33 + Funny Marathon Quotes

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1.Happy Sunday! Here are some funny marathon caption ideas to keep you motivated this week.

2.It’s not just the end of a marathon, it’s the start of your new life.

3.A marathon is a race of endurance, but it isn’t easy to run fast and slow.

4.You’re running a marathon? Well, these are some funny captions that you can use to caption your Instagram post.

5.Learn the little things about running a marathon. Can’t wait to share them with everyone!

6.I’m going to crawl out of this bed, put on my running shoes and get started on my next marathon.

7.If you’re having a rough time, remember that you have an entire marathon to get through.

8.Just when you thought a marathon couldn’t get any more epic, these funny marathon captions will make you laugh out loud!

9.Marathon runners are the best of us. They run marathons, they’re proud to do it, and they have fun doing it.

10.Marathonning is the ultimate test of self-control and endurance. Here are some funny photo captions for your next marathon race.

11.Nothing is more satisfying than a good laugh. And nothing cheers you up like a marathon?

12.The hardest part about running a marathon isn’t training. It’s not even the race itself! It’s what comes afterwards. .

13.Running a marathon is an accomplishment. Running a marathon while eating a doughnut is just plain ridiculous.

14.This is why we run. To grab our phone, hit the treadmill and find new captions for Instagram videos.

15.If you run more than a marathon, we can highly recommend this post for fun marathon captions for Instagram.

16.We all have a story to tell, it’s up to you what you write on this page.

17.Marathon Mondays are the best days to get out and discover what your city, state and country has to offer. Happy Running!

18.I thought I was preparing for my first marathon, but I’ve realized that the marathon is actually preparing for me.

19.No one does it like a marathon runner. We do it for fun, because it’s in our genes – and we love to caption our posts with funny @marathontraining memes!

20.When you’re running in a marathon, you have to make sure that your energy is high and that you don’t let anything get you down. So keep on running!

21.We’ve been locked in a virtual room together, sharing the last of our laughs and some laughs.

22.Marathon Monday is a special day. Not only does it mean 26.2 miles, but it also means you’re ready for the week ahead. Happy #MarathonMonday!

23.You’re going to want to spend your whole Sunday at the gym, trying to beat your own record.

24.The goal is to take a selfie with the timer on your watch and post it before the time runs out.

25.Nothing’s sweeter than a friendly intersection between friends, family, and all things fitness. You’re the best!

26.We did it! The #Marathon is over and we made it! We are so proud of our friends for their hard work, dedication, and support. We are even more proud to be their friends.

27.You’re not alone. The world is filled with amazing people like you who’s running marathons or just getting out there and doing what they love. You’ve got this!

28.You might not know this, but I love a good marathon. A great race is one that makes me happy, sad and makes my heart beat faster—the same way as when I was a kid.

29.The last mile feels like the longest, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just push through and finish strong!

30.No matter what your training schedule looks like, you can still be a happy, healthy runner.

31.Sometimes the best things come in small packages. And sometimes the most creative things come in big ones. A cheerful marathon caption like ours will make your posts stand out and get noticed!

32.In case you’ve been #running24hrs in a row, here’s a reminder that there’s only one more hour to go!

33.Hey you guys. I’m having an off day but I can’t stay away from the computer so here’s a pic of me and my brother on our last walk before the big race.