136 Best Graduation Messages From Parents

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1.Long life to you, long life to your parent and much more happiness. Happy graduation.

2.I am so excited that you have been awarded the new role to play, congratulation son.

3.May these bring luck and wealth in your new stage of life. Congratulation as you graduate from high school.

4.Am happy for you as you become a graduate today from school. Wish you success.

5.You are meant to excel and shine like the star among your peer, wish you wonderful graduation.

6.Thank God that nothing has obstructed you from making your dreams coming true. Congratulation on graduation.

7.Keep the ball rolling and don’t stop to surprise your parent with lots and lots of good news. Congratulation and happy graduation.

8.Happy graduation Jane, you are such a wonderful girl, we are proud of you today.

9.Now that you have been given a new beginning, we have to hold a party, congratulations.

10.Farewell my dear, you shall find favour as you move on to the next stage in your life congratulation and happy graduation.

11.You worked hard and you did it. May all of your dreams come true. Congratulations.

12.Never stop chasing your dreams, never lose hope and keep up the good work. Congratulation on your graduation.

13.The smartness, the most intelligent girl of the year, happy graduation and many best wishes for you. Congratulation.

14.Son as we celebrate this very joyful day of yours May we celebrate many more, congratulations.

15.Congratulations my dear you’ve just started to achieve a brighter life, I’m proud of you.

16.Congratulation on promotion to the next level, I pray of this kind of success to come your way in all that you do.

17.It is a great thing to achieve success after a long-time struggle and hard work. Congratulation dear.

18.I want you to know that you have done great in your studies; you are an achiever, congratulations.

19.There is no better time in my life that I was happier than today, you have made us a proud parent, congratulation.

20.Congratulations grandaunts you have overwhelmed us with happiness today, may the Lord make your dreams come true.

21.My little angel has graduated congratulation, I’m wishing you success in all your future studies.

22.Congratulation and happy graduation. With love and happiness, I wish you all the best. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

23.This is a very special day for you, I’m happy to be part of your success today, congratulation on your graduation.

24.What a joyful day it’s your day have a great day and fun, congratulations dear.

25.Congratulations on your success, I’m so thankful to God for guiding you toward your success in life.

26.Be the king in your zone, the warrior in the field and the best to all odds. Good luck and happy graduation.

27.Good leaving is the result of hard work and prayers, may you be blessed today and forever. Happy graduation.

28.I have always wished you well and pray for you. Happy graduation and congratulation into the next stage of life.

29.You will glow like a sunflower, you will shine like a morning sun. Happy graduation and congratulation.

30.May this chapter of your life bring you new passion, inspiration and happiness in life. Happy graduation and keep it up.

31.Hard work, determination and focus all are the ingredients of today’s success, congratulation, more grease to your elbow.

32.Thank GOD, your effort was not in vain, you have finally graduated, I’m very happy for you. Congratulation.

33.As you are moving on to next level I pray this should be easier for you, congratulations.

34.Congratulation jane and happy graduation, wish you all what you ever wished yourself. Happy graduation.

35.May you be rewarded for your great success and have a good career ahead, congratulations.

36.You have proved that you can do it; my heart is overwhelmed in joy for you, congratulations on your graduation.

37.You have a good foundation of your life today, tomorrow holds beautiful promises for you, congratulations on your graduation.

38.The special reason why I like to be around you is that unique and active lifestyle of yours. Congratulation on your graduation.

39.Your dreams, your vision and all that you aim at shall come your way this day and always. Happy graduation.

40.We shall party and celebrate great graduation for an intelligent person like you. You have been so wonderful to the family. Happy graduation.

41.You are just live your father so brave and intelligent am sure you will make him proud. Congratulation.

42.On your graduation I wish God protection, long life and above all bound of success. Happy graduation.

43.It’s so surprising that just about a few years back you started and now you are graduating, congratulations.

44.Congratulations, you have been announced as the best graduating student of your set. We are happy to share this beautiful moment with you.

45.Your dedication and passion have led you to achieve this greatness in your studies, congratulations.

46.Every parent always wishes his or her child to make a great effort in achieving their dreams and you have made us proud, congratulation.

47.I am very happy to see you achieve your ambition son while am still alive.

48.Hey son I knew that you were most excellent in your studies, this achievement didn’t come as a surprise, big congratulations to you.

49.There is no fear and no worries of what the future has for you, just believe in yourself and the sky will be your limit. Happy graduation.

50.It takes only the brave and intelligent mind to fall and rise again, never give up, keep strong and be successful. Happy graduation.

