101 + Night Paragraphs For Boyfriend

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1.You really brightened my day today. I wish you could make my night as fun as my day was.

2.The reason my heart beats while I sleep is that it is waiting for you.

3.Every night before I fall asleep, I think about how glad I am that I met you.

4.I need you in my room right now, holding me tight and caressing my body.

5.I feel so empty here in bed without you tonight. Come over and fill me up.

6.Every morning I wake up, I cannot believe how lucky I am to be your girlfriend, and every night I fall asleep, I dream of you.

7.I love our chats and I wish I didn’t have to say goodnight to you yet.

8.Tonight you will be in my dreams, but I wish you were in my bed.

9.A good way to sleep well is to buy your girlfriend flowers and chocolates. I heard that on the news today.

10.I’m getting into my pajamas right now, but if you were here, I’d be getting straight out of them again.

11.I hope you dream about me tonight and have to change your bedsheets in the morning.

12.It’s a good job we aren’t together right now because I don’t think we’d get any sleep at all.

13.I don’t want to have sweet dreams tonight. I want them to be about you, and I want them to be dirty.

14.How about this: instead of me telling you to have a good night, I come over to yours and give you one?

15.I’m going to bed now, but I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed talking to you today.

16.I’ve been thinking about this really cute guy all day, shall I tell you about him? I’m talking to him right now.

17.I love getting to know you. I wish I could stay up all night doing that.

18.Good night, babe. If I was there, it wouldn’t just be a good night; it would be incredible.

19.I don’t need a good night’s rest tonight. I need you to touch me until I scream.

20.You are the only one for me, and you are the one that I will dream of tonight.

21.Every night before I fall asleep, I like to imagine you are holding me. I treasure you more than words can say.

22.Before I sleep tight, I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Good night, my handsome prince.

23.I can’t get you out of my head. Stop keeping me awake and let me sleep!

24.The two things I love most are you and sleep. I hate having to choose!

25.This night, sweet dreams will come to you if you share “I love my girlfriend so much” on your Facebook page. If you don’t you will be haunted by a ghost tonight.

26.I can’t wait to spend time with you more often. Hope I can see you tomorrow!

27.How do you think it may be different if we were talking in the same room instead of separate rooms?

28.You are the sunshine of my days and the warm blanket of my nights. Good night, love.

29.I hope when you sleep every night you know how much I love you. Good night, angel.

30.Just wanted to say before I fall asleep that I think about you every day. I hope I can see you soon.

31.I’d love to just spend a whole day in bed with you one day. Think about that tonight and let me know if that sounds good to you.

32.I just can’t sleep at all tonight. I wish you could come and tuck me in properly.

33.I wish I could come over and give you a goodnight kiss, and not just on your face.

34.This headboard is too still tonight. If you were here, it would always be banging against the wall.

35.My body aches for your touch. I may have to sneak to your house while you sleep so you can wake up next to me.

36.I wish I could say “goodnight” to you in person, but this message will have to do. I hope you know how much love is in this message to you.

37.Good night sleep is essential for everyone to live healthily. This is your dearest and beloved woman wishing you a wonderful night rest. Sweet dreams.

38.I am blowing you kisses and sending you hugs before you sleep tonight, I hope they are well received. Have a good night rest, sweetheart.

39.Instead of counting sheep to try to sleep, I like to count the things I love about you because there are so many!

40.There is nobody I wish I had by my side more than you. Sweet dreams.

41.I can’t stop thinking about you tonight. I hope you sleep well even though you’re keeping me awake!

42.When I can’t sleep, I question almost everything, but my love for you is something I am always certain of.

43.They say it can be hard to sleep on a ship, but I always have sweet dreams in our relationship.

44.I had such a cute day with you today; I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

45.I could stay awake all night talking to you, but I’m going to have to say good night. Talk to you tomorrow!

46.It’s a shame I have to just use words to express my feelings for you tonight. I’d love to use my body to give you the perfect end to the day.

47.I wish you were here to tire me out ready for sleep, but you’re not, so I guess I’ll have to take care of that myself.

48.Your pillow may be comfortable tonight, but I’d give you somewhere even better to rest your head.

49.You will be in my dreams this night, but if you were here, I would be screaming your name.

50.You made my day today, and I wish you could have stayed. Come and make my night just as exciting.

51.If you ever feel lonely at night, think of me. Even though I cannot be there with you in person, I will be with you in spirit eternally, my love.

52.Someone is about to embrace the comfort of his bed. It must have been a tiring day and you need to relax and enjoy your sleep now. Have a good night, dear.

53.I hope this text ushers you to the land of possibilities in your dreams. I’m wishing you a pleasant night rest free from thoughts and stress.

54.Someone as beautiful as you deserves the most comforting sleep. I hope you sleep peacefully, darling.

55.Stay awake! If you get any more beauty sleep, you may become too gorgeous for me to handle.

56.Falling asleep would be a lot more fun if you were here and we were naked.

57.The kind of goodnight kiss I would give you would have your eyes rolling back in your head.

