126 50 Year Old Birthday Quotes

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1.Birthdays are one of the most important days in one’s life. I wish you a prosperous year ahead.

2.I wish you a fun-filled, fabulous 50th birthday. Age is just a number when you’re forever young.

3.Think of yourself as wine; you only get better as you age. Best 50th birthday, awesome!

4.Happy birthday to my sweet sister! Wishing you a fabulous day filled with oceans of fun and happy memories.

5.Happy 50 years of incredible you. I hope that the next 50 will be even better than the first. Happy birthday!

6.May your life in this world always be filled with, joy, peace and happiness. Happy birthday, sis.

7.You are one fine, stylish and cool 50-year-old. Who would believe you already are half a century old? Happy Birthday!

8.At 50, may you kiss your past mistakes goodbye and say hello to a new, brand new chapter of your life. Happy birthday!

9.Fifty years of life experiences until you have grown up. Well, it’s never too late! Happy birthday!

10.You have so much to be proud of at 50.Happy birthday and enjoy every single minute of this day.

11.Turning 50 is standing atop the hills of your achievements. Enjoy the beautiful view! Happy 50th birthday!

12.On your 50th milestone, you have learned many lessons and experienced the highs and lows of life. Happy birthday.

13.I hope you are happy now that you’re 50 years old. Fifty is the new “who care?” So relax, enjoy and have fun!

14.I hope this special day of yours brings you oceans of fun and happiness. Have a marvelous birthday, girl.

15.Happy birthday to a wonderful sister. May your life be blessed with things that make you happy? I love you.

16.Wrinkles are life’s way of marking the roads you have travelled and conquered so far. Be proud of them! Best 50th birthday!

17.Congratulations on your 50th birthday. You might not make a new start, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling young at heart.

18.You only grow wiser, finer and more beautiful over the years. What is your secret? Happy birthday and always stay young.

19.You are now a living and walking history book of the past 50 years. What an achievement! Wonderful 50th bday.

20.Ten more years from a pension, until then, work hard so you can enjoy your retirement comfortably. Wonderful 50th bday!

21.The only thing that won’t change at 50 is how time flies and how you are still amazing after all these years. Best 50th birthday!

22.Turning 50 is like reaching the half-time of a game; it is only the start of the real fun and excitement. Happy birthday!

23.Be careful not to blow your candles too hard. You might blow your false teeth off with it! Happy 50th bday!

24.On your 50th milestone, dare to make a long time wish come true, change a life, and write your best chapter ever. Happy birthday!

25.Five decades of life challenges and accomplishments. I’m so proud of you! Congratulations on this milestone! Happy 50th birthday.

26.For my wonderful friend on her special day: May happiness, peace, love and joy follow you wherever you go. Have a super duper birthday.

27.It’s your birthday my little girl, you have so much coming your way, I hope you grow happier, wiser, heartier and more amazing each year.

28.Fifty years may be old, but it is full of stories and the most historical event in our lives. Be proud to be part of the archives! Happy 50th bday.

29.Your friendship is the reason my life is so awesome. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy birthday, my dear friend. Love you.

30.Wishing you a magical birthday. May joy, happiness and laughter be your companion today and forever. Have a fabulous day, my beautiful friend.

31.On this special day as you start a new life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday my best friend. May you enjoy these moments with lots of love and laughter.

32.No woman means more to me than you, you are special and I love you very much. Enjoy your day sweetheart!

33.May you always be the strong, beautiful and poised woman we all know and love. Happy Birthday my beauty, you mean the world to me.

34.Who says we are ancient? The correct term is vintage or classic. We are that cool, of course. Happy 50th, mate!

35.You can join the ranks of George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Richard Gere for being one of the superstars who can rock old age. Happy 50th birthday!

36.As you turn 50 today, don’t let age dampen your youthful spirit. You are truly young at heart, and you have what I call “longevity”. Happy birthday, dear.

37.Wishing the most wonderful sister in the universe a happy birthday that is filled with love, joy and happiness. I love you so much, sis.

38.May all your birthday be grand gestures of how much we enjoy being with you around. Have a great birthday, I love you my beautiful woman.

