112 Romantic Sweet Messages For Her

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1.I never want to spend another day without you. You are my heart’s desire, be mine forever.

2.Of all flowers, a rose is the best. Of all damsels, you, my baby, are the best.

3.I will be with you soon dear. Truth is I’ve missed you much more than you think you missed me.

4.Baby, you’re worth every effort, every struggle. You’re worth the whole world and much more.

5.I could write you love messages or poems, but baby, talk is cheap. Allow me to show you what love is all about.

6.Baby, please don’t cry, it would all be okay. I’m here for you, I love you.

7.I just thought to say thank you for accommodating me in your amazing heart. I’m never leaving there.

8.Just a week apart from you, and it feels like a year. Please come back soonest. Missing you seriously.

9.Nothing brings me more joy than seeing you happy and satisfied. You deserve nothing less than the best.

10.Wow, your kind is rare, babe. I have indeed found not just a good thing, but a very great one.

11.You were definitely made for me, and sent from above. Please don’t deny me, my heaven sent gift. Be mine forever.

12.From now till I kiss life goodbye, you are the woman I want to shower all my love and attention on.

13.Thanks for being very understanding despite all that happened. Baby, you’re a jewel of inestimable worth.

14.Wanted to be the first person to say good morning to the most beautiful lady on the planet.

15.I love you so much, babe. Never knew I would ever love someone this much, you are different shades of awesome.

16.My heart beats for only you dear, you’ve got me hooked on you forever. You’re the only one for me.

17.I’m happy knowing I will get to spend the rest of my life with such a gem as you.

18.Your presence has really made my life more fun and worth living. Thanks for being amazing, thanks for being you.

19.My love for you will never wax old, but shall continuously grow. I love you forever.

20.Life makes more sense when we discover what to live and die for. Baby, knowing and loving you has given my life real meaning.

21.Your drive is so captivating, I’m enthralled I get to nurture you and watch you blossom.

22.Who can be compared to my beautiful baby and queen of my heart? No one can, You’re so unique and special.

23.You bring me so much joy and happiness. In you, I have found a treasure to be kept and cherished forever.

24.Baby, your happiness means a lot to me. Your smile and laughter refresh my body, soul and spirit.

25.I’m never going to get tired of telling you how beautiful you are. Babe, you are beautiful.

26.May our love never wax cold, but continually remain as fresh as dew. I love you too dear.

27.Baby, I adore you. I’ve been thinking… I really don’t know what I did to deserve such an angel as you.

28.Good morning dearie, I hope your night was as peaceful as your presence makes my life? Have a great day, I love you.

29.I’m happy knowing I found you, and now have you as mine. You mean a lot to me, darling.

30.Knowing you are by my side is enough motivation and inspiration to focus and achieve great heights. You’re my muse hun.

31.Permit me to tell you about my sweetheart. She’s extremely beautiful, intelligent, very industrious, and she’s reading this right now.

32.I was asked to choose between riches and you. Of course, I chose you, because you are my wealth and my future.

33.The stars in the sky, the sands on the beach, none of these can adequately quantify my deep love and desire for you.

34.Your love has given me wings to fly. With you in my life, I know I can achieve great things. You are my special blessing from above. I cherish you.

35.My mum always prayed that I would find a wonderful woman as a partner. Being with you makes me realise God answered her prayers.

36.Would you allow me to treat you like the queen that you are? Baby, you deserve to be pampered.

37.Every time I hold you in my hands, I never want to let you go. I know we were made to dwell in each other’s arms.

38.People go round searching for true love during their lifetime. Some find it, some don’t. I thank God I found mine in you.

39.I’m not trying to flatter you, but baby, you shine so bright, even the sun’s no match with your smile.

40.I just want you to know that I have chosen you, and that’s an irreversible decision.

41.You are beautiful in and out. I’m super proud of you, my beauty with brains darling.

42.You were in my dreams and I wanted to remain there, then I remembered holding you in real life is much better. Good morning darling, see you soon.

43.You enrich my life in so many ways, dear. Your love is my stamina and your smile, strength for each passing day.

44.You are my lucky charm, my advantage, you make all the difference in my life.

45.Let me share a secret with you today: “You are my greatest strength and at the same time my greatest weakness”. There’s no me without you.

46.My darling baby, I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I love you forever. Nothing’s going to change that.

47.Despite all we’ve been through, you still show such love and care. I’m amazed at how wonderful you are.

48.You are indeed an angel, no, My Angel. I love you, baby. Thanks for not giving up on us.

49.I can’t seem to get enough of you, time is never enough. I really can’t wait to fully have you to myself.

50.You’re for keeps darling. I want to be the man that puts smiles on that pretty face of yours. Please let me love you now and forever.

51.I have been thinking about only one thing since morning, you! That’s what you do to me babe, you occupy my mind and entire being.

52.Baby, you are a “Queen” in the total sense of the word. I know I’m a lucky and blessed man to have you in my life.

53.You are a superwoman, my super lady. Being with you makes me feel like I can achieve anything and most importantly, like a king.

54.I know I have never and can never do anything to deserve such an angelic being as you. Your worth is far beyond human comprehension.

55.Your beauty is so effortless, you make my heart skip and beat so fast at the same time. You’re one of a kind darling, I love you.

56.Baby, you’re the best kind of high. I will drink from the well of your love forever and ever.

57.I am intoxicated and consumed by your love babe, I need you so much. My life makes perfect sense with you in it.

58.My heart’s desire, my heart rob, my queen, my number one baby, my satisfaction, my peace and joy. Baby, you’re all these and much more to me.

59.You fascinate me in many ways, and I’m enchanted by you. Make me the happiest man alive and be mine forever.

60.I would do all it takes to give you the life you deserve when you fully become mine.

