160 The Best Birthday Wishes Ever

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1.Enjoy this day, and I wish you get all the things your heart desires. Best birthday!

2.Birthdays are the best thing ever, they can make or break your day, at your age.

3.I wish I am the greatest friend in this world but you are the best one ever. Wonderful birthday!

4.Let us live this day to the fullest, embed this to your mind and never forget. Best birthday!

5.I am always wishing for you to have good health and to be happy. Best birthday!

6.I assure you I am going to make today the best birthday you ever had. Happy bday!

7.The worlds seems a whole lot smaller when you were not beside me. Happy birthday to you!

8.I just wanted to send you my best wishes for your birthday and hope you have an amazing time.

9.I hope you have an amazing birthday that brings you love and joy, all the best.

10.Best Bday bully sissy! You may now get up and claim your warmest and cheesiest birthday hug!

11.The world better watch out for you because you are going to change everything! Happy birthday!

12.I’ve been thinking about you lately, how you make me feel happy. Best birthday to you.

13.I am the friend who will be there for you even if you do not serve a birthday cake.

14.I hope that today will be filled with love and genuine birthday wishes. Happy Bday to you, my best friend!

15.I hope you celebrate your birthday by being happy every second of today until the next one.

16.I can see it, today is the day that will make everything better for you. Best bday!

17.You are so much like a fairy, with that mischievous twinkle in your eye. Happy birthday!

18.Cherish every moment of this day as you would never be able to bring it back. Wonderful birthday!

19.You certainly are the best gift in this world that is given to me. Do not forget that. Best birthday!

20.Go be a teenager, break all the rules, lie, live boldly and just be happy. Wonderful birthday!

21.I love celebrating your birthday with you every year. Thanks for giving me a reason to.

22.Wishing you to have the entire fabulous in life. Wonderful Birthday and have a blast in partying!

23.To a special friend on their Birthday, I wish you nothing but the best and may all your dreams come true.

24.Hoping that you get everything you want today because you deserve it. Happy Birthday to you.

25.Auguri di buon compleanno dal profondo del cuore. = Happy birthday wishes from the bottom of the heart.

26.May you be filled with all the warmth from the sun as your birthday is on this hot day.

27.On your special day, I wish you all the best, all the joy and the blessings in this world.

28.I hope I am right beside you at this moment, but here is a hug from me to you. Happy birthday!

29.This is such a beautiful day to spend your birthday on. So relax and just take a deep breath.

30.Happy birthday to someone who is always making others feel special, hope you have a great day.

31.I hope that you will be the happiest soul today. My Best Birthday to you, and keep the smile shining!

32.Best Birthday to you and you! Wishing you to have an idyllic life for all the years to come. Enjoy your day little miss!

33.Hope that you have the best day that you have ever had today because it is your Birthday and chance to shine.

34.One day you will look back at this day so you might as well celebrate your birthday fully.

35.I wish that your birthday be filled with happiness and joy and you feel it within your soul.

36.Have a healthy birthday, do not forget your health and hold back on the alcohol, my dear!

37.You are the bravest person I know. So let me give you a thrill today, on your birthday!

38.I hope the next year will be as good to you as this year was. Wonderful birthday my friend!

39.Now that you are a year older, I hope you also get a year wiser and funnier. Happy bday!

40.Being your age is such a privilege especially when you look so young. Have a cool birthday!

41.I may not be there beside you right now but I am praying for you. Have a fun birthday party.

42.Hope you have a fantastic birthday coming up, wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Happy Birthday.

43.To a great friend on their birthday, hope the year ahead is truly blessed for you. Have a great one.

44.On this birthday occasion, blow out the candles and make a wish. Hope it comes true for you.

45.Sending the Happiest birthday wishes to you today and hope that it makes your day extra special.

46.Tanti auguri di buon compleanno alla persona migliore che conosco. = Happy birthday to the best person I know.

47.I hope you show the world what you are truly made of: steel and sprinkles. Happy birthday!

48.You deserve to have the best party there ever is because you are so awesome, friend!

