56 Smart Sweet Love Messages For Long Distance Sóulm

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1.I will make sure I don’t miss a day without texting to tell you I love you, long distance or not, our love has what it takes to pull through. Be well, my love.

2.You are so far away from me, it will still take months before we can be together again, yet my love for you grows by the day. I miss you so much.

3.I thought I could bear this long distance relationship I guess the love I have for you is just too strong because it’s everything I have got that is keeping me abreast.

4.For as long as we’re both in the hearts of each other, no distance can ever separate us. Our souls will forever be connected until we get back together again. I hope to see you soon. I love you.

5.The days seem like weeks each time we are apart. It’s as though the clock is moving in a snail pace while my heart pines for you. I miss you so badly baby. Love you!

6.Each day feels like hours when we’re together. And when we’re away, each day feels like a hundred days. Looking forward to seeing you again. I love you, honey.

7.I am just here alone with all the beautiful memories will have, hoping we will be together soon. I miss you so much, honey.

8.I feel so restless because I’m missing you. But the distance between us doesn’t matter because, in the end, we will get to be together. love you here, there and everywhere.

9.This is a reminder that I’ll always be there for you notwithstanding the distance. Though not physically, but spiritually and emotionally.  I love you and I can’t let you go. Love you Sugar.

10.How can i ever deny this emotion that i feel inside me? you make me happy and i smile because of you. i love you is an understatement. i live because you exist.

11.Eventually, you return to me, I don’t want us to be apart again because when we are apart, days seem like weeks, I just can’t bear it waiting for you. I hope to be in your arm soon. I love you.

12.Baby, can you do me a favor? I need you right now, I don’t care how you do it, even if you have to teleport over here, I just need to be in your arms now. Please.

13.You need to see how I jumped for joy, when you broke the news of you coming back before time, I really love how you would do anything to make me happy, I love you so much, my angel.

14.I can tell you that your being away has affected me so much that my life practically stopped since you went away, please come back soon so my life can kick start again. I love you.

15.I miss you so much, I guess I just have to do with our dream meetings and video call, but I want to be able to rest on your shoulders and kiss you good morning.

16.The love I have for you know no long distance barrier, it is always active and working towards bringing our hearts together in harmony. Even if it will take me ages to be with you, I will never love you less.

17.I read somewhere that love Is also pain, this must be one of the pain they talked about, not being with you is so painful and unbearable, but regardless I will wait for you because my love for you will never die.

18.I miss your smiles. I miss your lips. I miss seeing your face and cupping them in my hands. I miss getting those long and satisfying hugs from you. I miss going out on dates with you. I miss saying I love you and stealing kisses every chance I get. I miss you always and I love you too.

19.Whatever your love came with, I don’t want to know, because I am intoxicated by it, I am crazy over you, I want you to be mine forever. You are the cutest messenger of love I have ever seen, and I want to make you mine.

20.I have wandered around the world for so long, trying to pursue my dreams, but it hasn’t been an enjoyable experience, now that I have you in my life, I thought I would have used those years I waste to come to find you, because with you in my life, my dreams come true. i want to say Happy new month my backbone.

21.Whenever I hear wedding bells or sight lovers basking foolishly in the delight of love, my mind quickly races to the only dear one that holds the weakest parts of me together. You absence brings sorrow more than anything I can imagine. The emptiness inside me is overwhelming. My lady, please come back home. I miss you.

22.God created a temple of love in my heart and made you the queen of my heart. I will swim through the ocean of despair, climb the mountains of doubts just to prove my love for you. In a land filled with Gold, milk, and honey, I will choose you because you are my priceless jewel.

23.You are the sun that brightens up my morning, you fill my face with smiles any time I look at you, I can never get tired of looking at your beautiful fame, even if we are over a 100 years I will still love you like I just met you yesterday. I think I owe my life to you because you have transformed it into something extraordinary.

24.What else can bring such joy other than love? My world, my sweetheart, the affection that gushes in me whenever I see your calls, read your texts or hear your voice is indescribable. Love is indeed a beautiful thing. My worries are always placed on the backburner when I recall that miles away, I mean the world to someone. I look forward with excitement to the moment when we both will be wrapped in the security of each other’s bosom. I love you.

25.The distance maybe be wide but it won’t be able to erase all the wonderful memories we have, and the mind-blowing moments we’ve spent together. I will keep on reminiscing about them till I finally get to hold you in my arms. Love you! Please come back soon Sweets.

26.I wish I was a magician. I would have teleported you into my arms. I am hopelessly, deeply and madly in love with you. Knowing I’ve got you in my heart makes me feel excited. I’m completely yours forever.

