150 Smart Message Of Healing And Support

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1.We need your love, love and compassion oh Lord. Please heal the love of my life.

2.You are a fighter, and you will make it through this rough time in life.

3.Trust me, you have much more ahead of you. You will surely scale through this.

4.I know it’s been tough, but trust me, I’ll always be here cheering you on.

5.I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now, but know that I'm here for anything and everything.

6.Everyone is fighting their own battle in life, most of the time without any support. You are not alone.

7.The road may be rough and tough. Never stop believing, you will surely win at last.

8.You are the Lord that heals kings, please heal my friend and make him/ her whole again.

9.You can always talk to me if something is bothering you or stressing you out too much.

10.You are an inspiration to me. Please keep fighting for your health so you can live your best life.

11.I believe and trust in your ability to fight this illness and disease until the very end.

12.You helped me when I needed someone most, so it's my turn to help you.

13.Your body is there in the hospital but your heart is with me. Please get well soon my love.

14.Your will to live is stronger than anything else right now, so don't ever lose it.

15.Lord of mercy, we submit ourselves to you, we want you to purify our souls and heal our sickness.

16.You are strong enough to get through this tough time in life. Don't give up hope, okay?

17.Trying hard is the first step towards success, so never stop fighting against all odds!

18.I believe in your ability to survive despite everything life has thrown at you up until now.

19.Heal my friend oh Lord, so we can come together next week in thanksgiving to your holy name.

20.I trust in your mercy and goodness, king of glory and I am sure you will heal the love of my life. Thank you for everything.

21.I hope for a quick recovery for you and ask God to prevent future illness from you. May the healing of the Lord begin to manifest in your life.

22.Dear love, you are so special and I wish you quick recovery from this illness, you are healed by the grace of God.

23.I asked the Lord to improve your health and grant you a stronger immune system to resist every sickness in life.

24.I hope you know how much we care about you and everything will be alright.

25.If you ever need anything, don't forget that I am here for anything and everything.

26.This is a trying time in life for both of us. I know it's exhausting and painful to deal with this type of struggle in life.

27.Please remember that you are loved very much during these dark times in your life.

28.Even though we might not know it right now, these challenges in life help us become stronger and wiser.

29.My queen, I am so proud of you and the great things you are doing. Be sure that you will always have my love and support.

30.Darling, you know you don’t have to dwell on one obstacle for too long. Remember tomorrow is another day, and you’ve got another chance.

31.You deserve all my support and encouragement. I promise to go all out and be right there with you. I love you so much.

32.I have missed your friendliness, our togetherness. You being ill is like losing the best of me. Please get well soon my dear. May God be with you.

33.When I heard that you were sick, I could not help but worry because sickness was the last I expected right now.

34.With just a touch of God’s almighty hand, you will be healed in all totality. By his stripes, you are healed.

35.I pray for healing and restoration dear God, please help my friend completely. By your stripes, I know he/ she is healed.

36.I love you very much and I'm here for whatever you need, whether it's physical or emotional support.

37.I'm behind you 100% and know that we can overcome anything if we believe in ourselves.

38.I will support you with all I’ve got. Whatever it is, go for it, and bear in mind that I’ve got your back, my Love.

39.Sometimes, we will never how strong we can be until the only choice we are left with is to be strong.

40.Never let your fear make you forget what you deserve. And while you go for it. I’ll always be here cheering you to victory.

41.O Lord bless my heart with health, my body with energy, and my soul with purity. Grant healing to those that are ill.

42.Everyone gets sick sometimes and it's nothing to feel ashamed about or embarrassed about – don't let this get you down or defeat you.

43.Please try to find something that makes you happy even during this difficult time in life.

44.When I think about how strong you are during your fight in life, my heart fills with warmth and gratitude for everything you do.

45.Keep hope alive. Even when nothing seems possible, stay positive. Once you believe, you’ll achieve your goal, no matter how long.

46.Hi Girlfriend! Never be discouraged, keep trying. Remember it’s the last key of the bunch that opens the lock.