49.I really need a day off to spend the day with you. Make your birthday a holiday! Have fun!

50.I hope you spend today as if it is a special day because it is. Happy birthday to you, love!

51.I do hope that all the things you wished for when you blew that candle comes true.

52.I wish you well in your future endeavors and that you will find the true meaning of birthdays.

53.I like everything about you and I hope you know that by now. Best bday to you!

54.Create a memory today that you will be happy to come back to in the years to come.

55.Sending you all my love and hugs as you get another year older today. Happy birthday!

56.To a true friend on their birthday, may you dance until your legs are tired. Happy Birthday.

57.This birthday is going to be the very best one yet, what a true gift life is and I am so happy to celebrate with you.

58.On your Birthday I just want to say that I am thinking about you and sending you Happiest birthday wishes.

59.Happy Birthday to someone special, may your day be bright and filled with laughter and fun.

60.Happy bday to the most beautiful girl in this world, I hope you spend it the best way you can.

61.Your friends, me included, just wants to greet you a happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts!

62.I hope you have the most special day today, you are another year older! Best bday!

63.Another year has passed and we are still friends. Wonderful birthday to you, my dearest friend!

64.Everybody is going to be older with age though some gets wiser and richer. Happy bday!

65.I feel like the luckiest friend for having you to myself on your birthday. Thank you so much!

66.I hope that this day will show you how much I care about you. Wonderful bday!

67.I am so looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you and many more to come, cheers.

68.Cannot wait to ring in this birthday with you and cheers to many more to come friend.

69.I wish that this would be the beginning of your happiest, greatest, most fabulous year ever!

70.Sometimes, the universe matches what I need, when I might want and that is when life seems perfect.

71.You get another age by today, and it looks quite good on your face. Happy birthday to you!

72.I hope you have tons of fun today, during your birthday, I love you, my dearest friend!

73.Happy Birthday to you, dear one! May your day be filled with tons of cheerfulness and wishful thoughts. Enjoy the day!

74.Happiest Birthday dear! I wish that this year, life brings you marvelous and lovely surprises! Have a blast and fun!

75.A bit of kiss, loads of hugs and thousands worth of brilliant birthday wishes for you. Have the coolest and biggest party ever. Wonderful Bday girl!

76.Wishing you to have the most magical birthday celebration in this whole town. Wonderful Bday and keep believing to magic!

77.Can’t wait to celebrate your Birthday with you and look forward to many more to come.

78.Happy Birthday to someone who always makes me smile, you’re a great friend. Have a good one.

79.When I create my masterpiece, you are sure going to be there. Wonderful bday to you!

80.I am sorry I could not give you anything but my love and care for you on your birthday.

81.I hope this day would be just like the last 364 days, fun, exciting and full of thrills!

82.Best Birthday to my only outrageously humorous friend who does not run out of puns no matter what. Happiest Birthday!

83.Wonderful Bday to the humorous and wittiest being I have ever known. Enjoy and have all the fun!

84.I wish and pray that your delight from this day on will never come to an end. Lots of happy Birthday wishes to you boy!

85.This is the day when good things are bound to happen to you so go out there and have fun!

86.Today is the day when you grow another year older, but it doesn’t mean you need to grow up!

87.Shine, be your very own light, find the right way. After all, with those candles, it’d be easy.

88.Since it is your birthday, I’ll do the cooking today, just relax there and lazy around today.

89.Seek out all the challenges life has to offer you. Go out there and do them all! Best bday!

90.Please keep in mind that sometimes, you may not be able to celebrate but the essence remains.

91.I hope today gets to be a day full of hope and joy. Because you deserve to be happy!

92.May this birthday bring a big smile to your face, may you be surrounded by friends and loved ones. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy Birthday.

93.Enjoy your Birthday as much as you enjoy eating a burrito. Happy awesome Birthday and have a blast!

94.You are both understanding and accepting. A grand and merry birthday celebration- is what you truly deserve. Happiest Birthday!

95.Cannot wait to celebrate big time with you for your special day. Looking forward to the festivities, Happy Birthday!