27.Right in my head, I can hear your voice, the surreal chatters of your laughter. Distance doesn’t matter, the only thing that worries me is the endless time I spend fantasizing about the next moment we will be all alone. The bond we share is strong enough to withstand an ocean separating us. You lord over my heart, day and night my heart obeys the tune of your voice, continually reminding me there exist, one to whom my loyalty lies. The gracious feeling of pure love is far too strong for distance to fade it out.

28.I’m under a lot of pressure to let you go. But my mind keeps reminding me that there exists no one full of life, and cheerfulness other than you. I hate admitting the grief I feel knowing that you’re a mile away. I wonder during those lonely nights on my bed, what thoughts run through your mind. Could it be thoughts of me? The pure feeling of love has engulfed my soul. Every fiber of my being yearns for you, and please do come right back because the sorrow I feel every night by your absence is overwhelming.

29.If humans were angels, I would say you were one. In beauty and character, you are well endowed. A resilient soul, a caring mortal. You are the perfect definition of beauty complimented with courage. It breaks my heart to know that oceans separate us. Far you may be from me, but my love, for you, keeps growing stronger. You preside over the thoughts of my heart. No other thought is greeted with much excited other than those of you. I can’t wait to hear your voice again.

30.I don’t mind doing crazy things in public just to make you realize how much I care for you. All I ever want is to always see you happy and to know I am the reason for whatever gives you joy. I just want to be with you, my sweetheart. I have fallen for you completely.

31.I know this is temporarily, but it’s almost taking forever, I want to believe that you will be in my arms this night, but reality bites, and it hurts so much that before I close my eyes, I can’t cuddle my guardian angel. I want you to know, and it’s you that I think of every minute of my life. And I know without a doubt you miss me too. So please come back home before I go mad. Hahaha. Happy new month my sweet boyfriend.

32.I miss those times where we would go out to play games and catch fun. Those times that we would kiss and cuddle all day shutting the world out. Those times that I get to wake up next to you. I miss you and me together so much that it hurts. You are always in my mind and the day we meet, I promise we will never separate again.

33.I dreamt of us last night. We held hands laughing and talking as we walk side by side. You looked so perfect like a dove that has descended from heaven. My heart kept beating faster and faster for you. I didn’t want to wake up from the dream but I knew I had to. I don’t want to live in illusion but in reality, so my dreams would come to pass. I love you.

34.I’ve come to realize that missing you gets harder these days. Harder because I’m yearning to hold you again since you left with a part of me. There’s no day or night that I don’t think about you. I truly miss you. And what makes me happier is knowing that I’m a day closer to seeing you. See you soon, honey.

35.Every night, as I gaze at the stars, I wonder, if you do the same. Through a tiny dot in the universe, our love is connected. We may live a world apart, but the bound that joins us grows stronger. My heart beats to the rhythm of your voice, the reassuring baritone of your whispers. Moments when I am downcast, just a call from you heightens my mood. Your presence is the only thing my soul desperately long for. I love you!

36.You drive me crazy with your awesome swag of love you shower on me all the time, anytime we lock lips I feel butterflies in my tummy, I just want to be in your bosom, you give me every reason to thank the Lord every day. You are amazing.

37.I am sweet on you, damn, look how you change everything about me. Everything I do now revolve around you, I feed on your anatomy. I am happy every day because I know every time I leave home, I have an awesome lady I come back to. My life is better now, it’s all thanks to you. You make me whole, a way up, you are the best.

38.I must say, I am proud to call you my princess, you make me a complete prince in this our little empire. You don’t want to see me sad, you want me to remain focused at all time, all these things you do that you refer to as little are not. From the bottom of my heart you mean so much to me.

39.The thoughts of you are buried down into my hearts, never to leave, every day of my life, I think about how to love you better, you deserve some accolades, I can’t thank you enough, I care too much for you I can’t afford to lose you now, not anytime I know I am the luckiest man alive for having such a beautiful soul as mine.

40.Your absence only makes my heart grow fonder of your dazzling smile. Though separated by miles, yet my heart grows closer to you. Every second my phone beeps, thoughts of our last face time come to my mind. During the day, the grin stamped of my face is a clear sign of the significant influence you wield in my life. I long for the next moment when we share the pure affection of our love, I miss you, yet the flame of my enduring love, for you, is inextinguishable.