51.Just like yesterday when you started, like a dream come true. I’m the happiest for you and am sure you will make your parent proud. Congratulation and happy graduation.

52.You will be what you ever wanted only if you don’t give up and keep up the hard work as you graduate from high. Happy graduation son.

53.This is the beginning of many great things to come in your life, keep your dreams alive, congratulations.

54.Today marks the beginning of your journey to a great height; you have done well in your studies, congratulation on your graduation.

55.You have done greatly well, but believe me, you can do better than this, keep pushing forward, congratulation.

56.All members of the family are happy to be celebrating with you on this special day of your graduation. Big congratulation to you.

57.Finally, my dear son has successfully graduated from high school, congratulations son I wish you an awesome trip to the next level.

58.For the rest of my life I will always be there to congratulate you in every success you achieved. Congratulation.

59.We been hoping for you to successfully graduate from this significant stage of life and here it is you have, so congratulations.

60.I will be glad to be on that special day of your graduation because that day marks the beginning of your success. Congratulations.

61.You should be happy and have more strength to move on to the next stage in life, have a wonderful moment to be remembered. Happy graduation.

62.Honestly speaking you have really tried to have successfully graduated from high school I’m very glad and happy for you, congratulations.

63.I am so proud of you that you have been awarded that new position that suits you, congrats.

64.Mom I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on this huge and great accomplishment you have in these family congratulations.

65.I always knew that you would one day accomplish and succeed in what you had a dream for, congratulations.

66.It is so delightful for me to know that my little Johny has graduated successfully from high school. Congratulation my dear son.

67.The best thing you need after graduation is to be focus, don’t lose your focus and you will achieve all you ever wanted.

68.To all of us here you have made us proud, better things to happen in your life, congratulation my dear.

69.Keep it up, I like your good work from one success to another, let me be part of your joy and success, I love you because you are intelligent happy graduation.

70.The beauty of life is acquiring your dreams, achieving all you wanted. May find your new stage easy and pleasing. Happy graduation and congratulation.

71.As you have successfully completed this section may God make the rest easy and comfortable for you, congratulations.

72.Higher…higher you will continue to move up the ladder of your career. Congratulation for the successful completion of your studies.

73.Smile, today is a great day for you, you have finally made it. You have graduated, wishing you success in all your future studies.

74.Let hard work always be the first thing in your mind and success will follow at ease, congratulations.

75.You’ve done a great job keep it up I am proud of your effort and passion toward this huge achievement in life, congratulations.

76.I wish you more of this great achievement to come many more times best of luck.

77.Hello dear I am happy that you have successfully accomplished what you have been hoping for, congratulations on your success.

78.Everything you have achieved we are proud of you, you are the best husband ever, congratulations dear.

79.Until today we never knew that you were the genuine, congratulations for being the best in everything.

80.Well done sis I am happy for you in accomplishing the best thing you’ve always wanted, congratulations.

81.For every choice 43. Overcome the enemy where you are feel the luckiest true meaning of the stage. Happy graduation, dear son. a blessing. Congrats, my son.

82.Today marks the begins of good things for you, good health, good memories and good thinking as you graduate from school.

83.To be patient and focus in life is the perfect way to be successful, wish you more years in life and so may achievement. Happy graduation.

84.There many, who have come this far like you but could not achieve their aims, wish you luck and success in everything you do. Happy graduation.

85.That you were among the best graduating student of your great institution wasn’t a surprise to us, your hard-working payoff, you have made us proud.

86.You can do it again another time, congratulations, wishing the best as you graduate from college today, keep the light shining.

87.I have always known that you are a star, so this success didn’t come as a surprise, congratulations as the best grandaunts keep firing at your target.

88.You are a graduate today, what a beautiful height you have achieved, more sunshine to come in your life, congratulation.

89.I will always cherish you and wish you success in your education and career. Good to be a graduate. Congratulation.

90.It takes a hard-working person to be successful and patient heart to be victorious you can only celebrate when you succeed. Congratulation on your graduation.

91.This is beautiful for all of us in this family today, we are celebrating your wonderful performance. Congratulation.

92.I am honoured to be with you at your graduation. I feel fulfilled to have a graduate like you in the family. Congratulation.

93.Don’t be carried away and do not indulged in an immoral act, be focus and am sure you will make it. Happy for you as you graduate successfully.

94.Dear son, I want to be the first to congratulate you on this very day you are about to graduate I pray you successfully make it to the next level.

95.I pray it should be happiness, achievement always, you are graduating as a proud child, and may your children also make you proud too. Happy graduation.