39.You are a blessing and I can never imagine my life without you, have a hearty birthday, I love you so much my dearest sister.

40.I look forward to celebrating your birthday with you; women of substance are rear, so I choose to appreciate you for your qualities and dedication.

41.Being 50 is not about counting how close you are to old age, but it’s about trusting the blessings you had along the way. Happy birthday!

42.50 is an excellent time of trying a scarier rollercoaster ride of your life. Buckle up and brace yourself for a more exhilarating ride. Happy birthday!

43.If I can age as gracefully and as beautiful as you, then I don’t have to fear old age. You have to teach me your secret! Happy 50th birthday!

44.Congratulation! You may have aged in body, but your heart will forever remain young. Enjoy this day to the fullest.

45.Dear sister, on this special day of yours, I would like to wish you nothing but the best things in life. Have an amazing birthday!

46.It’s a great blessing to have such a loving and caring sister like you in my life. Happy birthday, sis. You’re the best!

47.I am very happy to celebrate this special day with you. Happy birthday to you my humble woman. Enjoy this day with all the sweetness of life.

48.May you be blessed on your birthday. You deserve nothing but the best love and happiness. May you live to be a thousand years of age. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

49.Words cannot express the joy I have as you add another year to your age. Favor and good tidings shall follow you from now on. Have a beautiful day.

50.Just the thought of your birthday left a visible grin on my face; you are a woman who can compete with men in all aspects, I am glad to be your friend.

51.I love seeing you smile, I like it when you are happy, and above all, I am glad that your birthday trills you. Enjoy your celebration in women way.

52.Dear friend, every moment spent with you is sacred. I’m grateful to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

53.Happy Birthday to a grand mom who remains the same year in year out, who never stops making us laugh so hard. Thanks for filling us with so much of joy. We love you.

54.Your smile lights up everything dull in a room. In my eyes, you are a queen who deserves everything good. Hearty birthday my woman, you are my greatest treasure.

55.Ever since you were a small child I saw a lot of things in you. You are a beautiful woman and I hope you enjoy each and every single birthday that comes your way.

56.I'm intoxicated by your love and because you live, I'll keep living; you're my inspiration for life.

57.Words alone cannot describe the depth of my gratitude towards you; you have been everything I need, from a friend to someone who just listens.

58.Happy Birthday to my female friend who is good at everything she does. I still wonder how you manage to surpass everyone’s expectations every time.

59.The great thing about turning 50 is having so many friends and relatives at your birthday party; you can throw the ball of the century! Have a blast! Happy birthday!

60.Wishing a very happy birthday to the most wonderful friend I have ever had all my life. Thank you for being my best friend and for being by my side all these years.

61.May this day brings a lot of happiness to your doorstep. Another year sounds so amazing for a woman like you who is refusing to grow with wrinkles. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.

62.Today brings your special day. Just look how pretty you are in that smile. Blessings and all your heart desires will be yours forever.

63.You are always on my mind and forever you are in my heart. Meeting you in my life is a blessing. This beautiful moment I want to wish a Happy Birthday, my queen.

64.May you always stay blessed and in good health. My gorgeous woman, Happy Birthday to you. May you keep up with all the smiles and may God grant you all your heart wishes.

65.Wishing a happy birthday to my beautiful, charming and loving woman. She makes all my dreams come true. I just want you to know you are always appreciated. Enjoy your day.

66.You are one of the greatest women alive and I am glad I get to share your birthday with you. Have a hearty day beautiful, I respect you more than you can imagine.

67.Friends and family are the most important in life, and a girlfriend that can do anything for you is worth making a wife. Happy Birthday girlfriend and wife to be.

68.I will never forget how special you make me feel. I love you and wish you nothing but the best. Have a lovely birthday my dear, you are a priceless woman.

69.The first quarter of your life has been nothing but impressive; now that you are in the 2nd quarter, your days will be filled with more beautiful moments to come—a wonderful 50th birthday.

70.No one can rock 50 as good as you. You are an epiphany of elegance, class and charm. Cheers to a significant turning of your milestone! Wonderful 50th birthday!

71.Don’t look down on turning 50. Look at it this way – you are a playlist of the most incredible songs for the past 50 years! You know almost all the best hits, old and new. Wonderful 50th birthday!

