75 + Romantic Quotes For Wife

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1.” Going down on my knees and asking you to be my wife is the most beautiful day of my life”

2.”I am blessed to have you as my life partner, my wife. I will love you forever”

3.”Our marriage is our sacred bond – one that symbolizes love, hope, and the strength to overcome any obstacles.”

4.”I decided to dedicate my whole life to my queen, my wife. Wife’s smile is the secret of my happiness”

5.” Even now, after so many years of being married to you, you make butterflies flutter in me”

6.”My love for you knows no end. You are the most fragrant perfume of my life”

7.”Your touch is like the rosy tint that makes me mad. I love you my sweetheart, my wife, you are the hues of my life”

8.”You are my life, dear wife. Your love is enough for my survival. I love you baby”

9.”I don’t want love from the world. Your one hug is enough to hold me. you are incredible, dear wife”

10.”Dear wife, where on earth did you learn magic? How can you transfigure all my flaws to perfections, just by a touch of your love?”

11.”Your warm hugs on cold nights are heavenly. Winters, nights and you are a combination made for this lucky husband”

12.”Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope”

13.”It is a secure feeling to know that you will always love me. No matter what I will never stop loving you”

14.”Without you I don’t think I have an existence. I am 100 percent dependent on your love for my existence”

15.”I rush home every day after work because it has you. I love to be with you and love sharing things and thoughts with you”

16.”You’re the love of my life and I can’t imagine living in this world without you”

17.”My permanent relationship status – taken forever by the most gorgeous woman in this universe. Love ya!”

18.”No matter how much time we spend together, you will never understand what you mean to me. I love you”

19.”I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone”

20.”People say, my wife has changed me a lot. But I feel, I have changed a lot to be loved by my wife”

21.”Dear wife, you have complete control over me. Please stop turning me on with your every look. I need to work and win the bread for our family”

22.” Your touch activates all my senses, your kiss repairs my heart, you make a difference in my life”

23.”I love you is the only answer to all the questions you have for me. I am forever yours.”

24.”You would think that a rock star being married to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is”

25.”I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of the world alone. Love you, my dear.”

26.”When it comes to you, my heart can feel what my mind can’t put into words. I love you”

27.”Your kiss mends my heart, your touch lights up my soul, and your presence makes a difference to my world”

28.”You might hold my hand a few times a day but you are holding my heart for a lifetime”

29.”Wife is a statue of love. If someone has to know how to love, learn it from the wife. Love you”

30.”My love for you knows no boundaries. My love for you will only grow. You are the sole purpose of my life”

31.”I don’t want people to love me when you are there, I don’t need anything else. I love you, my darling wife”

32.”I’m a happy soul because I found my best friend in my wife. I’m blessed to have you”

33.”I don’t want people to love me when you are there, I don’t need anything else. I love you, my darling wife”

34.”I can’t express in words how much ‘I love you. To get the answer, please look into my eyes. Love you, my darling wife”

35.”Maybe I don’t know that much but I know this much is true, I was blessed because I was loved by you”

36.”You fill all the emptiness in my heart. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I love you very much!”

37.”You are a special gift from the heavens. Your smile warms my heart and your presence makes me whole. I love you, today and forever!”

38.”Our marriage is successful because we keep falling in love every now and then with the same person. Love you se*y wife”

39.”It’s unbelievable that we completed the Journey of 15 years. With you, it always seems, we have just met and have got engaged. All credit goes to you, my lovely wife”

40.”I love you in a way I can never love anyone. You make my life worth living”

41.”You’re the best gift I’ve ever received in my life and it is because of you that I want to work hard and move forward in my life”

42.”When you smile at me, my heart skips a beat and urges me to shower my affection on you”

43.”You are the center of my life. Everything in my life is about you. You complete me in every way”

44.”When it’s cold, your love keeps my heart warm. When it’s hot, your love melts my soul and keeps me secure. I can’t help but love you forever”

45.”From dating to our wedding, from couples to parents. Our journey to date has been incredible. Thanks for making my life impeccable. Love you, dear wife”

46.”When my wife is around me, I need no one else. You can call me anything, but I am just sharing my true feelings. Love you, dear wife”

47.”I dreamt that you were mine, and then I woke up smiling because I realized it was not a dream. You are already mine”

48.”I am blessed to have you by my side and I could never imagine having anyone else in my life. I need you with me, always and forever”

49.”I am not a doctor but one thing I definitely know is that the only one-way street into your heart starts from mine. I love you”

50.”You are my strength as well as my weakness. I can’t see you sad. I want you to have a constant smile on your face”

51.”You are the love of my life and it will never alter. Your good morning kiss is my dose of energy that will pull me through the day”

52.”You are the source of my love. You showed me how to love. Being your husband is a blessing”

53.”You are my special one. Just your love is enough for my living. Without you, there is no me”

54.”I am very much blessed to have you as my amazing wife. There is no emptiness in my life because you are there everywhere and filled my life with your love”

55.”I know I can say anything in front of you, and you will never judge me. Thank you for being with me, my heart will always belong to you”

56.”Whenever I look into your eyes, I feel the same way as I felt on the day we first met and I looked into your eyes”

57.”My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me”

58.”Even the silent moments we share together have the power to drown all of life’s chaos. That is why we make a great team, honey”

59.”I know I can say anything in front of you, and you will never judge me. Thank you for being with me, my heart will always belong to you”

60.”I really don’t know what is ENOUGH when it comes to my love for you. But this is one confusion I am happy to live with. I love you tons”

61.”I always want to come home to you; ask you about your day and tell you about mine. I want you every day because I want to come home to you”

62.”My life is my wife and my wife is my life because it is just a matter of one letter. Replace L with W and you will get the answer. Thanks”

63.”I want to grow old with you and spend the rest of my life just like how we vowed to. I can never imagine a perfect soulmate besides you and I mean it.”

64.”All my life I have always done what my heart told me to. I wouldn’t have it any other way because it led me to you. I love you”

65.”I am a human being so I can’t make fake promises that I will never get angry. But I can make a promise that even when I am angry, I will care for you endlessly. I love you”

66.”You’re a breath of fresh air and you make my days perfect. I cherish you and really love you”

67.” To love you and to be loved by you is the biggest achievement of my life. Your love is the strongest force in my life”

68.”love and fights go vice versa. so if you disagree on something, that does not mean we are not a good couple. The chemistry between us is stronger than anything else. love u a lot, my partner in crime”

69.”Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind”

70.”Nobody can believe that I love you the way that I do because it’s hard to imagine that a love like ours can exist. I am honored to share my life with you forever”

71.”I don’t know how long my life will be, but I know that every second will be worth a lifetime because it will be spent with you”

72.”You are that woman who transformed my imperfections into perfections, just by the touch of your love. Love you my dearest wife!”

73.”I don’t know how long my life will be, but I know that every second will be worth a lifetime because it will be spent with you.”

74.”You light up my mood with your smile. You were always with me through thick and thin. Thank you and love you”

75.”I have no words to express how much I love you. Being loved by you is a blessing”