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guns of boom

Guns of Boom is an Amazing multiplayer FPS game which brings a whole loads of heat. This Game completely stands up its name, this game is super competitive, if you are a newbie and doesn’t stick to the basic rules, you won’t stand a chance. Game got amazing weapons, with a huge variety i.e Assault rifles, Shotguns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, Knives etc. You can Score maximum by headshot. Play along with your friends in a team, be part of regular events to earn more gold. Buy premium weapons, that will give you edge over other players. What makes this game different from other action packed game: This game doesn’t have shooting button, you just have to point thegun to the enemy.

This game is developed by Game Insight and was released in may 2018 and by then its downloads have skyrocketed. The game is available in various languages. It is a Multiplayer game where each player is given a rank according to their game level and sole purpose is to climb up the rank ladder. The highest level you can get is 50. Each consist of 5 minutes with 2 teams battling for points. Each team has 4 players.

This Article will discuss everything from game’s gameplay, new events, features etc. Be updated to the Latest Version. You can bookmark us to get you the Latest version as soon as possible.

Download Guns of Boom Mod apk  (No Recoil)

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File Information

This Game is Developed by Game Insight. It was Last updated on 10 August 2019. Its size is 60 MB. Its current version is 9.0.321. Its Android requirements is 4.1 and up

Features of Guns of Boom Mod APK

Lets talk about what makes this game so amazing.

MultiPlayer FPS


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Makers can crafted this game so beautifully, Intelligently and in such a way that playing along with your friends, or playing in a team with strangers over Internet makes it totally Worthy. You will have loads of fun.

Loads Of Gun

This game is bundled with all types of guns whether you talk about  Assault rifles, Shotguns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, grenades, protective gears etc. It has all of them. And most of the premium guns are locked, so you have unlock them by purchasing with gold, which you can earn from playing daily events and completing Missions.



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The is beautifully designed with amazing graphics and Easy controls, an new player will easily get hold and could easily understand the game. The Goals of the game are pretty simple. You will be engaged in a battle with other team of 4 players and match will end in 5 minutes, whichever team has higher Points wins.

Ranking System

This game has a simple goal where you have to climb the ranking ladder. The maximum rank you can Get is 50. Your Rank will be displayed on the Global Leaderboard.

Pro Play Mode

If you prove your mettle as a worthy player, you will get the opportunity to compete in the eSports Events where you can earn huge wealth and you will be playing in front of huge Audience and get the opportunity to play with the best players around the world.


You can Customize your character with beautiful cosmetic items like eye patches, hats, masks, wrist bands, costumes etc,

Regular Events and Different Locations


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Gun of boom introduces new events every week where you can participate and earn more cash. Playing in different locations and arenas makes it more fun.

What’s more in the Guns of Boom Mod APK?

You can register your team and participate in a challenge series tournament which is conducted every week and get a chance to win $4000.

It got Auto fire option where you just have to point the gun barrel to the enemy.

Game sounds especially of grenades explosion and bullets cracking the air will totally pleasure you. You will real experience with headphones which will totally dissolve you in this high heated action packed game.


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eSports  host massive online and offline tournaments for players from all around the world where you can win Humongous cash prizes, where millions of people will be seeing you. Join the League and win the chance to compete on the world’s largest platform i.e. esports arenas. The first competitive season in 2018 won $200,000 prize pool while the second season in 2019 has $500,000 prize pool.

GamePlay ScreenShots

What is in New Update?

  • This update introduces BATTLE CAREER Season 3!


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  • It is loaded with new cosmetics like masks, skins, costumes
  • New Puzzle Mode


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    • New Easy Browsing updated
    • Guns Updated and some new guns Introduced


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  • New Maps


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How To Install Guns of Boom? (Complete Installation Guide)

1.  First Download the Application from the Below Link.

2. Now Go to settings and click on Security –> Enable Unknown Sources.


3. Now open the application from Notification bar and Install the App

Tips N Tricks

Best Strategy

The best strategy for the new players will be stop hidding and saving your health, get in the game and kill more of your enemies, as that will give more bonus and more Money which will help you to upgrade your weapons.


Aim for headshots as that will give you maximum points and saves your ammo.

Weapons Use

Understand your weapons. The game got  Assault rifles, Shotguns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols. Rifles and AR are used for Long Range. Snipers are used to kill from a huge distance without getting noticed. Shortguns are used for close combats, Machine guns are used for taking down many enemies at one go.

Play as a Team

If you want to survive for longer time, play as a team and if you want to win then first make the tactical strategy.


Upgrade your weapons is the only way to win the match. Don’t succumb to the regular guns upgrade them to the maximum power. You can even steal the enemy weapons after killing them. And remember to buy all three gears for Head, torso, legs as they help  to reduce the affect of the attack.  Before buying new gun, do check its power and range.


Avail Daily bonuses and also check quest for bonuses

Final Verdict

Any age group person can play this game. This game is designed in a manner that old device users can also run it as requires Moderate hardware requirements. And even the size of the game is also very moderate. By the End of the same year, it was released, the game scored 55 million downloads. To win the game is no easy in gun boom, you need a teamwork and a proper tactical strategy which makes adrenaline rush in your body, if you are a true gamer. This game provides you a huge arsenal of weapons.There is no doubt, this game gives you more than you can ask for.

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