96.I heard you got the highest score in your final examination, well done you’ve made us proud, congratulations.

97.Your hard work, passion and effort have brought you this success, we are proud of you, you’ve done well congratulation.

98.Congratulations for making a huge effort and achievement in your life I wish all the best.

99.Well done my good friend you have just accomplished something great much and better in life, congratulations.

100.Hey dude I am very happy with successful work and effort you have done, congratulations on this good fortune you’ve brought.

101.Do you know that the most pleasant and happiest moment for a parent is to see the progress of their children, we are happy for you, congratulations.

102.Do the impossible, then ask if 85. Don’t let the not done through 83. You can never graduation, son. 81. Graduation is an dreams and deliver really are. Happy graduation, son.

103.You will be the head, not the tail, the king not the servant and the winner and not the loser. Congratulation on your graduation.

104.Time is ticking, don’t be late, have confidence and be focus you will get there in no time. Congratulation on your graduation love.

105.Am excited you are among the graduating student of this year, be bless and you shall not lack. Congratulation on your graduation.

106.My dear little angel I have always been proud of you, thank God for your life today, I have finally graduated successfully. Congratulation.

107.You were younger when you entered into the institution, look at how grown and beautiful you are today. Congratulation on your graduation.

108.Today is a day filled with joy and happiness for you, thank GOD for this special day, congratulation on your passing out.

109.You are wearing a special crown today, I’m happy to be celebrating with you, congratulation my dear little angel.

110.You have burned so many candles in your quest for success, I’m happy with you today because you have achieved amazing success. Congratulation.

111.Among your graduating peers, you were crowned as the best graduating student, thank GOD for this wonderful performance, wishing you best in your future career.

112.The last time I saw you, you were small, nervous and shy but look at you today big and board. Hope you find happiness in your Endeavour good luck and happy graduation.

113.I know you will graduate successfully someday because your first performance in school gave a good impression. Congratulation and happy to hear this.

114.We are so excited that you accomplished this great thing in which people say it is impossible for you to achieve.

115.Success comes after hard work; you are graduating successfully because of your effort and hard work. So, keep it up, the future has a lot for you. Congratulation on graduation.

116.You will miss your friends, tutors and even the environment, don’t worry you have the chance to meet more good friends and visit better places, enjoy and celebrate your graduation.

117.You are a winner today, and so would you be tomorrow if you keep the momentum high, congratulation on your excellent grade.

118.I can’t express how joyful you made me feel today; you have conquered high school, congratulation on your excellent result and graduation.

119.You look better today than ever, that’s how hard work pays off, your prize is worth it because you have burned many oils, congratulation, and you are great.

120.Your future is bright just your today is bright, God is good to you, you are a graduate today, congratulation my dearest.

121.The winner you are and will always be. You made it again and will always make it in life. A big congratulation to you on your graduation.

122.This is the moment of joy and celebration for you. Congratulation on your successful passing out.

123.Hello son congratulations on your passing out, I’m happy to be part of the celebration.

124.For one to succeed in life one has to have the passion and make effort in what he or she wants in life, congratulation you’ve become one of them, am so happy for you.

125.I’m sending you a special hearty congratulation on this special day, thank GOD you come out in flying colours, wishing you the same in all that you do in the future.

126.Congratulations on your graduation, being a graduate is not letting all you have learnt go away or stop learning more things, be creative and smart. Happy graduation.

127.You will feel more relieved now and have enough time to practice, experiments all you have wanted to do in the process of your study, happy graduation.

128.Take this opportunity very important, there are many people out there who will grab this opportunity if given to them. Happy graduation.

129.I always knew that you had potential and skill in boosting your career, congratulations keep it up I am proud of you.

130.We are so jealous of your great fortune please just continue and do more of this great thing am sincerely proud you brother keep it up, congratulations.

131.Sincerely we have been hoping for you to successfully graduate from high school and here it is you have made it possible we are proud of you, congratulations.

132.Every child wishes to make his parent happy, proud and thankful, as you have made us so proud, so shall your children make you proud, congratulations on your great accomplishment.

133.Do the things 21. Knowledge, no matter how Graduation is an 96. You are important 69. Live your life lived. Congrats, my dear son. graduation, my son. day!

134.Just as you have successfully completed your college, it is the time to take that gallant step to the university, keep shining like the star, congratulation.

135.Son, thank God for this beautiful fit in your life, you have just taken a one step forward, congratulations and good luck in your future career.

136.Don’t be scared and don’t ever give up in life, as you graduate today you will be successful so cheer up and be happy. Congratulations.