99 Best Long Paragraphs For Him Copy And Paste

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1.I love you for our life together, I love you for making me happier than I ever could be alone, I love the hopes we have together.

2.I love the way you wrap me up in your arms, whispering sweet talks to me, and telling me you want more. I can’t get over this feeling.

3.I can’t stop thinking about how I feel when I am with you. All the long nights of sweet talks. Can we make tonight one of those nights?

4.Saying I love you won’t prove or change anything, but then I do. I can’t repay you for every single thing you’ve done, but I won’t stop loving you the best way.

5.You’re my destiny husband, and nothing can come in between us. We are a perfect combination, and that’s why we easily fell in love. Nothing is going to break us.

6.You are my husband and my best friend. I love you more each day. When we married I knew it was for good. I trusted your love from the start. Thank you for loving me back unconditionally.

7.I miss us. I wonder how you feel comfortable when you’re not around me. I hope to see you tonight, my love. How about that?

8.I will always love you because you have this beautiful way of turning sad situations around. Nothing compares to the love I have for you. It’s forever you and me.

9.Hello sugar boy! How about you come through, and we try some new sweet techniques. We just need to spice everything up. I trust you.

10.With you, I see a future so bright because you give me pure bliss. Your love means everything to me, and it can’t be compared to anything. Thank you for loving me the best way.

11.My life has felt this much happiness since I started to date. You’ve brought so many positive changes into my life, and I can only thank you for this beautiful experience. I love you.

12.I’ve loved you all my life, I’m still loving you, and I will always love you no matter what happens. You’re my everything, and I’m grateful to you.

13.You will be forever special to me because no man means as much as you do to me. I’ve realized that life without you isn’t worth living, and I’d rather die than live life without you.

14.Here I am, giving thanks for another day of having this special feeling with you. It wouldn’t have made sense with someone else. I love you, hubby.

15.I will never give room for anything to come between us, because my love for you is true, and nothing can change it. I hope you feel the same way about me too.

16.“I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together. Good morning, sweetheart.”

17.I will never stop showing you optimum love and respect. You earn my love and respect in so many ways. There is no going back because what I feel for you is out of this world.

18.I have recorded no regrets so far because I am living my best life with you in my life. You changed my whole scenery. Loving you is the least I can do to make you feel appreciated.

19.Come see me soon, sweetheart. I am not feeling too good, and I am sure I need some of you; as you’re my whole sweetness.

20.How about I go the seductive way tonight. Like going all red on you. I need you to get me in the mood. It’s been long enough without making out.

21.When I look into your eyes, I see deep and sincere love with no pretence. You make my heart smile with every single thing you do. That’s why I won’t stop loving you.

22.With you by my side, I do not need the world. You’re more than the world, to me. You’re my dream come true, and nothing will stop my heart from beating for you. I love you pieces. Please, forgive me.

23.I love you so much, and you mean more than words could ever explain. I can’t believe I’m in love with you, but I am. Thanks for everything that you do and have always done for me. You are amazing.

24.My love for you is beyond explanation because you own my heart. I’m your queen, and together we will rule our kingdom forever. I love you with everything in me.

25.Love made me what I am, today. Let me stress it; YOUR LOVE MADE ME WHAT I AM TODAY. I’m so happy for giving us a chance. I would’ve missed a treasure to behold, for a lifetime.

26.Words are not enough to express how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You are my husband, and I will live to share every moment of my life with you, till death do us part.

27.I love you, but that’s not enough. My future with you is so sure, and that’s enough. I will show you how much my heart longs to love you forever. You’re the one I want.

28.My every day will be better if I spend them with you. You are my happiness, and I want to spend every time with you. For showing me true and sweet love, I say, thank you. I love you so much.

29.Never have I had to cry because of anything you’ve done to me. You love me enough, not to disrespect or say vile words to me. I cherish your presence so much, and I will trade it for nothing at all.

30.I’ve always believed that I feel nothing for anyone, but I changed when I met you. With you, I have felt love the easiest way. I promise to give you my heart forever, cos it belongs to you.

31.I want you to know that, every little thing you do counts, and has a significant impact on my life. This journey wouldn’t have been this beautiful, with someone else. I love you.