96.The way you smile, the happiness it contains is some of the best sound in this world. Have fun!

97.You are still the same person you are no matter how much years pass you by. Be happy today!

98.You have worked so hard all of your life, so just relax for this very day. Wonderful bday!

99.Best bday, my friend, you are the one who is always there to support me every now and then.

100.Today is going to be one of the best day of your life. So you might as well take pictures of it.

101.You hold your fate, so go out there and make your dreams come true. Wonderful bday!

102.From the moment I met you, I knew you were a fighter, that you would never back down.

103.You were meant to stand out, that is why you had a hard time fitting in. happy bday!

104.Let me just remind you how great of a person you are. Best bday to you!

105.Happy birthday to someone special, have an amazing and special day, sending you all my hugs and love.

106.May you be surrounded by friends and family tonight and celebrate big, because you deserve it.

107.You get to be another year older today, so much closer to being who you are meant to be.

108.I have prepared for you, the most wonderful birthday party. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Happy bday to you, my love!

109.No matter where you are or what you might be doing, just know that I like you. Have fun!

110.Time will not wait for you so do what you want to do when you still can. Wonderful birthday!

111.The sun is fully up; a stunning lady just woke up who is at this moment reading this effortless birthday greeting. Happy Birthday to you dear!

112.Today is the day when a beautiful and forgiving soul was born in this world and today is such a blessing to all. Happy Birthday to you!

113.You somehow lose parts of your memory as you grow older, do not forget me. Wonderful bday!

114.One more year and you will get to achieve your dreams. Yes, I said so too last year.

115.There is no room for regrets, do what you want to do now, and just live your life to the fullest.

116.It is my pleasure to waste two minutes of my life to greet you with a happy birthday, my old friend. Cheers to life and have fun! Best Bday to you again!

117.You are someone with a very tremendous personality and you deserve a tremendous birthday party! Happy Birthday to you charming gal!

118.Have a whimsical and fanciful birthday celebration filled with hugs and kisses. Many happy and genuine Birthday wishes to you! Best Bday and more blessings to you dear!

119.Feel the breeze of the night air for it carries my wishful thoughts for you and your Birthday. Best Birthday to you and cheers to life and its adventures!

120.Wishing that you will be able to take pleasure on this day to the fullest extent. Best Bday to you and keep smiling!

121.I wish that today your heart can hold all the happiness that the world has to offer. Best Birthday to you and keep believing to things that you believe in.

122.Buon compleanno! Che questa giornata possa trascorrere serena e piena di gioia. = Happy birthday! May this day be serene and full of joy.

123.Happiness is truly an inside job, so allow it to start within you, dear. Wonderful bday!

124.I hope you enjoy this party I have prepared for you. Have fun and keep on smiling, dear!

125.I just want to tell you that I adore you so much and that I care for you. Wonderful bday!

126.To a great friend on their birthday, I hope that it is an amazing celebration for you filled with lots of drinks, dancing, and good times.

127.You might have almost anything in this world but still, allow me to wish you a peaceful mind and a serene heart. Wonderful Birthday to you, dearest one!

128.You are such a sweet soul, but I know that your cake is more precious than yours so see you later at your party. Happiest Birthday and cheers to every sweetness!

129.I am wishing you that this day is filled with joyful hours and marvellous moments worth remembering. Happiest Birthday to you, lad!

130.Best Birthday! You already have nearly everything in life so here I am wishing you that your bliss will last forever and eternally. Once again dear, Happy Birthday!

131.Feel the warmness of my hug and the exuberance in my kisses. Happiest Birthday to you and may your guilty pleasures be bestowed on you. Happiest Birthday to you! Cheers!

132.Take pleasure in and relish the happy hours of your natal day. Carry out all your dreams and all the wishes in your heart! Happiest Birthday to you!

133.Close your eyes and whisper your wishes to wind for it will bring your wishes higher up to the sky. Happy Birthday to you and enjoy this marvelous!

134.All smiles, for today, is your happiest Birthday ever. Why? Because this year, you have learned how to love your very own self. Keep it that way, girl! Happiest Birthday to you once more!

