Overlays – Floating Automation Pro v5.1.2 Cracked APK [Latest Version]

Float Overlays (widgets, shortcuts, views) based on Triggers

* Automatically show your music player widget when you plug your headset
* Show overlays only when a specific app is running
* Create floating apps of your own
* Watch YouTube while using other apps
* Schedule overlays to show only on specific days and time
* Float a camera overlay anytime, from everywhere
* The options are endless!

Application Overlays – Floating Automation Pro v5.1.2
Size 5 Mb
File Name Overlays.apk
Version Name 5.1.2
Minimum Version Required
4.1 and up
Updated On 1 DEC 2018

Overlays is packed with features, explore it well!

Included in-app Overlays
– Floating Widgets
– Floating YouTube
– Floating Browser (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and more)
– Floating Clipboard (Pro)
– Floating Google Translate
– Floating Shortcuts
– Floating Camera
– Floating Calculator
– Floating Dialer & Contacts
– Floating Flashlight
– Floating WiFi & Bluetooth (toggle)
– Floating Battery
– Floating Weather
– Floating Clock

Automatic and manual triggers
– Running Foreground Application
– Events (see list below)
– Tasker integration (Pro) for endless flexibility and automation
– Floating Sidebar – swipe your screen edge to reveal the sidebar
– Home button long press
– Launcher Shortcuts
– Always On – overlays will keep floating, everywhere
– Lock screen only (Android 7.1 and below)
– Quick Setting Tile (Android 7.0+)

Supported Events
– Headset plugged
– WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
– WiFi by SSID (Pro)
– Bluetooth by device (Pro)
– Incoming call
– Outgoing call
– Phone docked
– USB connected
– AC plugged
– Airplane mode.

– Permissions explained http://lioriluz.wordpress.com/permissions/
– Video tutorials https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM5qor5-ZTTaiaHGG1tXZyT2BGZbRs3Hj


* New! Pro: Clipboard manager overlay
* New! Pro: Screensaver in blacklist
* New! Google translate overlay
* Added: launcher shortcut to quickly close all profiles
* Added: paste option in browser overlay menu
* Changed: Sidebar is now outside of settings for quick access
* Changed: size measurements are now in dip and not pixels
* Changed: Clock, and battery overlays look & feel refreshed
* Unread sms and missed calls count removed due to Google privacy policy

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