32.“The miles between us mean nothing because I love you here, there, and everywhere. I miss you. I miss you and me together. I miss us. Please come back because this distance between us is killing me.”

33.I’ve never felt this way in my life. You are the love of my life and I can’t live without you. You are amazing, funny, beautiful and everything that I ever wanted in a woman. I will love you forever.

34.Hey snack! I love it when you’re around me and exhale slowly with that hot breath of yours. Makes me want to keep being with you all night.

35.Life became fair to me when you came into my life, and I can’t stop being grateful for this life-changing experience with you. You are my world, and I love everything about you.

36.I love how your intentions are true towards me. I feel your tender love in my heart, and I know that I will always love you until the end of my life. Mwah!

37.The sight of your smile can be so comforting. It has been the gateway to my happiness. Your arms bring out the warmth and comfort to have a good day. You’re the perfect one for me, darling.

38.Our love is the most beautiful I have ever experienced. We have all it takes to be unbreakable forever. We have grown a bond that will remain till eternity. I’m all yours, baby.

39.Dating you was the best decision I have ever made. If there is no you, there will be no me, because my whole life is centred around you. I love you, and I won’t stop.

40.I will gladly give you everything I own because I know they will be safe with you. With you, life is more comfortable and more beautiful. I love you all day, every day.

41.You’re the best for me because you have given me the best feeling in the world; the feeling of being loved, and not rejected. What more can I ask for? I’m so lucky.

42.Nothing can break what we have, because you are the only one that keeps my life going. I can’t do anything without you; I will not succeed. I love you, baby.

43.“I appreciate all the good things you’re doing for me. You make me feel beautiful, needed, and cared about, even from thousands of miles away. I wish I could be there to hold you. I love you so much!”

44.“I appreciate all the good things you’re doing for me. You make me feel beautiful, needed, and cared about, even from thousands of miles away. I wish I could be there to hold you. I love you so much!”

45.I’ve been thinking about how much I love you and it made me a little sad that I can’t see you tonight. So I just wanted to say, “I love you!”

46.With you by my side, I’m ready to face life’s journey till the very end. I am ever prepared to give you the best love in the world because you deserve it. I feel fulfilled knowing that you are mine.

47.Whenever you need someone to stand by you, I will always be here. It’s a promise I made when we started out, and I am never going to renege. I love you a lot, baby.

48.When I think of all the plans that you have for me, I can’t stop thanking you for being the best thing in my life. There’s no looking back at all. I’m all yours forever. I love you.

49.I love you! I can’t believe that I found my one and only. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you by my side. I will give you my heart until the day I see you again.

50.Words can’t explain how much you mean to me. I enjoy the sweet feelings of your love because it is the best thing that happened in my life. Thank you for making me live the life of my dreams, so soon.

51.I never knew love was staring at me in the eye when I met you. I wasted a lot of time, but now, it’s all worth it. Thank God I accepted you into my beautiful life. Ever since, it’s been more beautiful.

52.Up until now, I can’t spot the exact thing I like about you. You’re always on my mind, day and night, and there is no beautiful feeling than that. I love you.

53.I’ll never give up trying to be the best lady for you. I won’t give up on my love for you because, I have seen the future already, and it is so bright. I love you so much, and I will always do.

54.Without your love, there’s is no life. Without your love, I’m lifeless. And no, I’m not doing or asking for too much. I just want to be with you, till my last breath. I love you so much.

55.I think I am the luckiest girl on earth because I am in love with the best man. All I want to do is, wake up to your smile in the morning and sleep off with my whole body in your arms. I love you.

56.It feels good to be your girlfriend, and I know it will feel the best to be your wife. I wish to be yours forever, because I love you with all of me, and I’m nothing without you.

57.I love how you get me in the mood, even in the middle of the night. You give it to me like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t wanna ever stop feeling this way. Tonight, we go all hard again!

58.You remain the best of all husbands. If there’s anything I’d have loved to change about you, it would be nothing, because everything about you appears perfect. I can’t get tired of your beautiful love.

59.I need to spend every available moment beside you because you make all the time worth it. We belong together, my love. And I will do anything to be with you; including fighting lion.

60.“I am jealous of the moon that lulls you to sleep because I can’t. I am jealous of the sun that kisses you awake because I can’t. Being away from you is hurting me so much. I hope to see you soon, love.”

