137 Funny Birthday Greetings For Him

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1.Do you know that you make me smile as a sister? Those funny things you do can’t make me forget your birthday.

2.A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, somebody pretty cool was born. Happy Birthday!

3.Happy birthday have the sweetest cake in the world. I wish to long life and fun-filled days ahead.

4.Age is a number if you don’t have money, no one is ready to respect you. Happy birthday.

5.Congratulations on your birthday, wishing you a moment of joy and great aspiration. Happy birthday.

6.Forget about your past, face your present but to forget you are getting older every day.

7.You finally became an adult; I think you can now dine with angels and kings. Happy birthday.

8.I don’t know where you are running to, can’t you wait for me to celebrate our birthday together?

9.Happy birthday to my best friend and brother. I realized you are wiser today than you were yesterday.

10.Happy birthday to the funniest sister in the entire universe. I am glad to celebrate my partner in crime.

11.May your face shine like sunshine; your smile shall grow wider than it used to be. Happy birthday, dear.

12.Enjoy this day it belongs to you but please, remember you are getting older. Happy birthday.

13.Growing into adulthood is a lesson you must learn from us the elders. Happy birthday to my kid brother.

14.Hello new old guy, you finally cross the bridge of twenties, haha, a new old man in town. Happy birthday.

15.You make me smile with your walking steps, what a special sister you have become. Enjoy your birthday.

16.Hope my birthday cake is reserved. I am not just celebrating you; I am washing the floor for a big portion of the cake.

17.May the mercy of God continue to rain on you until you are completely wet in it. Happy birthday.

18.Please, celebrate this queen for me. She is my best friend, a partner in crime, and my favourite fighter.

19.May your day last long, may you find peace and harmony in anything you are doing, happy birthday to you.

20.To my beloved, how are you enjoying this birthday? Hope it is going down with cake and soft drinks already.

21.When a person is celebrating his or her birthday, it is good for others to jump up as a sign of happiness.

22.May the smile that emanates as a result of honey taste reach you today, happy birthday best sister ever.

23.Birthday is like a tree, you are just growing a number nothing more. If you grow in wisdom, it is plus one.

24.every day reminds me that you are getting older and your shoes will soon become mine.

25.Wishing you more success in life so that you will continue to be a good elder brother. Happy birthday, sir.

26.Happy Birthday To A Real Party Animal. You’re a guy who knows how to have fun, so cut loose, celebrate and have a howling good time!

27.I am sending you a pack of lollipops to celebrate your day, I wish you the best of lucks. Happy birthday, dearest.

28.You have really touched a great part of my life, I wish you all the best and hope for greatness for you.

29.Thanks for everything you have ever done in my life; I wish you many more years in happiness and joy.

30.Sorry, I bought some chocolate for you but eventually ate them on my way when I realized chocolate is for children.

31.Today shouldn’t be seen as an added number but as an opportunity to stop being naughty. Happy birthday.

32.Happy birthday to the most precious person in this area, he is precious because even an old diamond is precious too.

33.Wishing you the best of lucks now and forever. May the Lord always protect you in every angle of your life.

34.Wishing you a more precious day in life, don’t forget to keep my cake and soft drink. I wish for more days in life.

35.Thank God for this wonderful day in your life, get your make up kits, and blast us with a fine-looking face.

36.I thought you to be the beauty queen of our community until I remembered today is your birthday.

37.I really enjoy your company. I miss you so much and pray you to continue to excel in this world. Happy birthday.

38.If there is anything I will miss most about you when you finally got married, it will be your funny makeup.

39.Hello cutie best friend, you are plus one today, may the Lord protect your beautiful face. Happy birthday.

40.I was only trying to celebrate your birthday. I bought some cookies and a special gift but some rats snatched them away on my way.

41.I hope you are not celebrating this particular age the third time? I know ladies for that.

42.I hope you will use this age as a stepping stone to climb the ladder of prematurity into maturity.

43.Sometimes, some people celebrate with you just because of your birthday cake. Next year make a bean cake.

44.Smile, today marks a beautiful day in your life; enjoy the fragrance. I wish you many blessed days ahead.

45.May this day mark a lot of wonderful things in life, this my troublesome sister is plus one today.

46.You are so special, may the Lord shower you with overwhelming laughter but please don’t break your ribs.

