38 + Sad Paragraphs For Friends

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1.Challenges are part of life, they are arranged on our ways to make us stronger.

2.Trial is what it is, not an end of life. So you can’t give up.

3.Just here to let you know that the hurt only lasts for as long as you let it.

4.It may be okay to feel this way for some time, but it is not okay to lose yourself doing that.

5.I hope you know you’re not alone in this, everyone does experience phases of dark clouds.

6.These type of situations are not normal, the way we handle them is what distinguishes us from others.

7.How I wish I could turn back the hands of time, and unsay everything I said, back then. I never meant to be mean. Please, forgive me, dear best friend.

8.No matter how thick the cloud may be, there’s always a ray of light somewhere in the sky. As for you, you can look inward for your own ray.

9.Most blessings come in the veils of pain and discomfort. Keep that close to your chest.

10.Being sad isn’t bad in itself, but staying sad is certainly not what you’d want to be known for.

11.I have been here before, I felt that my world was crashing, but in the end, I came out victorious, nothing less than what I expect from you.

12.The only thing you can do with the past is to learn from it, this is the time to shape the future, not the time dwell on the past.

13.The more time we give to painful experience, the more we allow it hurt us. Let’s end this friend, it’s cheers O’clock.

14.There’s always room for gratitude in every situation, you just need to have the right perspective.

15.I want you to know that I appreciate our friendship more than anything else in this world, and I would do anything to treasure it forever. I am sorry for hurting you.

16.One thing about life is that challenges are veiled blessings waiting to be revealed. Can we just start celebrating already?

17.I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, but always remember that I’d be here if you need anything.

18.Maybe I can’t truly imagine how hard it is for you, but I’m certain that the feeling won’t last forever.

19.I wish I could turn back the hands of time, and do things right. I could have done things differently, now I know. Please, forgive me. Let’s continue our beautiful friendship.

20.I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused you, my sweet friend. Please, think of how we started and how well we were doing before everything fell out. Please, forgive me.

21.I wish I had thought about the repercussions very well, before acting like that. I’m sorry for not being the friend I used to be. Please, forgive me, at let’s move past this.

22.I’ve never doubted the strength you have within, that’s why I know you’re too strong for this, whatever it is.

23.I know how bad the situation is, maybe I am not directly in your shoes, but still, you don’t have to be this way forever.

24.You need to forget the past, holding on to it will steal your joy and deprive you of your peace, just let go.

25.I know you’ve heard this many times, but I need to tell you again, Cheer up!

26.Trust me, my actions were not intentional, and I feel very terrible right now. I just hope that you find a place in your heart to forgive me, my friend. You know I love you.

27.It’s so painful to see how we suddenly turned strangers, from being best of friends. I have to admit that I am at fault, and I’m truly sorry for this situation I have put us in. Please, forgive me.

28.I would never do this if I hadn’t thought about how we started, and the fact that I am the one at fault. Here’s begging you to please, forgive me for all that happened.

29.I know I have wronged you badly, but please I want you to forgive me. I would never have meant to say such things, it was due to the alcohol I took. Please, forgive me.

30.You are the only one that matters to me, and I hope you find a place in your beautiful heart to forgive me. Please, let’s move on from the past. I love you so much.

31.It may look like things aren’t happening as planned, but trust me, it’s going to end in praise.

32.As long as we sojourn here on earth, challenges won’t cease, but we can opt for life consistently full of happiness. We owe ourselves that much.

33.I feel your pain and I know it’s difficult. But what I also know is that you’re a fighter, and you’re winning already.

34.It’s almost inevitable to have disappointments from time to time, the choice to remain happy at all times is always part of the package.

35.You’re a source of hope to many, you can’t let this problem take that away.

36.You’re still the same person I’ve always know you to be. All I want you to do now is to fight a little more.

37.I sincerely apologize for all that I did to hurt you. I know I should have trusted you more, instead of acting in that manner. I am truly sorry, please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

38.I am so sorry for everything I’ve done. Please forgive me. I know that you have always been the bigger one between the two of us. So I hope that you allow forgiveness, once and for all.