#Drive Mod Apk 1.3.0 + Unlimited Money

Have you ever dreamed of whats driving like in 70s and what it was like back then. My friends you are sure in for a treat.  #Driving is an Old style endless driving game set in the 1980s and 70s. The game is loaded with old style cars and even the background of the game will make your remember the 70’s. It got places like dry Crumbs where you will driving your car. Game is all about completing challenges, collecting coins, fuel, unlocked stages, cars, doing crazy stunts, skids.  It is one hell of a game. Just remember not to hit something. The gameplay is pretty simple and can be easily understand. The game is bundled with beautiful graphics and Amazing UI Design, smooth transitions, works in minimum hardware requirements.


This game is developed by Pixel Perfect Dude and was released in  2019 and by then its downloads have been increasing. The game is available in various languages. The sole purpose of the game is to make you feel the 1970’s time and show you what it was driving back in that time with less traffic, different goals, long roads etc.

This Article will discuss everything from game’s gameplay, new events, features etc. Be updated to the Latest Version. You can bookmark us to get you the Latest version as soon as possible.

Download #Drive Mod apk  (Unlimited Money)

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File Information

This Game is Developed by Pixel Perfect Dude. It was Last updated on 14 July 2019. Its size is 63 MB. Its current version is 1.3.0 . Its Android requirements is 4.1 and up

Features of #Drive Mod APK

Lets talk about what makes this game so amazing.

  • Global LeaderBoard

There is a global leader board where all your scores will be recorded and person with the maximum score will be on the top of the Leaderboard.  Feel the fun of competing with players from all around the world.

  • Unlock Cars

The game got amazing cars and also some of  the fancy ones. Unlock all of  those by completing more questing, gathering more money. Remember it is always better to spend on new car than Upgrading your old ones. Every car has different stats and analyse what are your requirements for the quest and pick your car accordingly. There are 37 new car to unlock with names like The Pug-UP, The Bubble, The Duckling, The 1980 SwanVan etc

  • Upgrade parts

There are times when it is hard to buy new car as you are short on cash and won’t move forward unless you complete a quest, in such situation you have to upgrade your old car. There are 4 thing to analyse before you upgrade i.e. speed, Grip, Acceleration, Coolness. You can give your a completely new  makeover with painting and stuff.

  • Handcrafted Tracks

Makers have worked their best to give you most elegant, simple and original design inspired by road and action movies from 1970s. You are going to love the tracks and there is no doubt about it. They will surely chuckle you with their names and their looks. You will driving over crazy challenging roads, rocky terrain etc.

  • Gameplay

Makers have mad sure that you get Realistic game physics along with most Elegant and Awesome gameplay which includes amazing Background score, Stunning Graphics which offers virtual to become reality experience, easy onscreen controls and Much more.

GamePlay ScreenShots

What is in New Update?

  •  new PRO camera
  •  performance fix
  • Ad-free
  • Unlimited Money

How To Install #Drive? (Complete Installation Guide)

1.  First Download the Application from the Below Link.

2. Now Go to settings and click on Security –> Enable Unknown Sources.


3. Now open the application from Notification bar and Install the App


  • Hit left side of the screen to steer left , Hit Right to steer right and hit both side to apply brakes.
  • Make sure you collect red caps at the end of each string of five bottles
  • Always slide into the gas station to collect fuel
  • Collecting a donut will help you to get rid of a cop.
  • Avoid colliding with other things, it will damage you
  • Collecting a wrench will fix your damaged car
  • You got four stats to focus on: Speed, grip, acceleration coolness
  • Speed= Faster Speed, Grip= Better Handling, Acceleration= Start faster after a stop, Coolness= Long Travel
  • Pick a car according to its stats.
  • Collect Postcards to unlock new levels

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of driving games then this one is a must try game. Its less on the competative side and more on the relaxing one. It is an Endless driving game with drifting skills, Number cars, stages, completing challenges with an aim to drive as far as possible to become number one on Global leaderboard. you have to Unock New towns and Cities, with each city offering different goodies like bottlecaps, postcard, donuts etc which you have to collect.


The gaming industry invests thousands of dollars on a single game. Most of the games are interesting as they are made after the careful market analysis. The liking and not liking part depends on the type of the niche you are comfortable with. Like most people prefer Racing games like NFS, some people prefer arcade games like Temple Run, Some people prefer strategy games likes Age of Empires etc.

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