47.I can’t deny the fact that you are the world’s funniest friend ever come across. Cruise your day.

48.Happy birthday to the little prince of the house, you are only huge, I am still your big sister.

49.Enjoy the birthday to the fullest, it makes sense more than everything today, we are gonna eat all your cakes.

50.Every single day makes me smile because I have found a nice, special and interesting angel like you. I wish you all the best in life.

51.Another one year is out of your lifespan, don’t forget to do the right thing and leave the rest for your kids.

52.Happy birthday to the biggest partner in crime, I hope you are enjoying this wonderful day in a calm atmosphere.

53.My appreciation goes to the celebrant, thank you for paying back your debt to me today.

54.I just want to thank you for everything and the most merciful God shall not forget you when blessing others.

55.You have this beautiful smile only angels have. The cutest queen of the house is plus one today. Happy birthday.

56.There are many reasons why we cannot stop loving each other. We wish you all the best on this wonderful day.

57.What are you going to bribe me with, so I will not announce your new age to the world? Happy birthday sweetest sister.

58.Could there be a funny and troublesome friend like you again? I am celebrating the world’s best friend ever.

59.You gave me love when there was no lover, happiness when there was no comedian, and trouble when I was about sleeping.

60.No matter how you hide under a pretty face and good skin, as my best friend, I know your real age. Happy birthday, dear.

61.Your new age is an admonition that we both should have married and given birth to children.

62.Well, we still have to thank God for everything; he has always been their time memorial.

63.You have been so special since the day you were born and now that you are getting old.

64.If celebrating you is a subject, I will never score zero, have a wonderful day ahead.

65.If not for number, who will know that you are this old? Kai, the oldest boyfriend in the world.

66.I will always find a reason to mock my best friend, please don’t think you are growing younger, makeup cannot do everything.

67.By now, we should be happy with each other, but our ages are not laughing at all.

68.I shall continue to be there for you all the days of my life but on one condition, you won’t tell mom I stole that meat.

69.Bros, we should be celebrating your third born now, well when there is life there is hope.

70.Dance away your sorrow today, jump and sing, today is yours and you belong to it.

71."I think when the full horror of being fifty hits you, you should stay home and have a good cry.”

72.You are so cute, you are special and the Lord shall continue to make you happy forever.

73.Evergreen love for my best friend, she is the best companion you can ever have. I am happy to celebrate with you today.

74.The pillow and cloth you tricked your dad with last night is a sign of the wisdom you acquired for your new age.

75.You will always pay this tribute; I backed you for three good years. So, growing bigger and taller is a quantity to me.

76.Your level of understanding is what we count, we don’t count numbers. I am glad you have strong maturity.

77.Wonders shall never end, children of this day grow like wide fire. Even this small rat. Lol, I wish you long life and prosperity.

78.It is time we stop troubling people around, let’s go get married and stop causing trouble around. Happy birthday, bestie.

79.You are my best friend until death separates us, please old man, don’t forget to wear your glasses before you come over.

80.Thanks for being a great lover, I didn’t buy you anything as a present because I told you that you are everything to me and you agreed.

81.I used to think that those three white hair strands on your hair are deficient; I never knew they were signs of maturity.

82.I enjoy every moment with you because you are the most special person on this earth, ensure you take your chocolate as usual.

83.You are not only adding age, but you are also still growing bigger and taller, what an achievement.

84.My dear friend, enjoy this day in your life, you deserve the best on this wonderful day of yours.

85.Enjoy your cake alone, I will be enjoying your cash here alone too, reserve my cake, get your cash.

86.No matter how young you look, the fact remains that you are a day older today. Happy birthday dear bestie.

87.Old friends will never forget their young age. We have been together for 40 years but today is the happiest day since I met you because you are a day older than me.

88.It is time to face reality, you are plus one, may the Lord now release wisdom and maturity to you. Naughty friend ever.

89.You are not just growing up; your wisdom is increasing like the volume of water.

90.You have just been accelerated to plus one in life, congratulations. Welcome to the league of Elders.

91.May you find endless peace in all ramifications of your life; I will always be glad to be yours all the time. Keep my cake or don’t come back home.

92.Everything is time, may the Lord bless us in great abundance and spare your life till another year so I can eat some cake again.

