destroy them.  If you are into all such fantasy things than Age of magic is the perfect game for you.

Age of Magic is the Role playing game where you will be taken into the ancient magical world of  mages, knights and dragons. Your goal is to defeat the evil forces and for that you have to form the team of 6 players including you. The team formation will be a very difficult task as it requires you select different classes of heroes like Attacker, defender, Mage, Support.  And with the each level rising up your goal will be to update your heroes by using shards which are difficult to collect. You can also Unlock new heroes. Discover their stories in Campaign mode. Fight other players in PvP battles to reach to the top of the Tournament. Go through the infamous Tomb of Horrors and explore the real horrors of magical world. There is a Famous Prophecy that a True Mage will enter the Dark Tower to determine the fate of the universe.

This game is developed by PlayKot LTD and was released in may 2019 and by then its downloads have skyrocketed. PlayKot is the developer of popular games  like SuperCity: Building game, TriPeaks Solitaire Adventure etc. The game is available in various languages.

This Article will discuss everything from game’s gameplay, new events, features etc. Be updated to the Latest Version. You can bookmark us to get you the Latest version as soon as possible.

Download Age of Magic Mod apk (Unlimited Shards)

All files can be downloaded from our servers. If the file is deleted or you have difficulty downloading, try disabling the ad blocker. If after disabling the AdBlocker, you cannot download , please contact us by sending a comment.

File Information

This Game is Developed by Playkot LTD. It was Last updated on 5 July 2019. Its size is 129 MB. Its current version is 1.13 . Its Android requirements is 4.4 and up

Features of Age of Magic Mod APK

Lets talk about what makes this game so amazing.

Special Events

Makers give you opportunity to unlock rare heroes by being part of special events where are conducted in every few weeks and they are only open for a short period of time, so don’t miss them.


You can be part of Age of magic community where you can find out the stories related to each character and learn from other players, the tips and tricks, learn new skills, gather information about useful items. If you feel any doubt or any any kind of difficulty then you are good to discuss in the Community.

Game Modes

The makers have provided you with various Game Modes. Start with CAMPAIGN mode, Unlock new heroes, fight heated PvP battles. You will be playing the role of Roland, The true Maze of the Prophecy, who will rescue mankind from darkness. His quest is to go in the dark tower and destroy the Enemy Sharazar. You can go with dark campaign, tournament, challenges, The Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures where you can test your Strategy, power and tactics as you battle powerful enemies.

Real Heroes

You will be fighting with Fantasy Heroes with each one having its own story. All of them are divided into different class, factions and skill level. There are 60+ heroes to unlock. All of them have different abilities. You have to form your team after making your tactical strategy.


Makers have backed the gameplay with beautifully crafted graphics and smooth transition. Even the background score of the game is top notch.  Makers have created game in such a beautiful manner that one cannot get bored with it. They have bundled it with Stunning Graphics, awesome sound, Beautiful UI design, Simple controls. Any new player can easily understand the game.

What’s more in the Age of Magic Mod APK? (New Update)

God Mode

1 Hit Kill

Unlimited Money

New Version Update

  • New Hero Argen is  added in the Library


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  • New Event Silver Drawing :  three lucky people will be  randomly selected and would be given 6,000,000 Silver in two weeks


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– Act VI of the Light Campaign: Fascinating arenas, fantastic encounters, and of course, valuable rewards!
– New Heroes: the brave Softy and the mighty Sabertooth!