135.I will hum you a song; it is called the wonderful birthday song. Pardon me if I will be out of harmony, oh wait, oh please hear my song gently. Happiest Birthday!

136.No one is too old for birthday celebrations filled with sweet delights and colorful decors. Wonderful Bday and continue to remain young at heart!

137.Happy Birthday to the only man I know who is full of fortitude and strength of will in his adventurous life. Happy Birthday gorgeous specimen of men!

138.You are the only individual who gets wiser, more affluent and older at the same time as you add up another year in your fantastic life. Happiest Birthday and stay blessed!

139.Each glistening candle on your delicious birthday cake will become a wish come true. So I look forward to that you will have a moment of your life today. Best Birthday to you dear!

140.It is your natal day, if you ever consider that you are already getting old stop upsetting yourself because next year you will be older than now. Happy Bday pumpkin!

141.Stay generous to all the people around you because you are making yourself more blessed in doing so. Wonderful Bday to you, and cheers to this day!

142.It is hard to send my wishes for you in words because I know you have this tendency to auto-correct my words but still, Wonderful Birthday to you, my bully friend, and I cherish you forever!

143.Enjoy all the things that you favored the most today. Have a time of your life and party like no other. Happy Bday to you and cheers to many years of coming birthdays.

144.A surprising woman in my life is currently celebrating her Birthday today. Best Bday to you and I hope that you will be able to feel my affectionate hugs and birthday kisses for you!

145.I wish that this naïve and sincere birthday greeting will make your heart sing. Wishing you my dear friend to have many more graces and blessings. Wonderful Birthday to you fella!

146.May your Birthday be packed with pleasurable and delightful hours. Celebrate like no other, celebrate like there is no tomorrow! Many blessings to you and happy birthday mate!

147.The wrinkles you have on your chubby face does not matter as long as you take pleasure in every moment of your desirable life. Happy Bday Pal!

148.I wish that you will finally do this one thing, be happy. I cared for you so much that I want you to be what you need to be. Happiest Birthday to you my dearest friend!

149.To a friend who always knows the right thing to say, I would never forget your Birthday, how could I? That is how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, may it be the best one yet for you.

150.I will not get tired of greeting you a happy birthday every year because in doing so, I am reminded that you will always be older than me. I got you! Happiest Birthday, pal! Enjoy this fantastic day of yours!

151.Wonderful Bday to the woman who is always full of jaw dropping surprises. Now is our rightful turn to surprise you on your Birthday! Again, Happy Birthday!

152.May you have a cheery, jolly, and jubilant birthday party and a very entertaining celebration, the kind of birthday fête that you have been craving for quite a long time. Happy Bday to you!

153.The exquisiteness of your face outshines the exquisiteness of the flowers in my garden. Wonderful Birthday and enjoy your natal day up to your heart’s content.

154.I desire and wish that our friendship will still continue to stand even after everything else fall. Thank you for allowing me to have a good time on your Birthday with you. Best Birthday my dear friend!

155.Best Bday to the most incredible and extremely humble boss one can ever wish for. Thank you for leading us! We will not be able to find another boss like you. Cheers!

156.Have an awe-inspiring and record breaking birthday celebration my friend! Take pleasure in the party and please save a slice of your luscious cake for me! Wonderful Birthday!

157.You are getting older now pal, and I guess it is the right time for you to return my Pokémon cards. Nope, I am sorry, but I am not giving them to you as presents. Grow up, man. Best Bday!

158.Today was a lovely day until I suddenly remembered that today is also your natal day. What once was a lovely day became a lovelier day. Happiest Birthday and thank you for making my day lovely as well! All best wishes for you! Much love!

159.The good people of this whole town, including me are sending our warm and sweet birthday wishes for you. You are such a good role model to everyone else. Enjoy your day, and may heavens shower you with tons of blessings.

160.Even if the weather is showing a little bit of crankiness today it does not signify that your birthday fair will be one too. I am present at this juncture to make sure that your day will be cheery and engaging! Happiest Birthday!