30 + Text Message Break Up

Visit:3913   Updated: 2022/11/29

1.I look forward to the distance ahead of us. This is my last message to you as your lover.

2.Sorry for this message! What has bound us together has to be dissolved right away.

3.Our breakup will hurt me a lot but I think that’s the best thing we need right now.

4.Since I’m not the person you desire, I hope you find what makes your heart soar in another man. Bye.

5.I truly loved you, but I don’t love you anymore. The time has come when we must say goodbye.

6.This message breaks my heart as much as it will break yours. But we should have nothing to do with us anymore.

7.You promised to follow me to my home in the future but all you did was cheat on me. This is my last message to you.

8.You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who truly cares about you. You have to move on.

9.I don’t know why I have to say goodbye but you’ve broken my heart. You can move on with your life.

10.It saddens me to tell you that it is over between us. I wish I could change my mind but I just can’t.

11.I am breaking up with you not because I didn’t love you. I loved you but the feeling isn’t there anymore. Bye.

12.I appreciate the opportunity to get to know you. This will be the last phase of this relationship.

13.When something is not meant for you, there is no way you can handle it. I leave you for good.

14.Abandoning you feels like hurting my soul. I don’t think I’ll move on from this, but I pray we have the strength to deal with this breakup.

15.Don’t be sad because I’m breaking up with you. You deserve someone better and so do I. May destiny favor us both.

16.Thanks for all that you’ve done but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s difficult to let go but I just have to do it.

17.Breaking up with you right now breaks my heart, I am feeling bad and crying right now but that’s the best thing to do now.

18.You deserve someone better, I see it in your expression daily. I need to discharge you to try another person. Goodbye!

19.I’m happy to tell you the relationship is ending here. I can’t withstand this toxic relationship any longer.

20.I was uncomfortable with some of your behavior I want to move on with my life. We are not fit. I’m done.

21.I always beg for your attention and I can’t continue like this. I’ll say goodbye now.

22.It’s so odd that we’re now strangers to each other. It’s time to move on. I wish you all the best.

23.I have many reasons to love you and a very few to hate you. But the reasons not to love you overpower. I’m sorry, never wanted to break your heart.

24.I’m fed up with this hate game. This relationship is stretched thin and will snap any second. I’m breaking things off before I lose my mind.

25.I gave you my love and try my best to make this relationship work but you suffocate the love bit by bit. Goodbye.

26.Thanks for your support always. Nothing lasts forever. I’m sorry this has to come to an end.

27.I have concluded that everyone needs to move on in life. I break up with you today and never to be with you again.

28.I’m sorry for sending this, but I’m done with us. It has nothing to do with you. I hope I never forget your face and memories.

29.Our connection ended the moment you insulted me. This was the height for me. Thank you for bursting my love for you.

30.It’s hard for me to leave you. Please don’t think the worst of me. There will always be someone to love and appreciate you.