48 Blessing Birthday Wishes For Friend

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1.Dear friend, the blessings of God will show forth in your life now and beyond in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you.

2.To a best friend forever on his birthday, you are blessed among all men, go out and excel. Happy birthday to you.

3.My lovely friend, my friend, I wish you a year of a bountiful harvest. Happy birthday to you.

4.God bless the day you were born. Happy birthday to you, friend. The desires of your hearts will never be cut off.

5.Happy birthday to you, my amazing friend. I wish you all the goodness of a new year and the blessing of a new age. Happy birthday once again.

6.Love, happiness, joy, blessings and comforts are just a few of the gifts heaven is bringing down to you today as a birthday gift. Happy birthday to you, friend.

7.I admire your love and passion for excellence. May your days be long and your years numerous. Happy birthday to you, my good friend.

8.The greatness in your life shall never be substituted for something less. Happy birthday to you friend. God bless you and the works of your hands.

9.Happy birthday to a friend like no other. There are many friends in the world but you surpass them all.

10.Blessings will locate you from every corner of the world even as the day is just breaking. Happy birthday to the most lovely friend in the world.

11.The mark of the Lord that rests upon a man and distinguishes him for an exceptional difference is my wish for you today, dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

12.Wow, it’s another year for you, my dear friend. I pray that things of joy will never be far from you. Happy birthday to you.

13.Dearest friend, in this new age whenever doubt besets you, may you find courage through God’s strength. Happy birthday to you.

14.Because you are the child of the most high, you must rise above all of your trials and challenges today. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

15.Another year of fruitfulness awaits you, friend. May the blessings of God upon you be composed of everything that will bring you happiness. Happy birthday to you, dear.

16.Stars are deposited in the sky to live there forever, may God deposit into your life overwhelming blessings that will abide with you forever. Happy birthday to you friend.

17.Happy birthday you, buddy. You are a friend and a special one indeed. May your years smell of grace. Happy birthday to you.

18.No matter how gloomy the day is, when I remember I have you as my friend, I smile and give glory to God. Happy birthday, dear friend. May you continually shine forth. God bless you.

19.May every of your step in life be made greater with more effect in this new age you have entered. Happy birthday, friend. God bless you abundantly.

20.May the purpose of your existence be made known to you quickly, may you find your purpose and fulfil it. Happy birthday to you friend.

21.Dearest friend, as you find today memorable and unique of all other days, may you be found unique and special of all your colleagues in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday dear friend.

22.Like the favourite saying that goes thus: a friend in need is a friend indeed. You are that friend that can be relied on. Happy birthday to you.

23.My good friend, your very good nature has rubbed off on me. Your push for excellence is such to learn from. Thanks for all that you do. Happy birthday to you.

24.You will never beg for food but you will be a lender to nations; happy birthday to my adorable, admirable and special friend.

25.Happy birthday to my wonderful friend. The beauty of every flower is well preserved in good sunlight. May the rays of your beauty never dim.

26.God will honour every wish that comes your way today by the reason of your birthday. Joy, happiness and comfort will always be by your side. Happy birthday, friend.

27.Mercy has allocated itself to your house and to your path. Congratulation on such a good company. Happy birthday to a friend indeed.

28.I looked around me and all I can see is open doors. Your door of victory is permanently opened. You are my friend forever, happy birthday to you.

29.You will never lack help at any point in life. Heaven and earth will combine to help you. You are truly blessed in this new age. Happy birthday to my best friend forever.

30.Your joy shall be full and complete; it shall not be cut short because you are precious in the Lord’s hand. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend forever.

31.I bless the day we became friends because having you as a friend has impacted my life positively. Happy birthday to a motivator and an amazing friend.

32.A friend is like a garment that covers our nakedness in times of cold. You are that special friend in my life. Happy birthday to you.

33.The Lord is a shield to those whose trust is in Him. My lovely sister, I hope that your birthday will provoke many blessings into your life. Happy birthday to you.

34.Dearest sister, with a good heart, everything is possible. I pray that you will not be left out on good things when they come. Happy birthday to you.

35.When God steps into the situation of a man, his story changes. May you have a new and better story to share today, my darling friend. Happy birthday to you.

36.Whatever door you knock on shall be opened for you. You shall not be stranded in the race and journey of life. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

37.You are so much an amazing friend. I celebrate you today, and as you celebrate your birthday, may the lines fall in pleasant places for you. Happy birthday to my bestie.

38.Be it right, be it left, be it forward and be it backwards; everywhere you turn to shall be for your glory. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend forever.

39.You have a beautiful heart. You are a wonderful friend. I ask that everything you need for growth and progress will always be yours. Happy birthday to you, my amazing friend.

40.The path of a man has been preordained by God. May your daily experience in this new year bring you into full conformity with his plans for you. Happy birthday to my darling friend.

41.On your birthday I pray that you go places you dream to go and that all your dreams and aspirations come to pass. Happy birthday to my friend.

42.The blessings of the Lord come upon the lives of his beloved without adding any sorrow. As you celebrate your birthday today, my dear sister, I hope that your years are beautifully rewarded.

43.The birthday of a sister is not just a common one, it’s a public holiday for the entire family. Happy birthday to you, my dear sister.

44.As you face a new age today, may God grant you wisdom and success through his Glory. Happy birthday to you, my wonderful friend.

45.Today, I join all your well-wishers to thank God on your behalf. May the Lord perfect everything concerning you and give you a perfect answer for every occasion. Happy birthday to you dear.

46.You will always be the head and not the tail, for you are a chosen of the Lord. Fear not for God is with you. I join everyone to wish you a super birthday to you, my dear friend.

47.As you celebrate your birthday today, may your new age bring you unspeakable joy. May you walk in God’s strength and find courage through him. Happy birthday to my dear friend.

48.As the heavens are far from the earth, so shall you always be far from your enemies and from those who are not on your side. Happy birthday to you, wonderful friend.