47.You are my best friend and lover. I promise to always be there for you and encourage you. I love you so much.

48.Dear Lord, please lay your healing hands on my love. Release her out of this sickness. You are the might God the healer, please help my love.

49.Healing belongs to God, may the Lord heal your sickness and return your health back to you. May the Lord bless you with long life and prosperity.

50.You are healed by His grace. Your current and future illness shall perish forever. I wish you a healthy body from now on.

51.Being sick is not the end of the game, and in as much as you are alive, there is every possibility that you will be fine once again.

52.I am sure your body is already healing, your wound is getting better a different the Lord is blessing your entire body part.

53.Don't let this one setback stop you from achieving your dreams – if I can do it then so can you.

54.Life is too short to be upset or feel sad about anything at all times, so don't dwell on the past.

55.it’s not easy but life can get better eventually, just give things time to improve!

56.Never give up hope, even during the toughest of times there's always a chance things will get better eventually.

57.The first step to healing is laughter. Even during the toughest of times, please try your best to smile or laugh.

58.Remember that love can heal almost any wound inflicted by life's challenges — never forget that!

59.Trying hard is the first step to success. Never stop fighting because I believe in you!

60.Always remember that everything you need to achieve your dream is already in you. Do not be afraid, stay focused.

61.To you my Queen, I couldn’t have asked for a better woman. You have been very supportive and inspiring. I’m so glad to call you my woman. I love you, Darling.

62.Hey Buddy! Remember that you are just having a bad day, not a bad life. So calm down, you’ll soon be alright.

63.Don’t be sad, Darling. Get up and start again. Whenever you are looking at the reason why you can’t, always give yourself a reason why you can.

64.Right now I am asking God to send an angel to look after you for me. Get well soon dear.

65.Why do just have to be ill at this time? I miss you my love, please get well soon.

66.May your Lord restore health for you so that you can be fine in life again. I really feel for you. I pray for an everlasting success for you.

67.May the Lord heal you of this disease, may the Lord bless you with a new body system stronger than it used to be.

68.All your desires shall be fulfilled by the mighty name of God, and your health shall be raised to the highest standard. I wish you a quick recovery.

69.Life is full of these kinds of challenges, so don't worry, because you can overcome anything if you set your mind to it!

70.Don't worry about what others think right now; focus on taking care of yourself, please.

71.You are strong enough to get through this rough time, just take it one day at a time.

72.Be a fighter, be rest assured that things will be better in no time. I promise to always be here to cheer you up. Never give up.

73.You are the treasure of my life. Supporting you is my pleasure. Wherever you are, and no matter how rough the journeys, you will always hear me cheering you on.

74.Hey friend, just to remind you that everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, then it’s not the end.

75.Hey Bestie! hope you find a reason to smile. Remember no one can ever make you feel bad without your consent.

76.You are a rare friend, your happiness is my utmost concern. I will go to any length to make sure you are alright. Stay strong, Dear.

77.Dear love, I hope you will get well soon to enjoy the rest of the day. May the Lord lay His Mighty hand on you to cure you of your sickness.

78.I command the healing of God upon you, every demon disturbing your life shall be separated from you henceforth. Your lost glories shall return to you in good health.

79.No matter how your body is reacting now, I want you to be strong, the Lord shall work on your body until you finally get yourself.

80.Lord, I am here this morning to ask for your help upon the health of my beloved friend. Heavenly God, our Lord, restore the health of your servant my friend.

81.Dear lovely brother, today is your day, today is your birthday so we pray you are healed any moment from now. I wish you the best of luck.

82.You're going to beat this thing, just give it time. A successful recovery is inevitable because I'm rooting for you from here on out.

83.Don’t be discouraged, when you are faced with a hardship, remember that it is to prepare you for a greater destiny.

84.You are a wonderful gift to me. I promise to always be by your side whenever you need me. I am so in love with you, Babe.