72.They say too much of everything is bad, but I beg to differ with that statement since too much of you, my sweet friend, is heavenly. Have a lovely birthday.

73.Happy Birthday to an amazing, loving and wonderful woman. Your kind heart knows how to care for people. May God bless your new age. I wish you all the best. Enjoy.

74.Happy Birthday to the most beautiful flower in the world. You always keep looking young and beautiful. What a blessing you are. We enjoy having you around. Stay blessed.

75.Happy birthday to the most precious woman in my life. May your life be full of happiness and endless love. Thank you for extending such happiness into my life. Stay bless with many smiles.

76.You are a wonderful addition to this world and I am glad I had the chance to meet a woman as special as you. Have a hearty birthday my dear, you are a jewel.

77.Even super humans take time to fly from one place to another, but mothers are everywhere at a time. Hehehehe. Wonderful! Happy Birthday to my wife and the super mother of my kids.

78.Thanks for taking time to care for me even though your job was worth giving more attention to. You're a rare woman that should be treasured so much.

79.A woman of great intellect adds another feather to her hat today; I hope the joy of your special day stays with you until your next celebration.

80.50th birthday celebrations should be stellar! So, wipe away the frown from your face and replace it with a lovely smile. Welcome, this new chapter with open arms. Happy birthday, awesome!

81.You can sit back and relax and sip your champagne. With so many achievements you made along the way, you deserve to look back with a proud smile on your face. Congratulations and Happy 50th birthday!

82.There is no secret in attaining eternal youth. Stop trying to slow downtime. Instead, enjoy each moment and make the most out of everything. Happy 50th bday!

83.You are pretty at the age of 20, still striking at the age of 30, didn’t change at all at 40 and more astounding at 50—best 50th birthday, beautiful.

84.Have you heard about the mid-life crisis? It’s like the quarter-life crisis from your 30’s, only a bit easier because you are now packed with experience and wisdom. Good luck! Happy 50th birthday!

85.Here’s a toast to your five decades of milestone. You have done incredible wonders and has inspired all those around you. Happy 50th bday! Cheers.

86.At 50, you have already crossed most of the items off your bucket list. There are a few more left to do, and you have a long year ahead to do it. Wonderful 50th bday!

87.I hope you make great birthday memories. You deserve the best on this special day. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. Just be yourself and send all the gifts to me.

88.A wonderful smile to start your day with is the best medication for life. A beautiful woman like you always knows how to put that smile on our faces. Happy Birthday, Madam enjoy your day.

89.You always stand for the truth and believe in togetherness. Like everyone else would, I wish you the best of everything on this special day. Happy Birthday, gentle soul.

90.It's going to be a good life with friends and family always here to make you smile. Sharing your cake and drinks today marks a precious moment of your life. We all say a Happy Birthday.

91.As the candles burn, it gives a beautiful flame of light. So will your strength in your journey of a new age. May you have the blessing of good health. Happy Birthday.

92.Some time ago, my life was darkened without a friend, but much light was all over me the moment we became best of friends. I will forever cherish you. Happy Birthday to you.

93.No one wouldn't want to associate with a mother who gives so much and inspires a lot like you, may your days be filled with joy mom. Happy Birthday special mom. Remain blessed.

94.You are a wonderful mother, a great wife and an amazing friend, you make me feel better every time and I don’t know what to do without you.

95.May you stop a room with your glare and may everything you wish for today come to pass. May you live longer than all the hills.

96.The little you give to us is more than enough grandma; it just shows how kind you really are from within your spirit. We want to have you here for many more years.

97.You give me a life, a new meaning and a hope for a better tomorrow, you complete me, I love you very much my beautiful woman. Have an unforgettable day my dearest.

98.No girl has ever meant everything to me without them being my girlfriend. I'm scared to ask you out because I need to change my ways to be worthy of you.

99.I hope today adds bright colors to your life and makes you a happier woman. May all your dreams come right no matter how unachievable it may seem.

100.The fat bank account and properties are not the most precious things in life. You will realize that it is your family and nothing else. Wonderful 50th bday!

