69 Why I Love You Paragraphs

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1.I love how you can make my day with just a simple text message in the morning.

2.There are so many reasons why I love you, I could never list them all out.

3.You are a philanthropist which is one of the key reasons why I love you.

4.You are one person in the world who values me more than I value myself!

5.I love you because you never say no when I want to cuddle in bed.

6.You know exactly what to say to put a big goofy smile on my face.

7.You please me with the latest technology then be it a mobile phone, laptop, software, etc.

8.You console me with ‘I’ll fix this for you’ and you make sure it’s done.

9.All my memories shared with you wouldn’t have the same meaning if you weren’t a part of it.

10.I love you because there is only one thing that can ever truly capture me: You!

11.Your voice sounds like a calming presence, and I know you are my life partner.

12.You have been a part of my life in the worst as well as in the best situations.

13.You play the role of a magnetic needle that always shows me the correct path.

14.You know who is playing the evil card with you and deal with it maturely.

15.You never doubt my choices. And even if you do, you explain to me with love.

16.You every time pull me towards you so that I feel the warmth of your body.

17.Smile when you read this paragraph line, you are as precious as paradise is to my heart, I want to be with you now and forever, I love you so much.

18.You’re my everything, you know that? That’s why I cherish every moment spent with you!

19.You brighten my day so much so that the sun seems dim in comparison to your shine.

20.When we’re out, you make me feel like the only person in the room, even in a noisy crowd.

21.When we get into an argument, you always remember to say “I’m sorry” and that means a lot!

22.You make me go weak in my knees when you dress up for office meetings.

23.The way you kiss me is just so perfect and leaves me speechless! I can never get enough of our kisses, really.

24.Your positive attitude towards life… The way you see the world makes me want to be a better person!

25.You encourage me to stay active and healthy… Thanks for being my inspiration at the gym, sports events, etc.

26.You bring out the best in me every day… That’s why I want to spend forever with you!

27.You wait for me to get back home so we can finish watching the series together.

28.I can endure every other pain, but I can’t endure the pain when I miss you, I pray that you are always by my side, I love you so much.

29.I love you because of your ability to always put a smile on my face even when I’m feeling blue.

30.I appreciate your concern, care, and love especially during the times when I need them the most.

31.I love to talk to you and get lost in your eyes. Hanging out with you is all that I ever want to do no matter what!

32.You think I am the most beautiful person even when I am dressed in my pyjamas.

33.You showed me the true meaning of love, I’m so happy because of you, I love you.

34.Your love rise, shine, and towers in my heart every day, you are the warmest thought in my heart now, I miss you baby.

35.Words cannot express my joy when I know you are out there waiting for me, I’m bringing you love and care.

36.Our bond is unbreakable, you’re my very best friend (and also the cutest person ever).

37.Your love for me is unconditional and you’re willing to do anything to make this relationship work.

38.I love you because the idea of growing old with you fills me with so much excitement and happiness.

39.I like how you support me in my career… If it was not for your help, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

40.I admire how responsible you are… You have always been an upstanding person, which makes me feel safe to be around you!

41.There are uncountable reasons why I love u, I can’t imagine a world without u, thank u for filling my heart with love.

42.I have uncountable reasons why I love you, so I can’t count them, you are so precious to my heart, I love you with every my life.

43.I love how both of us always try our best not only for ourselves but also for each other.

44.I love it when you look into my eyes and tell me how much you love me – it makes my heart flutter like crazy!

45.You’re willing to listen to relationship advice and give your honest opinion about how we are doing.

46.My fondest memories are with you; everything else and everyone else melts away and my problems disappear.

47.I love how silly and goofy you are… Who wouldn’t want to be around someone who makes them laugh? You make me happy!

48.Because you show me what true love really is… The rest of the world feels like a distant memory when I am with you.

49.You give me so much to look forward to… Every day is an adventure because of you!

50.You have such a wonderful sense of humor… In fact, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t laugh with you.

51.You help me with DIY (do it yourself) craft and make sure to equip me with all the essentials.

52.You lovingly go to the kitchen to cook but need my hand in everything you do.

53.I love you because your kisses set my heart on fire and put my mind at ease all at once.

54.I love you because your eyes are so mesmerizing that they can sell me anything, anytime, anywhere.

55.You hold the car door open for me even though I think that is so old school!

56.You spend time talking to me, to make my fears melt and my eyes smile.

57.I love watching you smile and talk to other people from a short distance, love to watch your big beautiful smile open up.

58.I love you because you are so precious to my heart, I can’t think of a day that I don’t need you in my life, I cherish you.

59.I love you because of your ability to give the best hugs ever. No one can ever hug better than you.

60.We have so many priceless memories together. We’ve built an incredible life and you’re my best friend.

61.I spend hours thinking about you because you are my favorite person in the world.

62.I love that you know the right thing to say at just the right time (even if it’s something like “Wow, your butt looks good in those jeans”).

63.You leave notes to remind me about the activities to be done in the day like breakfast, dinner, etc.

64.I love you because no matter what we talk about — be it our future together or our dreams — we always find common ground and share the same beliefs and opinions on things.

65.I love how your shyness can sometimes melt my heart as if I just witnessed a scene in a romantic movie after watching too many episodes of our favorite romantic series.

66.I’m so glad we can navigate this crazy life together, just know that you are a loved person and my favorite person in the world to do this with.

67.Every time you hold my hand, it feels like there’s nothing else in this world but us. My heart skips a beat whenever you do.

68.You still give me butterflies even after all these years that we’ve spent together; especially when we’re alone without any distractions around us.

69.I could stay up late at night talking to you about anything under the sun; it simply feels amazing!