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We've got a lot of questions about new heroes' skills after releasing the trailer. So, why not to tell we thought and decided to tell more! 😉 ⠀ ⠀ Well, these are the skills that Softy has in addition to his basic attack:⠀ ⠀ 😂 Laughing Dart — the shot is guaranteed to hit the target and ignores its fortitude. The target cannot use their attack abilities for a number of turns (if they have no other abilities, they miss a turn).⠀ ⠀ 🤢 Poison Dart — deals serious damage and blocks the target from being healed for a number of turns. Additionally, if the target makes a melee attack, Sabretooth will counter-attack with his "Shredding Claws" ability for [a number of turns.⠀ ⠀ And here are skills of Sabertooth:⠀ ⠀ 🗡 Razor Fangs — hits the target twice and restores amount of the damage done to his own health.⠀ ⠀ 🐾 Shredding Claws — this attack cannot be dodged. For a number of turns any hero from the Children of the Forest faction can attack the target and ignore their hidden status and taunts from the target's allies.⠀ ⠀ 🐯 Defender — passive skill that makes Sabertooth can attack any target, ignoring their hidden status and taunts by their allies. If the enemy makes a melee attack on a hero from the Children of the Forest faction who has less than amount of health, then Sabretooth will counter-attack with his "Shredding Claws" ability. If the ally dies from that attack, then the counter-attack's damage increases. Sabretooth does more damage for every ally in the group from his faction and also, if one of them is killed, he gains an extra damage until the end of the battle.⠀ ⠀ Seems like Children of Forest are going to be really good paired in one squad! 😏 Put 'Like if you want to take them!⠀ ⠀ #AgeOfMagic #announcement #newheroes

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  • Updated Tournament

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👉 Here is the short list of fixes and improvements:⠀ ⠀ – Solved the issue with freezing and increased battery consumption⠀ – the ‘Battle’ button now works correctly after purchasing Energy⠀ – ‘Fox Hunt’ event now works correctly⠀ – tutorial on Skins now works correctly⠀ – Ra’Archne's fallen heroes are displayed correctly⠀ – the defeat screen is no longer displayed after winning some battles⠀ – fixed Raid Chest view screen⠀ – shadow mapping is fixed⠀ – fixed display of rewarded Shards for completing Raid⠀ – fixed display of Zhu Bajie stats⠀ – fixed displaying of the Light and Dark Campaigns missions when searching for an item⠀ – and lots of other fixes and improvements.⠀ ⠀ Note: you need to download the new version from AppStore or Google play to experience the improvements! 😉 ⠀ ⠀ #AgeOfMagic

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GamePlay ScreenShots

How To Install Age of Magic? (Complete Installation Guide)

1.  First Download the Application from the Below Link.

2. Now Go to settings and click on Security –> Enable Unknown Sources.


3. Now open the application from Notification bar and Install the App

Brief for the Beginners

As the game starts you will be given a team of 6 players which includes Roland, Taneda, Bellara, Rogar etc. Your goal is to buy shards and to get them you have to plat campaign mode, which is divided into chapters. With each chapter you complete you will earn some EXP points which helps to unlock another chapter. Remember campaign mode can be played in two modes Normal and Heroic where heroic will be unlocked after all the chapter in normal mode has been completed as it is much more difficult.

As you level up the chapters, new events, challenges, tournaments and arenas will be unlocked. Later you have to upgrade your heroes, it will make them stronger in battle. Form your team based on a tactical strategy, you have to select from attackers, Maze, support, defender.

You can buy the shards with rune coins which you will get by playing the valley of treasure mode, where you find the coins in the treasure chests. Remember in every two hours, you can open the chest for free.

With shards you can unlock new heroes after carefully analyzing their stats, buy them gears, upgrades, cubes, skills etc.

Remember,Crystal of power can only be earned in Arena mode and is used to buy Shards.  Potions are used to train the heroes, Silver is used for upgrading the heroes, Magical Spheres gives you instant rewards, Skill cubes upgrade the skills, Shards unlock the heroes.

Tip :  Try to focus on one enemy at a time, which will give bigger advantage. Though deciding which hero to fight against is a matter to think.

Final Verdict

If you are die hard fan of Fantasy Adventures then this game will surely won’t disappoint you. The concept of the game is simple, it will take you to the world of Mage, magic, dragons, where you will be playing the Roland who is  a Maze, who’s quest is to fight assassin Sharazar. Unfold the story of the game,  Unlock all the magic heroes, fight epic battles etc. The makers have designed the game in such a manner that it will keep you captivated with its amazing Gameplay and Graphics.


The gaming industry invests thousands of dollars on a single game. Most of the games are interesting as they are made after the careful market analysis. The liking and not liking part depends on the type of the niche you are comfortable with. Like most people prefer Racing games like NFS, some people prefer arcade games like Temple Run, Some people prefer strategy games likes Age of Empires etc.

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