101.I wish you a sensational party with the finest champagnes to sip and the most delectable cakes to feast on, with the closest people in your heart. Wonderful 50th bday!

102.If I turn 50 someday, I hope to age with finesse and class as you did. You are an inspiration and a role model. Thank you for showing me the mistakes I should avoid and the path I should take. Best 50th birthday!

103.Amazing smile, strong in character, a loving, respectful, and understanding woman, who knows how to make something good out of a bad situation. I celebrate you today for your greatness.

104.My warmest heart wishes and respect goes to you. For all the sacrifices you've made for your family. May God gift you with long life and good health.

105.You are good in everything you do. Your way of life helps us to understand the meaning of true love. Beautiful day for you. I want you to enjoy every bit of it. Happy Birthday.

106.You're a person of destiny and our paths didn't just cross by mistake it is already designed long ago, I hope you'll be my destiny partner for life. Have a nice day Girlfriend.

107.May everything you put your heart and mind to come to pass, may it make you proud and may everything you desire come to you. Hearty day my beautiful woman!

108.I've never in my life seen a woman who is so positive in the face of adversity, your demonstration of strength gives strength to us all. Happy Birthday super mom. With you we are stronger.

109.Thanks for always teaching us lessons that life has taught you for us not to experience same bad experiences that you had. May your old age be enjoyable for you in every way.

110.My little princess is growing up so fast; I hope I never miss a moment of your beauty, joy and love. I love you to the moon and back my dearest.

111.I've never been more appreciation to God for giving me a sister like this, your companionship brought fullness of life to me. May your life be full of goodness. Enjoy your special day.

112.Life is interesting and awesome to imagine, strangers can turn into friend and friend into stranger. Thanks for never leaving and for being my forever friend. Happy Birthday Girlfriend. I love you a lot.

113.Happy Birthday grandma, may your heart continue to be strong and I hope none of your body parts wither off soon, you deserve to remain this beautiful till eternity. Have a beautiful day ma'am.

114.I tried to imagine having another kind of wife, but it was hard to imagine because no other woman could cope with my mess. Hehehe. You're the woman after my heart. Happy Birthday Love.

115.I know that the beautiful relationship that we have enjoyed is just a foretaste of a bright future that awaits us when we become man and wife. Happy Birthday girlfriend and wife to be.

116.You may have aged in body, but your heart will forever remain young. Reaching 50 does not mean you will stop having fun. It is only the beginning of more thrilling moments to come! Enjoy this brand new chapter. Best 50th birthday!

117.We have been best friends since we can remember. Now that we have both reached this milestone together let us prepare ourselves for a more exhilarating ride of our lives. Happy 50th, partner!

118.Wonderful 50th birthday! Wishing you health to climb the mountain of further success, patience and strength to mould and guide your children and wealth to travel to a place you’ve never been before! Enjoy this wonderful day!

119.Do you know what’s great about 50? It has enough money to travel in luxury that you were not able to do before. Say goodbye to cheap hotels and say hello to 5-star. Enjoy your Caribbean cruise! Happy 50th!

120.As long as you can still dance for more than 10 seconds without running out of breath, you’re still young! Hit that dance floor with your craziest dance moves! Wonderful 50th bday!

121.Congratulations! You are officially a graduate from the mad teenage years of your kids, paying monthly mortgages and figuring out what you want in life. See, it’s not that bad. Happy 50th bday, buddy! Welcome to the club!

122.Happy 50th birthday to the most remarkable creation of this century. You are a fantastic person, and you have touched so many lives with your radiance and wonder. Enjoy each moment and make the most out of it.

123.Yay! Dear friend, your birthday comes knocking once again! And by God, you and I shall celebrate it like nobody’s business! Friend’s like you make this world an awesome place to live in. Happy birthday!

124.Happy birthday to the prettiest and most loving woman I know. Today being your special day, my wish for you is that all your dreams come to pass. Have a happy birthday filled with sweet surprises, my friend.

125.We have a challenge ahead of us which is to rise beyond the normal level to take care of our darling mom. We're working towards it and it'll become reality soon.

126.We all want to spend valuable time with people who contribute to our all-round growth. You are my favorite person in that aspect sister. Happy Birthday sister. Keep inspiring all the time.