85.I know you are sad right now, but I’m sure all will be well. Stay strong, my Darling friend. I love you so much.

86.I wish you wouldn’t have to pass through this. Please always remember that my prayer is with you, and I will do anything to show my support for you. Please, be strong.

87.Just think of me today and always and that will get you better. May God be with you. Speedy recovery my love.

88.I know you dislike the state of the sickness ravaging the body of my friend right now and I pray for your complete healing. Please heal him/ her totally.

89.Glory belongs to the most merciful who restored the health of our beloved brother. We pray that such predicament stops and never rise again.

90.Lord, I beseech you to lay your blessed hand on my heartbeat to heal him of this sickness in time. Protect his body against further sickness in the nearest future.

91.Our friendship isn't one-sided and I want to make sure we keep open communication at all times.

92.I care about you so much. I wish there was something more I could do besides being by your side in any capacity possible.

93.You'll always be my friend no matter what life throws at us, because people like me don't just give up on their friends without a fight.

94.I can't imagine how it must feel to be in your situation right now, but please remember that you are loved.

95.You have gone through so much pain and almost lost hope at times too. But you are still here and I am proud of you.

96.You can always count on me. No matter what you are passing through, whenever you need someone to encourage you, just turn around, and ill be there.

97.Hey Darling! Here’s a quick reminder. God has given you this life because he knew that you are strong enough to fight for it.

98.I’m so glad to have such an amazing woman like you in my life. Thank you for being so helpful. You are a blessing to me. I appreciate you, Darling.

99.Just because things a tent going well with you does not mean that it will never do. Just keep hope alive.

100.Hey Bestie! I hope you find the hope and encouragement you need in this period. I want to let you know, that all will be well.

101.I love you so much, friend. Please stay encouraged, and remember that you’ve always got the power to stay determined about how the story will end!

102.I’m glad you were able to handle this situation with a positive mindset. I am so proud of you, Dear. Please don’t hesitate to call me when you need any support. My heart goes out to you.

103.Dear friend, stay courageous because I am sure you will overcome these challenges. Stay strong, you are the winner.

104.This morning I asked God to please send the breeze of complete healing your way. I am sure he is doing that right now. Please get well soon my love. May you be completely healed.

105.Only if I have the willpower, I would have taken your pain and sickness away myself, but I have God and he will take it all away and heal you totally. Please get well soon.

106.How I wish I was just there staying by your side right now. As it is, I don’t have anything to give but to send prayers to you that God heals you completely.

107.I thank you oh Lord because you have healed my love completely. His health tomorrow will be better than today. Amen.

108.Our Lord, you are the one that revives the earth with water when it is dead, please heal my brother and make him stand back on his feet.

109.Quick recovery my dear, you are strong and I pray you to find peace in your heart very soon. May the most merciful continue to bless you all the days of your life.

110.Every day shall be blessed and every breath shall be refreshed as we begin a new month. Healing shall be distributed all over the world by the grace of God.

111.Thank God for the restoration of the health of our brother, we are here to seek your help to restore the health of our beloved sister too.

112.Lord almighty, bless us with great health that lasts like the earth and cure our nation of the plague that had befallen it.

113.If you can't sleep, I will stay up with you all night long so we can chat about anything and everything under the sun – its okay if we don't fall asleep until sunrise comes up.

114.I will always be here to give you the shoulder to lean on. I will always be the ear to listen to all your complaints. I promise to always be here for you and give you the support you need all along.

115.When you walk through life and it seems you are all alone, always remember that my heart is there with you. I will stand by you, and stay with you through thick and thin.

116.When I look at you and observe how dedicated you are to your work, I’m always amazed. I can’t but just appreciate the kind of my you have become. I love you so much, Darling.

117.Hey Cutie! You are working really hard and I admire you so much for that. You are such an amazing man. I love you so much that it hurts!

118.You bring me so much joy that I can’t just stop smiling. I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for being a hardworking boyfriend. You are the best.