41.Sadness grips my heart; your absence makes life seem like some surreal experience. I yearn for your presence. The warmth of your embraces I desperately desire. My love, do not subject me to the horror of your absence any longer. Phone calls and video chats with you are the only drugs that bring my desperation at bay. Without you, a second feels like an eternity but the moment we spend caught in each other arms think just like a brief interval. The intoxicating feeling of your presence is what my soul desires.

42.It’s been pretty long since I have waited. Sleepless nights have recently been the norm. Every time I close my eyes, the sweetest of memories with you flourish. It’s reassuring knowing that someone miles away cares. The passionate feeling of affection, for you, is healthy for distance to make it dwindle. Your absence makes the affection my soul feels for you to reach its climax. Come back home, darling, spare my soul the excruciating pain of knowing that the very mortal I long for, is miles away.

43.What would my life be like, without the joyful feel of your love? A bleak reality, devoid of the happiness in me. Sweetheart, ever since we met, on that rainy night, the moment we connected, I realized that you were the one my heart had long waited for. Distance tries to extinguish the flames of our undying love. But alas, the passion we both feel is so healthy for distance to separate us. I treasure you, my lady, I eagerly wait for your return, my heart settles for no other except you. I miss you, my love.

44.I savor every second I spend with you, you make me happy all the time, and you have built a fountain of water in my heart that keeps flowing with love and passion. You are everything I need in my life. I love you so much.

45.These months without you have been difficult, against my wish, I’ve learned what the absence of a dear one can do to a soul that misses his or her loved one. During the day, I always daydream about the beautiful moments we both had during the good old days. I wish you were here, and no one appeases my being better than you. Babe, please come back as soon as you can, because, every fiber of my being yearns for your touch.

46.It’s amazing how you still take out time off your hectic schedule to send me some quick love text messages, even after sending me sweet morning messages, you never fail to check on me to know how I am coping. You are the best, and I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. My heart is with you always, and I am patiently waiting for the day we will finally lay on the same bed and tell ourselves sweet words. I think of you, and I am proud of you. Happy new month my king.

47.I don’t care how far away we’re from each other. I can endure the distance but cannot imagine not having you in my life. No barrier can hinder my feelings for you. I know the distance and heartaches won’t last forever cause soonest we will be together again. You are my one and only.

48.My heart yearns for you but couldn’t get a hold of you. My body craves for yours but you’re far away from me. I miss you so much. It kills me knowing we’re just miles apart but I can’t get across to you. But no matter what, I will wait till we meet again. I love you and yes missing you as usual.

49.No matter how complicated our distance relationship may be, I will keep on loving and waiting for you. Regardless of the distance, the spark between us won’t ever be diminished. Though you’re far away, you are right here in my heart.  I love you to pieces. It is just a matter of time my love, it will be over soon.

50.The fact that I won’t get to hold you every day makes me unhappy. I can’t even quantify how much I miss you right now. This distance has shown that our hearts have been knitted together and I promise to hold onto you tightly. I love you so much, my love. I’m waiting for you.

51.Since you left, my life hasn’t been the same. I smile less. I barely sleep. I can’t think straight. I ain’t the same anymore. My thoughts are filled with our memories. My dreams are filled with you. I’m never ever giving you up to my priceless jewel. No distance can bridge our love. I’ve chosen to stay because I want to remain Yours for life.

52.That is it. I ’m done. I can’t continue with this anymore. Not having you around drives me nuts. I can’t picture the right words to explain how much I miss you. My days ain’t lively and colorful as it uses to. The wait is killing me, darling. I need you now more than ever. Please come back soon.

53.I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew we were gonna have a tough time being that we’ve never been apart. But we’ve got to make efforts to make it work. Together, we will scale through this phase of our lives. Miss you angel.

54.The mesmerizing feeling that overwhelms me when your voice sound is the best medicine I have ever received. The soothing tone of your voice, the sweet melody of your laughter, my soul desperately yearns for. I wish to be lost in your affectionate embrace. My love, distance separates us, but the time spent apart from you is the greatest worry I nursed.

55.Babe! I keep count of the day, eagerly waiting for your arrival. I want to go back to the days where we spent hours discussing our various life adventures, laughing at our imperfections. I look forward to these old days. We will make up for the moments we have spent apart when you arrive. I will always cherish you, my love. The memories we both share are secured in the secret and innermost part of my minds. Only retrieved to make the emotions run high. See you soon my lady.

56.Often times, the worst feeling in this world is to really desire someone’s presence and not have them around you, nor being able to reach out to them as well. The feeling is devastating and agonizing. Those are the moment one becomes dumbfounded not knowing what to do. Though being in the same scenario, I’m still here waiting for you to return back to me. I Love you so very much.