Archero Mod Apk 1.1.7 [God Mode] + Unlimited Skills [Tips N Tricks]

Archero is the fun sports game where you are the sole survivor archerwhose responsibility is to take down the enemy as the whole mankind depends on you. There are thousands of them and they won’t stop until they eliminate you. Don’t bow down to the enemy. Fight till the last arrow. With each stage, the level of monsters increases and to deal with them you have to increase your damage attack, stamina, attack speed, attack range etc. They will be attacking you from all the sides possible and along with that there will be traps and obstacles on your way even electrical wires are also there to stun you.

This game is developed by Habby and was released in may 2018 and by then its downloads have been increasing. The game is available in various languages. The sole purpose of the game is to defeat the enemy. You will have to climb up the challenging stages ladder with each stage much more difficult than the previous one. You will have t take down thousands of monsters with different classification, attack range, attack speed etc, these all stats play an important role in understanding the monsters and planning a strategy to take them down.

This Article will discuss everything from game’s gameplay, new events, features etc. Be updated to the Latest Version. You can bookmark us to get you the Latest version as soon as possible.

Download Archero Mod apk  (One hit Kill)

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File Information

This Game is Developed by Habby. It was Last updated on 31 July 2019. Its size is 85 MB. Its current version is 1.1.7 . Its Android requirements is 5.0 and up

Features of Archero Mod APK

Lets talk about what makes this game so amazing.

Explore Different Words

Archero is a well designed games and each stage is designed in a such a beautiful way that it will make you feel different from the all other stages. Each stage will take you to a different Universe with different landscape and you will have to find your way through all the challenging obstacles.

Hundreds of Monsters

You will be facing hundreds of monsters on your way with each one being different from all others. Each monster have different skill set like their attack speed, attack range, damage, different weapons etc.. try to dodge their attacks.


Upgrade skills

With each kill you will get coins which will automatically get added to your wallet. Use that money to upgrade your weapons, skills, strength, power, recover, agile, inspire in the talent section. With each level up. upgrade your weapons to take down the enemy.


You can even have a pet which will go along with you. They are your trusted friends which can heal you and also attack enemies


This game you a marvelous experience with each stage taking you to new lands, with thousands of monsters and the smooth transition of graphics and sound quality of the game are completely amazing and will surely entertain you.

GamePlay ScreenShots

You must Continously collect gems and other items to upgrade and maintain good health and increase the damage of each shot. You will also get stage rewards, gather lethal equipments like death scythe, Void Robe, Laser bat, scythe mage etc.

You can also buy valuable chests which offers great deals.

What is in New Update?

Better UI

Bug Fixes

One Hit kill option

You can also activate God Mode

Unlimited money so can unlock all skills

How To Install Archero? (Complete Installation Guide)

1.  First Download the Application from the Below Link.

2. Now Go to settings and click on Security –> Enable Unknown Sources.


3. Now open the application from Notification bar and Install the App


Tips N Tricks

  • For beginners, it will a little time to get used to the game, as you know how to use the bow in the profession way which takes some time to get used to.

  • The most basic thing to remember is drag to run and release to hit.
  • Keep moving and find the perfect place to hide and dodge the shot waves of enemies. Don’t be too much on upgrading.
  • You never know how strong your opponent, you have to first watch their attack pattern and then plan your tactical moves.
  • If you lose you have to start the chapter from scratch.
  • Some monsters come running towards you, the best you can do is run to the corner and when he comes to you, run to the next corner.
  • Use the walls and obstacles to your advantage

  • Saving energy is a vital thing in this game. You can have 20 energy for 100 gems. Spend gems very judiciously. You can earn 20 energy daily by watching 4 ads.
  • Gather equipments which can also help you level up in the game. You can get them in treasure chests, by enemies, by wining a level. Each Equipment has a different quality. And to upgrade them you need scrolls.
  • The best use of gems is to revive especially during battles with big bosses where they come very handy. Don’t waste them.

  • Collect all the coins which you get by killing the enemies and use them to upgrade your talents.

  • Choose you ability and skills wisely, there are many skills which works different with different characters and you also have to take decision based on your stage.

Final Verdict

If you have any preconception that this game is easy then my friends let me make you clear that it is a moderate game where initial stages seems to be easy but as you stage up the ladder, you will find quite challenging tasks. The game is designed in top down view so you easily dodge attacks and actually see the monsters moving.This game is not just about aiming and releasing the arrow, you also have to dodge the attacks. It has loads of  random elements that makes it very interesting.

There is no doubt, this  game is surely amazing and the best way to kill time. It is also bundled with Stunning Graphics and Amazing sound Quality.

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