Garena Free Fire Mod apk OBB 1.38.2 ( Auto Aim and Fire) [Tips N Tricks]

The battle Royale game has taken over the world gaming Zone, whether you talk about Pubg, fortnite or Free fire. All of them uses the same concept and still all of them are on same level completely different from others and have some edge over others. There is a reason why Battle Royale games haves taken over all the gaming community. It excites us when you cannot stop thinking about being the lone survivor in a deserted island. And your goal is to survive and run for your life. If you are a Pubg fan, you must know that free fire provides a similar experience but it storage requirements are way less than PubG, which makes it a better Choice. Currently free Fire is one of the top 10 games in the Market Rightnow.

Initially, its name was Free Fire- Battlegrounds and later changed to Garena Free Fire. It is developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED.

Brief of Game

It is one of the best Battle Royale game, where you task is to survive in a deserted island. There will be 49 other players and you will be given just 10 minutes. Game comes with an option of solo or squad. If you choose squad, you will  be paired with 3 other players. You will have to jump of a plane by pressing eject and can mark the place where you want to land. Your main priority is to stay alive. Collect weapons as soon as possible, take down the enemies whoever comes in your way.  You can find vehicles and explore the map. If you find trouble and cannot seem to deal with it then it would be better to stay Low in grass.


Are you ready to embark on this adventurous Journey. I must warn you, it is a very addictive game and loaded with amazing graphics. You will have a better gaming experience with headphones. Your Main priority is to stay alive and become the final survivor to answer the call of duty. Don’t forget about the safe zone as it gets smaller with every minute.

This Article will discuss everything from game’s gameplay, new events, features etc. Be updated to the Latest Version. You can bookmark us to get you the Latest version as soon as possible.

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File Information

This Game is Developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED. It was Last updated on 5 July 2019. Its size is 400 MB. Its current version is 1.38.0 . Its Android requirements is 4.0.3 and up

Features of Garena Free Fire Mod APK

Lets talk about what makes this game a phenomenal Creation.

  • Weapons, Enemies, Loot: You will have to find the weapons placed in the shelter houses. Kill the Enemies and loot their Weaponry.

  • Keep an eye for the Safe Zone: With Every minute the play zone starts shrinking. And you will starting loosing your health if you are out of the play zone.

  • New Avatars: You can choose your avatar and make it wear funny clothes or try different styles Like Mafia, Funk, wearing Masks etc


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  • 10 Minutes Game: Each Game will end in 10 minutes and with each minute passing you will feel your adrenaline rush.
  • Search for Vehicles: The island is quite big and if have to go from one place to another, It takes time so makers have provided Vehicles with which, you can search for enemies and also kill them and shoot while driving.

  • 4 members squad or play solo: You will be paired in a group of 4 members. You can talk over microphone, form the right strategy, plan where you want to land, you can even share equipments and heal each other.

  • Airdrops: Look for the airdrops as they carry lucrative weaponry and revival kits and other equipment. Beware of Airstrikes, to avoid them, hide somewhere in shelter.

  • Simple Controls: Game is quite easy to play. Controls are all right there
  • Gameplay: Free fire provides you a phenomenal game play experience with Sooth graphics transition and highly detailed graphics. The User Interface is completely of NextLevel.

GamePlay ScreenShots

What is in New Update?

  • A new Avatar called Laura is Introduced (She is Beautiful&hot )

  • This Update will give you a map system Update
  • A new location is added called Bullseye. This place is somewhere in Bermuda


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  • Squad members will be able to go on a Team Parachuting so that they can land together.

  • Arabic Language is added
  • New Rank Tier – Grandmaster
  • RP calculation optimization.
  • M79 is now an airdrop only item.
  • Added Toxic Zone (Only in Bermuda – Casual)
  • New summer-themed spawn island.
  • New item – Gatling Gun
  • New Item – Repair Kit
  • Added Hot zone in Purgatory.
  • New settings available for custom rooms.
  • Weapon stats adjustment.
  •  Added new difficulty and bosses in Death Uprising.
  •  Auto pickup optimization
  • A new weapon  CG15 is added along with Infobox.

How To Install Free Fire? (Complete Installation Guide)

1.  First Download the Application from the Below Link.


2. Now Go to settings and click on Security –> Enable Unknown Sources.


3. Now open the application from Notification bar and Install the App

4. After the apk is Installed, Download the OBB file

5. Now Copy folder “com.dts.freefireth” in “Android/obb”
6. Enjoy the Game

Tips N Tricks

  • Avoid landing places where there is too much crowd, you will easy get killed without even starting a game or before getting a weapon.
  • Better way to play this game is collect your weapons and hide while keeping an Eye on enemies. Don’t shoot carelessly otherwise you will be displayed on enemies radar.
  • All the character in the game offers different Advantages like Nikita  has 4% faster submachine reload while Olivia can Revive other players with +6 more HP etc. Compare all the players stats and then choose your avatar according to your strength.
  • Vehicles help you to escape from a fight or go to a specific location.
  • Free fire is a survival game so once you land, run for the safe location instead of fighting people back. If you play intelligently can you win the game by shooting just one player.
  • Keep an Eye on the map for safe zones, opponents, and danger zones
  • When someone is firing on you and you cannot figure out from where just run in zig zag manner that will make it difficult to hit.


  • SKS has the highest damage and can cover longest distance. SMgs have amazing firing rate per second compared to other guns but covers only short distances. AN94 is the Only healing Weapon. KAR98K  is the Best Sniper Gun. SPAS12 rules the shortguns Category.
  • If you are close combat person choose Shortguns and smgs and If you prefer killing from long range without getting noticed, use Snipers.
  • Assault rifles comes for the middle Range i.e not so close and not so far.

Final Verdict

This game is a highly action packed game where you have to constantly attentive and keenly observe your surroundings. You will have to build a strategy with your teammates to be the last team standing. You will be fighing in variety of locations and environments. Game is loaded with addictive gameplay, Detailed graphics, smooth Transition. You cannot deny the fact that these all things have garnered this game a humongous Userbase, where millions of players from across the Globe are playing it everyday. This moded version will help you unlock all the quests, events and provides you Auto Aim and Fire. There is no doubt, it is a Fun game to play.

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