58.I may not be that good at getting to sleep, but I’m good at doing plenty of other things in the bedroom.

59.At night I crave your touch. I know that you could make me feel so good if you were here, working your magic on me. Just the thought of it gets me so excited.

60.It hurts to be apart from you, but every night we spend apart will make our reunion feel even more exciting. I can’t wait to be together again!

61.I know you are asleep right now, but I keep thinking about how cute you must look right now. I wish that I could see you now, love.

62.Someone who makes me feel loved deserves all the pleasant things in life that can make him feel better after a stressful day. Sleep is one of them and I wish you a sweet night sleep.

63.Always remember that someone loves you and always wants to see the best in you. I’m that someone and I love you. Have a good night sleep.

64.If I have the opportunity to choose you again, I’ll do that without resistance. Here’s to a night filled with pleasant dreams and a restful sleep. Enjoy your night, Sunshine.

65.I really think talking to you may be the highlight of my day. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and do it again.

66.If we were together right now, I’d love to show you exactly how much I appreciate you before we fell asleep.

67.I’m going to send you some cute nude pics that will give you very sweet dreams indeed.

68.I hope nobody else can see your phone right now because there’s a lot of explicit stuff I want to say to you before I go to sleep.

69.I’m not that good at writing the perfect “good night” message, so I might have to just send you some naughty pics instead.

70.The things that you did to me in my dreams last night took my breath away. I need you to come here and make my dreams a reality.

71.I can’t wait to see you in my dreams tonight. I just wanted to send you hugs and kisses before I sleep tight. I love you. Good night.

72.I need to go to sleep now, but it isn’t the sleep that I want. All I want is you. I cannot wait for the next time I see you. Good night, love.

73.Every night that I spend without you is a night that feels wasted. My heart breaks to know that we are apart and yearns for your presence.

74.You are like a fire in the night. Without you, I am always cold, and there is no light. I crave your warmth and brightness, my love.

75.I miss everything about you; your smell, your touch, your warmth, your snoring… okay, maybe not that last one.

76.They say tomorrow never comes, but I’ll make sure you do tomorrow. Sweet dreams, babe.

77.A burning fire keeps us warm and safe and lights the way, but my love for you burns so brightly that it is sometimes hard for me to fall asleep. I wish you were here.

78.You are everything that I have ever wanted in my life. I hope you have such a good night, my darling. We will be together again soon.

79.Embrace the comfort of your bed and zoom to dreamland to enjoy the refreshing charm of the night. Your sleep is blessed. Do have a good night, my love.

80.I want to express my feelings for you, but I’m always tongue-tied when I think about how far we have come and how wonderful you have been over the years. I am blessed to have you.

81.My number one fan and number one critic, you are amazing and I won’t trade you for anything. Keep bouncing in grace as you enjoy the refreshing of the night in your sleep. Have a wonderful night, dear.

82.You are always the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up. No-one else has made me feel like this before.

83.I just wanted to send you this message to let you know how much I love you. I hope this thought comforts you as you fall asleep.

84.Good night, my love. I hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams knowing how much I love you and appreciate having you in my life.

85.Just before you fall asleep, I wanted to tell you something. You just lost the game.

86.Good night, my love. As you drift off to sleep, I want you to think of everything that you want to do to me and then tell me in exact detail in the morning.

87.When you’re with me, you make me feel myself, and when I am thinking of you, I also start to feel myself.

88.Here’s a deal: you send me a cute pic that will make me smile, and I’ll send you a dirty pic that will get you hard.

89.If I was there with you, I wouldn’t just be wishing you a good night. I’d be making sure you had the best night of your life.

90.I’m sending you a “good night” gift to your inbox to give you sweet dreams. Just don’t open it in front of anyone else!

91.Even when you are not here with me in person, you make me feel so happy. I can’t wait for the day we are together again. I love you so much.

92.Who is awake and ready to take the day? Good morning, love. Did you dream of me? What are your plans for today? Don’t lie lazily. There’s so much to attain. Let’s get to work.

93.I know you might be enjoying a beautiful sleep at the moment, but the thought of you won’t have me wait until morning before letting you know that you are special and I love you.

94.Thank God for the gift of life and for the daily gift of seeing you. Your presence in my life is a wonder and I pray this won’t be our last night together. You are kept safe. Sleep well.

95.To my understanding partner who has stood by me every day, you know I always cherish your person. Have a good night rest and I ask the Angels of God to watch over you as you sleep.

96.Before I sleep, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and how happy I am to have you in my life.

97.If I dream about everything I want you to do to me, will you make my dreams come true?

98.It’s so cold here. I wish we could be together to keep each other warm, with the warmth of our bodies and the heat of our passionate love. You are my life.

99.I know that we are apart this night, but we will be together again one night soon. Good night, sweet dreams, and I will see you soon one day.

100.You are not just a blessing, you are a gift from God to me. I’m glad to have you in my life. Enjoy your sleep and do dream about me.

101.Knowing that you are in my life means that I always sleep peacefully and look forward to the day ahead. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, my angel.