57 + Happy 50Th Birthday Wishes

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1.Happy 50th birthday to someone who's not nifty at 50 (I would say you're the niftiest).

2.Happy 50th birthday! Here’s to 50 more years of the incredibly strong, kind and loving you!

3.Happy birthday to someone who's niftier at 50 than any person has the right to be.

4.Happy 50th birthday! May the next 50 years of your life be as fabulous as the first 50.

5.You have a beautiful soul and it just shines, Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady!

6.Whoever said 50 is nifty must have been 100 or 25. Happy 50th birthday, you nifty old fart!

7.Happy 50th birthday! I know, for a fact, that life’s finest moments start at 50 for people like you.

8.Happy 50th birthday! At your age, you can look back with pride and look forward with hope.

9.Happy 50th birthday. You've reached the age when you can recognize every song in an elevator.

10.Happy 50th birthday! You've learned to take life seriously, but never yourself. That's a gift! Enjoy it!

11.Happy 50th birthday! You should be so proud of the person you've become and will be. We are.

12.Happy birthday to my beautiful friend, every day shines a little brighter with you in it.

13.Happy 50th birthday. You've reached the age when "getting lucky" is getting to the bathroom in time.

14.Happy Birthday to you! You are beautiful inside and out, and I hope you know that!

15.You are amazing, and I hope the world knows how beautiful and awesome you are! Happy birthday!

16.Happy birthday hot mama, sending you some wonderful birthday vibes on your special day today!

17.Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend, you're just as gorgeous as the day I met you!

18.Happy birthday to a very special girl today! Sending you lots of love on your birthday!

19.To a very special lady today, may all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

20.Happy birthday to you, our beautiful niece! Wishing you a day and year of laughter and love!

21.Happy 50th birthday! May the next 50 years of your amazing life be even more amazing than the first 50.

22.May you never look a day over 39. I mean, really, what else is there to wish for? Happy 50th birthday, beautiful!

23.Happy 50th birthday! Turning 50 is pretty cool, but it's not nearly as cool as you are. You redefine 50.

24.Happy 50th birthday! You’re not my friend. You're family. Without you in my life, I'd be incomplete.

25.Happy 50th birthday. Your 50th birthday is nature’s way of telling you to start lying about your age.

26.Happy birthday to someone who's been fabulous at every age and is now more fabulous than ever at 50.

27.Happy 50th birthday. You've reached the age when you're offended by nobody offering you a seat on the bus.

28.At 50, you can really let the good times roll, since you now have a tire around your waist. Happy 50th birthday.

29.Happy birthday, my beautiful bff! May we be friends forever and ever! Hope this is the best year yet!

30.Don't know what to write? Get inspired by close to 200 examples of 50th birthday greetings on this page.

31.Happy 50th birthday! At this age, you have what it takes to bring the hardest lessons you've ever learned to life.

32.Happy 50th birthday! Now you know what really matters in life. Celebrate the fact that you are here to enjoy them.

33.Happy 50th birthday! With everything you've become, the 50s should be the beginning of awesome things to come.

34.Need some ideas for your friend's 50th birthday card? Get inspired by the examples of 50th birthday wishes below.

35.Happy 50th birthday. You know that you're 50 when you finally have a handle on love and love handles on your waist.

36.Happy 50th birthday. When your friends start telling you how young you look, you'll know that you're officially old.

37.Everything good comes to those who turn 50. Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Good love. Happy 50th birthday!

38.Happy 50th birthday, darling! You’re on my mind, day and night. And you're in my heart every second. I love you madly.

39.Happy 50th birthday. By now, you've gained lots of common sense, a good thing since you're losing all your other senses.

40.Another year older, another year wiser, and you're still as beautiful as the day I met you, Happy birthday, my love!

41.Here's to wonderful birthday wishes for a beautiful niece! May your day be as delightful as you are!

42.Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! You are so wonderful to me, and I'm luck to call you my sis!

43.Happy 50th birthday! I wish you a wonderfully happy day and an even more incredible year as the world's sexiest 50 year old.

44.Now that you've turned the absolutely fab 5-0, it's time to just go with the flow (like I know you can). Happy 50th birthday!

45.You may be 50 years of age but you're still younger at heart than many people younger in calendar years. Happy 50th birthday!

46.When I turned 50, I started having those "senior moments" everyone talks about. What was I saying? Anyway, happy 50th birthday!

47.Happy 50th birthday! Knowing you, I bet that every wish you have will come true soon after you blow out all 50 candles on your cake.

48.Happy 50th birthday! Your life is just beginning. The journey ahead looks beautiful for miles and miles. Just like you.

49.Happy 50th birthday. You've reached the age when the inside of your ears and nose is hairier than the top of your head.

50.May your life in this world always be filled with, joy, peace and happiness. Happy birthday, sis.

51.Birthdays are one of the most important days in one’s life. I wish you a prosperous year ahead.

52.Sending loving wishes to the birthday girl today. Hope you have a beautiful celebrate and a magnificent year!

53.Hey foxy lady, have a fabulous birthday! I only wish I was half as fierce as you are!

54.We love and we fight but we'll always be family. Happy birthday sister, hope it's a good one!

55.Bravo on turning 50! May today and the years ahead be filled with the very happiest of memories and gifts. Happy 50th birthday!

56.At 50, you're the youngest you'll ever be for the next 50 years. Enjoy the second half of your youth. Happy 50th birthday!

57.There's no time like the present to follow your bliss and give your dreams another chance. I know you can! Happy 50th birthday!