61.It’s you and me against the world baby, they’ve got nothing on us. We keep waxing stronger and better.

62.You keep me going, your love fuels me and enables me to thrive and shine. I love you, baby, you are blessing personified.

63.You are my first true love. Being with you makes me understand why it didn’t and couldn’t have worked out with anyone else.

64.If I decide to express how great a blessing you have been to me, it would take me a million years, and more.

65.No matter how busy my days get, there would always be time for my number one fan. I can never be too busy for you darl.

66.Have I ever told you how lovely your eyes are? And how excited I get when you look at me, and they sparkle? You fascinate me, hun.

67.There are very few things I can’t do without on a daily basis. On the top of that list is YOU!

68.I love what you do to me, honey. Gosh, I need you by my side right now, I’m seriously craving your warmth.

69.Your love keeps me going. A good dose of your voice, smile, and warm presence is all I need to have a great day.

70.A thought of you just crossed my mind and I couldn’t help but blush. Baby, you’re all I need and want.

71.Baby, you won my heart right from the first date. I just knew I wasn’t gonna let you go after that. I’ve had no regrets since then.

72.I hope your day is going as bright and beautiful as you are? I love you, babe, now and always.

73.There’s something about my baby. She’s determined and super focused, she achieves all she sets her hearts to do. You are the smartest lady I’ve ever met love. I’m proud of you.

74.You are the peace in my storm, the light in my darkness, and food for my soul. None can satisfy me like you do. I adore you, barbie doll.

75.Your smile has an amazing effect on me. It energises and infuses life into my body and soul. I’ve never seen a more beautiful smile.

76.God knew exactly what I needed, so he specially designed you for me. Baby, you give me a taste of how lovely heaven would be.

77.Your encouragement, your prayers, your kind gestures of love are all deeply appreciated by me, dear. I don’t take what we share for granted.

78.I miss you, the warmth of your hugs and kisses. I fear I might fall ill if you don’t return soon. I’m missing you so much, baby.

79.I can’t stay angry at you for too long. Your face is alone to soothe me and make all the pain melt away, not to talk about your smile.

80.Your love and care are out of this world. Babe, you seem too good to be true, but there’s no greater truth than you.

81.I will stand by you, I will fight for you, I will shield and protect you, for as long as I live. Baby, I want to do forever with you.

82.If I could have just one wish fulfilled, it would be to have and to hold you for the rest of my life and in eternity.

83.What do you see when you look into my eyes? Kos when I look into yours, I see a future full of bliss.

84.Love is the greatest gift any man can give or receive, especially when it’s wrapped in such a package as you. I’m honoured to be loved by you dear.

85.I’m gonna protect you, shield you and care for you. I’m devoted to you alone, and won’t let any harm come near you. I love you.

86.You’ve got the key to my heart dear, you’re in charge of what goes on in there. Hope you know that means I can never do without you.

87.Love is an amazing gift to have, but only when it’s with the right person. You are excellent for me babe. I love you, I love us.

88.It won’t always be rosy nor easy, but in it all, I’d always stay true to only you, my princess.

89.I had a great time with you today, I didn’t want the date to end. I really enjoyed your company. Can we do this again?

90.I found you, and I’ve not known anything less than joy and abundance since then. You’re indeed a huge blessing baby.

91.I just wanted to let you know I’m blessed with the most beautiful damsel in the world. She’s reading this text now and I’m sure she’s blushing.

92.I’m in love with a very beautiful and classy uptown chic. I need her to know she means the world and life to me, that’s why I sent her this text.

93.Since you came into my life, everything has become better. Even my family and friends know this, and I want you to know I’m never letting you go.

94.Love became meaningful to me only when you stepped into my life. You are a true definition of a love being dear. I love you with all my heart.

95.I never knew men blush, or that I would ever blush till I met you. Thoughts of you strike cords and tickles every vein in me.

96.I used to think only fools fall in love. But now baby, I’m very proud to be a fool in love with the most amazing lady ever.

97.I miss you, darling, I want you to know that my love for you is fireproof and definitely distance proof. Nothing can separate us, darling.

98.I’ve not met any woman that fascinates me as much as you do. You just have a way of capturing my attention every single time I see you.

99.I wish I met you earlier because your presence in my life has transformed me completely. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

100.A colleague told me he has the best girlfriend in the world, I just smiled and told him: “Wait till you see and meet mine”.

101.It is said that a man finds a good thing when he finds his life partner, but the truth is, I found myself in finding you.

102.I miss the moments we shared, the hugs, the kisses, but most importantly, I miss you. I’m not giving up on you babe, not giving up on us.

103.Hey Angel, it was a pleasure meeting you today. I look forward to getting to know you more. You are indeed a beauty to behold.

104.The most interesting thing about saying “Good night” to you is knowing that I’d see you in my dreams. You make me look forward to both my waking and sleeping moments.

105.“I love you” cannot fully describe how I feel about you. You make me a happy man babe, I love you too much to be expressed in words.

106.Baby, I just thought to remind you of how special you are to me, and how no other woman can ever take your number one spot in my heart.

107.I lack the right words to describe how amazing you are, and how much I love you. You’re just too much.

108.I carry you with me everywhere, my heart is your humble abode. I don’t ever want you off my mind one minute, you’re adrenaline to my body and soul.

109.You have no rival, you have no equal, you’re in a class of your own babe. So distinct and unique.

110.If I could, I would give you the whole world. But that still won’t be enough to equate your value and impact on my life. You deserve much more dear.

111.You have proven to me that true love exists and that a good woman as a partner, is the best thing that can happen to a man. I love you, darling.

112.I am glad I met and now have you in my life. You complement and complete me in all ways. You’re amazing, baby.