104 Best Beautiful Paragraphs To Your Girlfriend

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1.Do you like getting cute love paragraphs from me? Just wait and see what else I can do to surprise you.

2.Your clothes aren’t made from cotton. They’re made from girlfriend material cause you’re the best girlfriend ever.

3.My heart is in your hands, so please be gentle as it only beats for you.

4.If I have to send you 100 cute paragraphs to save my life, I’ll send you 101 because that’s how much I love you.

5.Thank you, my lover, for the beautiful things you have done for me. You are sweet and precious to me.

6.Seeing your beautiful smile just lights up my day. Hearing your laugh is like music to me.

7.There is nothing I don’t love about you. Your charming smile, style, and beautiful soul are my queen.

8.I dreamt that you were my girlfriend, and I was so thrilled. Imagine how good I felt when I woke up; it was still true!

9.I don’t like seeing you sad. It’s not fair that someone so beautiful inside and out doesn’t always feel great.

10.Every day you wake up, the universe should be grateful to have you in it.

11.In the words of One Direction: “You don’t know you’re beautiful, but that’s what makes you beautiful.”

12.You have brought me so many thousands of beautiful, sacred moments. I can’t wait to experience millions more.

13.I don’t need to send you a long paragraph to tell you how I feel, but in case you want to hear it from me again: I love you!

14.I have a gift for you; it is all of my heart! Also, I bought you chocolate.

15.Your eyes are more profound than Marianas Trench. I could get lost in them forever.

16.You’re more than a lover. To me, you’re my best friend and my closest family, that’s how important I think you are.

17.Thank you, my dear. You have been good to me beyond my expectation. I appreciate you.

18.You are my best friend and the love of my life. I hope you know how much you mean to me.

19.Good morning, sunshine. I hope you have a great and fulfilled day ahead today. I’m thinking about you!

20.You look so beautiful today, and I wanted you to hear it from me first. You are stunning. Don’t be surprised when they all stare.

21.Your favorite song just came up on the radio, and I instantly thought about you.

22.Good morning, babe! I hope your day ahead will be filled with joy and happiness.

23.Thank you, my girl. I am indeed thankful to you for loving me. You are worth more than anything the world can give.

24.Life feels empty without you by my side. I dream of the day that we are together, my love.

25.I’ll always be with you no matter where I am. No distance can separate us because our love is stronger than anything else in the world.

26.Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re the one I adore, and I love you!

27.I can never say I love you enough. You’re the first person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

28.You are always on my mind, darling. My heart will forever be full of love for you.

29.I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You are beautiful and amazing, even if you can’t see it yourself.

30.You are so beautiful that it almost hurts. I don’t know how I am supposed to focus on getting anything done when your gorgeous face isn’t here.

31.My love, I want to entangle our thoughts, hopes, and dreams together. Our hearts beat together.

32.I could tell you “I love you” a million times, but it won’t be enough to express how much you mean to me.

33.Remembering that you’re a part of my life makes waking up every morning so much easier.

34.Thank you, my dear, for who you are to me, for your love and kindness. You are one of a kind.

35.Words alone can’t express what you mean to me, but I will keep trying to find the right ones.

36.I know you are right next to me, but I just wanted to let you know how beautiful you look without waking you up. You look so peaceful sleeping.

37.It amazes me how such beauty can sleep peacefully while shining brightly. Even when you sleep, your mere presence sustains me.

38.Every second that you are sad is a tragedy. I am here to make you feel better whenever you need me.

39.This is your friendly daily reminder that I love you. You are so beyond amazing, and it is the greatest gift to have one as beautiful as you in my life. Thanks for sticking around.

40.Even if we ever get separated in this lifetime, I’ll spend countless other lifetimes looking for you.

41.No matter what happens between us, I will forever be grateful for every single day I got to spend with you.

42.I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw you. How can someone be that beautiful?!

43.I can send you all these love messages, but at the end of the day, only three words matter: I love you.

44.My sweet, thanks for being real to me in ways that make life real in all ways. Life with you is the best gift of life I’ve received.

45.I am most grateful to you, my queen, for the sincerity of your love for me. I am indeed full of appreciation for you.

46.In honour of your lovely virtues, I appreciate you, darling. You excite my heart and make me happy.

47.Thank you, my love, for all the numerous ways you have been good to me. I appreciate you.

48.I love being with you. I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else.

49.If every person gets a miracle, you are mine. Thanks for taking my life and turning it into something beautiful. Everything is better with you in it.

50.No matter how busy I get, I’ll always text you to assure you that I still love you.

51.The way you linger in my mind is insane. But it’s the kind of insanity I don’t want to end.

52.I just want to let you know you’re unique. Oh, have I said that already? Well, this is your daily reminder!

53.If you ever want to know what the most important thing in my life is, look in the mirror.

54.I hope you have sweet dreams, but not too sweet because I can kiss you even sweeter when we meet.

55.With a heart of gratitude, I say thank you, my love. You are beautiful inside and out and in all that you do. I love you like crazy.

56.The look in your eyes spurs me on each time I tremble in difficult moments. You, my love, are my motivator, my stimulator. I am highly grateful to you.