61.I hope that you never stay far from me because I will be lost without your love every day. You’re my world and I will give up everything to have a beautiful future with you.

62.If only you could have the ability to see yourself through my eyes, then you would understand that you are so special to me. You mean the world to me, darling husband. I love you so much.

63.“No romance novel best tells the story of our love because ours is unique. No love song does it better than the one our hearts sing because it’s deep and true. I love you forever, my love. In your arms, I want to live forever.”

64.“I love you in a place where there’s no space or time. My love is everlasting, ever-growing, and ever-present. My love for you knows no bounds. I was drawn to you and your soul in a way I can’t explain. It was like I just knew, here he is. This is it. He is it. You’ll never know how much you mean to me. I can only tell you that my soul will love you forever.”

65.“I love it when you call me and want me to feel included in your adventures and life. I’m really looking forward to the day that I get to experience those adventures with you in person! I love you, babe.”

66.This relationship stands for a road to forever, and I will live to enjoy every bit with you. Your heart is the only place I want to be, and we will spend the rest of our lives showing the world what love entails. You’re my dream come true, and I will never ever stop treating you as such. I love you pieces.

67.I love you and will always do; I know that’s not enough, but I will never stop trying to be the best for you. From the rise of the morning sun, down to the appearance of the beautiful stars, I will love you forever.

68.“Even with the long distance between us, I know we can always make this work. The fact that you are mine fills me with much excitement every day, baby; I love you more than you can even think of. So just continue to love me as I do you.”

69.With you, here is joy and happiness. You are everything I have always prayed for in life. The more I see you, the more I know that my prayers have been answered. It’s a beautiful thing that we have a future together. I love you.

70.“I’ve always known and appreciated the specialty in you, and only your love brings amity and solace to my world. I can’t love you enough, baby, can I love you forever? I have a truckload of love that can last a lifetime.”

71.“I look forward to waking up by your side so much that I dream about it. As long as you’re my partner, my plans will always come to fruition. You make me cry when you bid me goodbye for the day, and you equally make me the happiest one when you knock on my door. When the whirlwind of life blows, I’m confident you’ll be by my side, and when life smiles at me, I’m grateful you’ll share in my joy. My favorite hobby is loving you, I do that every day.”

72.“I was looking for happiness. Then I met you, and you gave me that happiness, and even more than that. You gave my life meaning. I can’t imagine life without you. Come back soon because I can’t stand another day without you.”

73.“I am not sure when we will meet next, but in the meantime, all I know is that I am going to miss you badly. We may not see each other every day, but my love for you increases day by day. You are my ultimate wish, and I miss you more than anything.”

74.sending love and gratitude in advance for my sweetheart,a love so pure like a river of honey this video is as sweet as you are thank you for all your support sending you kisses and lovely wishes see you soon my lovely wifey.

75.There is no good way to write a love letter. There is no right way or wrong way to say what you feel, there just isn’t. What I’m writing now may make more sense to me than it does to you. I will always love you because my heart fills up inside when I even think about you, and it hurts when I try to think about a life without you.

76.I love you with all my heart, more than words can say. Meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will treasure every moment I get with you. I will spend forever trying to make you happy, and will never stop loving you.

77.I wouldn’t know why this is happening, but I have noticed that the love I have for you keeps increasing without no specific time to end. You’re the only one I see because your picture is imprinted on my heart. I don’t wish to leave your life ever again. I love you so much.

78.“God, I love looking at you as much as I like talking to you. I love talking to you as much as I love kissing you. Being with you has been the best year of my life. You are my best friend, my soul mate, and the absolute love of my life.”

79.“All I wish to do is feel your hands in mine and your big arms wrapped around me. Fill my head with your memories because I want to be yours forever — my Superman. Loving you makes me light-headed, the most exuberant feeling that I’ve felt in a while. With your daily love, I feel like I’m flying, and nothing can stop me.”

80.“You’re my everything, and I mean that. I will never forget all of the fun things we’ve done together and the amazing times we have spent together. You have my heart forever and always, and nothing will ever change that.”

81.“I once had a competition with adjectives, and I won because adjectives failed to give me a word that described how much you mean to me. I love you more than words could ever describe. You complete me in every way possible.”