93.You are more than special, no wonder you are the cutest lady among your friends. May your days be longer than now.

94.I want to celebrate this great lady, she can trouble in life and I wish her all the best in this world.

95.You are now an adult, I think you will now learn how not to eat your fingernails again.

96.You used to look up to me, but now I am looking up to you because you are taller. Have a great celebration.

97.No matter how tall a tree becomes, it has its predecessors, mind your height and respect your elders. Happy birthday dearest brother.

98.You will always be my best friend and coolest younger brother but I can’t buy chocolate for an old man anymore.

99.Nurturing a younger brother like you was a bit troublesome, now that you are grown up; I will see how an old man like you will behave again.

100.Hello Mr. man, I am your elder sister, do you get that? Your new size, age shall profit you until eternity.

101.No matter how a man tries to cover up his old age, those who know how old he is can always tell.

102.You are my Cinderella, the only lovely queen I have in my world, enjoy your new age with lots of pizzas, no chocolate for an elderly person.

103.Happy birthday to my ideal angel, you have taken over my heart with your love and now, I have to celebrate you like a pro.

104.You are more than special and your love is the best I have ever experience as your younger sister. Eat your cake dear.

105.You were a youth last 30 minutes ago, today; you are now an old man. Lol, enjoy your old age.

106.This taller and younger brother will not know his mate again. Well, you are my best friend.

107.You can now buy ordinary mortar to grind vegetables, this shows how old you have become. Enjoy your youthful age.

108.If age is a pivot, bros, you will go a very far distance with your new age. I salute your sir.

109.May your Lord bless you with the ability to now keep quiet about what doesn’t concern you. You are now an adult.

110.Thank God I am alive to witness how you became an old man. I hope you haven’t started walking with a stick.

111.I am so much in love with your birthday because the size of the cake every year is always as big as mountain Everest.

112.Look at my special angelic friend, I am grateful you are plus one today. I wish you all the best.

113.Enjoy this day because you are not gonna be called a kid again. This is your last children’s day celebration as you are now in the league of elders.

114.You are more special than I think, your new age has said it all, I used to think your wisdom is like that of an old man not knowing you are the old man.

115.Many have seen me walking with you and now they will think we are of the same age not knowing you are ten years older.

116.Good to have you in my, may the Lord in His infinite mercy grant you success and reduce your overweight this year.

117.I have always looked up to you not because of your wisdom but for the fact that you are taller than me.

118.I told the world you are my best friend, but they thought it is impossible to befriend your younger brother because his teeth are not complete.

119.Look at this small tallboy, you better respect the elders of the town, we were here before you.

120.Well, you have always been a loyal friend but it doesn’t mean that I will not pour water on your body.

121.I should have bought you some chocolate but it is meant to celebrate children so I am free to come to eat your cake and dust my trousers, walk away.

122.This guy is plus one today but still, I am older. No matter how tall an Iroko tree looks, it can’t reach the sky.

123.Enjoy your new age and ensure your 32 sets of teeth is still complete. Lol, it is good to become old.

124.I didn’t want to remind you of how old you are now, but I have to so that you will stop eating cheese balls.

125.I am selective today, I have to celebrate you as an adult despite you were a kid 30 minutes ago.

126.Whenever I am sad, I love calling you because I am sure the trouble will increase its volume.

127.If I must celebrate a great friend like you today, you must announce to your dad we went outing last night.

128.I was glad to be there when you needed my hand as a support to climb your step. Well, I’m still stronger.

129.I have met a lot of people in life, you are the only friend I can be proud of the most. Have your new age hung on the entertainment stage.

130.The very day I set my eyes on you was that day we heard your first cry, today your thunderous voice can break a mountain.

131.Wonderful, an old man has just been produced. What the hell, this age reminds me of a grandfather.

132.We are happy to send you out of adolescent age, ensure you work hard to feed yourself from now on.

133.I just want to remind you that you are no longer a kid, I am so glad about that. Old woman lol.

134.The smile that emanates from your face makes me happy, I will always be glad I have you.

135.You have just added another year, please ensure you get smarter otherwise I will still steal your cake as usual.

136.I am glad to throw this constructive insult at you today; my best lawyer friend, don’t be a liar, age is a number.

137.I am just happy that you are plus one today, and the reason is that mom can now concentrate more on me.