57.Thank you, love. I am in genuine appreciation of you from the depths of my heart.

58.Thank you in all ways, my precious. I am gladdened by your love for me, and your innumerable kindnesses.

59.I’m running out of ways to say I love you, but you are the first person I can’t stop thinking of every single day.

60.I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you, but I am grateful every day. You are a miracle.

61.I crave you like an addict craves his fix. You are the only drug I need.

62.I can never run out of words to say about how I feel about you. I want you to know that I love you more every day.

63.For some reason, every day we spend apart makes me feel closer to you. I can’t wait to be reunited with you again.

64.Thank you for being my biggest supporter. Without your love and encouragement, I wouldn’t be able to be the man I am today.

65.I adore your strength and perspective on life. I love how you always look at the positive and how you show gratitude no matter what.

66.Every time my hand gets intertwined with yours, my heart does a somersault. There’s this unexplainable electricity every time we touch.

67.In appreciation of all that you have done for me and all you are committed to doing for me, I say, thank you, my love.

68.My world is only complete when you are a part of it. I need you as much as I need water, sunlight, and air.

69.Let me be your eyes when you can’t see how beautiful you are. I will be your mirror to reflect your beauty at you so that you can see what I see.

70.Knowing that I will see you again keeps me going even though life is difficult. You are my light at the end of the tunnel.

71.I would pay all the money in the world to be able to see you today. I can’t wait to hold you again, darling.

72.I wanted to reach out and let you know that you are my dream girl. I feel more blessed every day that you are in my life. Thank you for being mine!

73.We haven’t been dating that long, but I feel close to you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. I hope I can be everything that you want me to be.

74.Meeting and building a relationship with you is the best thing I have done. I hope we cultivate our love like a beautiful garden that will last the ages.

75.No matter where you are, I would gladly travel across the world thousands of miles just to be next to you.

76.Hello gorgeous! I hope you’re having a fantastic day because I am, simply just by knowing you’re mine.

77.365 days in a year isn’t enough to show you how much I love you. I would need a lifetime.

78.I feel like I’ve known you in my past life. We have a genuine love connection that no words can describe.

79.I’m crazy about you. Every day of my life, I think of how perfect you are and how lucky I am to have you by my side.

80.What if I cover you in super glue so you can always be by my side?

81.You may not think you’re perfect, but you’re the most perfect woman to me. What you think of as your flaws makes you thousand times more beautiful.

82.You’re always on my mind, no matter what I’m doing. I want to make sure that you’re safe and always know that you are loved because that’s what someone as beautiful as you deserves.

83.Before you go to bed, I just want to let you know that my day doesn’t start when the sun rises tomorrow. It begins when you’re awake.

84.My sweetheart, I appreciate you greatly for your beautiful heart, your love, your gifts, your words of encouragement. You have done for me many awesome things, and I am super thankful to you.

85.A big thank you to you, my precious. I am thankful to you for the marvellous things you have done for me.

86.My pearl, thank you immensely for your awesome gifts to me, for believing in my dreams, and for supporting me. I appreciate you greatly.

87.When I am weighed down, you lift me with your smile, motivating and rejuvenating. Thank you, my pearl. I love you.

88.Thank you for consistently being available when I need you. Thank you for not holding back from loving me regardless of any circumstance. Your kind is rare. I appreciate you.

89.Tonight, you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing. I will look after you and help you recharge your batteries!

90.Don’t cry, sweetheart. Let me wipe the tears from your cheek and cover you with kisses to lift your spirit.

91.Every second apart feels like a lifetime. I yearn for you, my darling. Do you miss me too?

92.Your image is in my mind whenever I close my eyes. Everywhere I go, I think I hear you calling my name. My body craves your touch.

93.There are moments when I pause and realize that I cannot believe how lucky I am. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing girl. Thank you so much for being with me!

94.Sometimes you love someone for their heart or beauty, but I love you because you are every good thing a person can be. Smart. Strong. Kind. You are amazing.

95.Girl, do you even know how much I love you? You are such a special person. Sometimes I just get caught up in focusing on how lucky I am.

96.Not only did I find the love of my life, but a best friend to confide in as well. I’m so glad our paths crossed, and I hope it will stay that way for a long time. I love you!

97.You’re the center of my gravity. There could be a hundred people in a room, but I bet your smile will be the brightest out of all.

98.I will cherish you for the rest of my life because you’re like the treasure sailors and pirates spend their lifetime searching for, rare and one of a kind.

99.Hey! I have a riddle for you: . Guess it correctly, and you’ll get a surprise!

100.I know that love is not always light. I love how you always accept me, even during my dark days.

101.No amount of cute love paragraphs in the world is enough to express my feelings for you, baby. You’re everything I could ever ask for. I hope you feel the same way about me.

102.I never wanted to hold on to someone as much as I want to hold on to you now. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

103.Just because the day is ending doesn’t mean my love for you will go away. In fact, I love you more and more each day. Goodnight baby!

104.I appreciate you, my love, for your kindness, faithfulness, and selflessness. You have been to me what no other person has been to me and I am indeed grateful to you. Thanks to you.