82.“Do you have any clue how much I miss you these days? I wish to be the pillow you sleep on, so I could be next to you, always touching you softly as you snuggle up to it. You are gentle and caring towards me, and I cannot thank you enough for the love you have been showering on me. You just love me and never expect anything in return. But I want to tell you that I love you to the moon and back.”

83.“The first time I saw you, I just knew I had found someone wonderful. From then on, all I want is just to be with you. You brighten my day with your smiles and words. I hope you will come back cause I’m missing you so badly.”

84.My love for you is infinite and I find new ways to show you every day. I love how happy you make me, I love the way only you can cope with my at times irrational attitude. I want us to grow old together. I want to share everything with you- my love, my children, my dreams, and everything else that life throws at us. You are so perfect for me and I know that our love will last no matter what the future may hold for us.

85.I beg to differ, love is not blind. I know this because your love gave me sight to see things differently. Your love gave me hope for every moment, and I’m most grateful to God for making our paths cross.

86.Your countenance says it all. Your plan has always been to see me grow and happy. I can’t thank you enough for loving me unconditionally. I will never disappoint you again. You will forever be proud of me.

87.“You are the sweetest beginning of a never-ending love story. You are the prince charming, and I’m the princess in the story. You are the only reason for my sadness and the only person in the whole world who can make me happy. I love you!”

88.“Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel, thank you for leading me away from the calamity of heartbreaks. You stole my heart away, I can’t even sue you for trespassing into its territory, knowing your presence is so comforting and refreshing. With me is where you belong, in my heart is where you need to rest because I love you.”

89.“I feel more connected to you when you are far from me. I seem to understand the gap you cover when I can’t look into your eyes nor see your pretty smile. No matter the distance, you know that I will always love you. I will keep cherishing you in my heart because that’s where you belong. That’s where you tickle me, baby.”

90.“You remain that unique kind of star that wows the universe. My precious type of star. Your brightness illuminates my world and gives my life the direction that it seeks. Your presence in my life has given it a whole different meaning.”

91.“When I look into your eyes, all I do is stare, I don’t wanna blink because it’s a waste of time. A life worth living is a life with you. I trust your heart, I trust your intentions, and I believe in our dream of love. On top of my goals is to be forever with you. I pray my hope never fails. May this heart of mine grow gold in your arms.”

92.“I ain’t here for the good times alone, I ain’t just here to enjoy your caresses and kisses. When life gets tougher than that, I’m ready to storm the weather with you, I’m ready to turn your weaknesses into strength and your mourning into dancing. Because truly, I love you more than you can see.”

93.“I feel you when the rain drops, I adore you when the sun sets, and I love you when I take each breath. When we laugh, when we cry, I see the love in all our situations. If life troubles you, call on me, and I’ll be there. You may not have it all, but your heart has it all, you may not say it all, but your eyes tell it all. I love how you love, it keeps me strong, I admire how you look, it makes me blush. Everything about you is stunning.”

94.“It’s unimaginable how I grin from ear to ear, listening keenly to the tone of your voice. You know the part I find sexiest about you is your heart cause there lies my world and the reason why I love you deeply. Each step I take leaves me drifting into your world. Each move I make leaves me wanting your touch. I love you because I love you!”

95.“I can’t measure the love and care you give to me; it will be too expensive to repay. You are my strength in everything I do because without you; my life would be miserable. You are my everything, and I love you more than anything.”

96.“I just wanted to take this time to say thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for loving me and accepting me unconditionally, and providing me with undivided love and attention. I thank you for all the laughs we’ve shared and the great times we have had. You’ve always been my rock in hard situations and the sunshine when it’s cloudy outside. You’re my everything, and I LOVE YOU.”

97.“Sometimes, I wish every girl in this world could have a caring boyfriend like you. But then I realized that I would be extremely jealous if it happened. I love you, honey, and I never want to lose what we have.”

98.“Nobody can ever take your place in my heart; you’re the only one who makes me happy. You are all I need in my life. I’m anxiously waiting for you to come back so we can enjoy our sweet time together again.”

99.“Being with you is like having a wish come true. Living with you by my side is another wish that I’d like to have come true. Please come back soon because I miss you, baby. Come back and make my wish a reality.”