119.Your personality has always inspired and challenged me. You are such a powerful woman full of grace and virtue. I love you so much. Keep being amazing.

120.A courageous person is one who has got the strength to go on, it’s the one who has decided to go on, even when the strength is lacking.

121.Hey dear, I love you so much and ill like to remind you that your present situation is not your final destination. This too shall surely pass.

122.I’m so sorry you have to go through all this, dear friend. Please know that I am always here for you, and you can call on me whenever you need someone to talk to.

123.You are the most merciful, most precious and above all the best, we are crowded here today to seek for your help upon our health, heal us of every pain and bless us with fresh health.

124.I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon you this morning, may He grant you quick recovery from this illness. May your body recover in a speed of light.

125.I'm so sorry you are experiencing this, I wish there was something I could do to make your life better – but until then I can at least be by your side in any way possible.

126.I love you very much – remember that you are strong enough to overcome this obstacle in life because I believe in your ability to be successful.

127.A winner is not one who has never fallen, but one who finds the courage to rise again whenever he fails. So, get up and start again. I believe you will be fine.

128.One of the most interesting things about life is this; sometimes some of our greatest pains end up becoming our greatest strengths. So embrace the phase, and remember that I’m here to help.

129.My darling boyfriend is the most hardworking man I know in the world. I admire your positive energy and grit. Thank you for being so dedicated to your job. I love you.

130.You are so strong, friend. I know you will get over this soon. Remember, we might have come across many defeats, but we must never be defeated.

131.You are my best friend and I wish you the best. Please stay strong at this moment and keep hope alive. We are more than a conqueror.

132.I believe you can do this. You’ve got a lot of scars that were proof that you were stronger than whatever might want to hurt you. And you survived. I know you will survive this again.

133.I know this is the time you need me the most, and I promise not to let you down. Trust me, we will walk through this together, and come out better and stronger.

134.You are the sweetest person I’ve ever met. It’s so sad seeing you down. I pray your hope will be restored soon and find the reason to laugh again. Cheer up, friend! This struggle will not last.

135.I want to assure you that this struggle will soon be over. You will soon forget that this ever happens and smile at last. I promise it will all end in praise.

136.Please have a good rest, use your drugs and drink a lot of water. The Lord will perfect all that is left to be perfected. get well soon my love, may God be with you.

137.You lazy human. You better get well soon. I miss our plays, the fun times and the naughty you. Please don’t stay sick. I love you always.

138.In your pains and weakness. In your struggles and sickness. Just know that I will always be here for you. Please get well soon my love. May God be with you.

139.I may not be able to be there to take care of you right now. But I am sending all my love. Get well soon dear.

140.I praise the Lord and ask Him to heal you. I wish to see you standing on your feet. You shall smile once more and everything you lost shall be returned in greater portions.

141.Bless and love us o Lord. Remove this fatigue from us and replace our body pain with relief. We are here before you today, on behalf of our brother, please restore his health.

142.The sun will shine again tomorrow. Our days are constantly changing. Please try not to take life too seriously at all times.

143.I understand that you want time for yourself now, so go ahead and do whatever you need to do to feel better.

144.Sometimes, we have to face situations that will bend us lower than we have ever been, so that we can rise higher than we had ever been.

145.My heart leaps for joy whenever I see you. I appreciate how you give your all to your work. I’m so proud of you and what you do. I love you so much.

146.I’m so proud of you and your positive attitude. I understand how difficult it could have been to get to this level. Thanks for making us proud, Girl. I love you.

147.Always remember this: you are stronger than you could ever believe, smarter than you could ever imagine, and braver than you could ever think.

148.My best friend, I just want to encourage you, and remind you that sometimes when we face difficulties, bits not because we are doing something wrong, but because we are doing something right.

149.I am trusting in God for you because he is God the healer. All you need to do is dwell in his embrace and he will heal you completely. Get well soon my love.

150.I put my faith and trust in you dear God, as I am sure you will heal my love. I know he/ she is weak right now but you will soon make him trust, because you are the God, the healer.