32 Best Thank You Teacher Quotes

Visit:922   Updated: 2022/12/01

1.“ A good teacher tells you where to go but not what to do .”

2.“ There is no compass better than a teacher who gives direction to your dream.”

3.“ A good teacher not just gives you homework , they give you life lessons.”

4.“ A teacher is the one who gives you wings to fly and ground to be on it.”

5.“ In order to be a good teacher you firstly have to be a good human.”

6.“ A teacher gives a lot of effort to give shapes to the little minds.”

7.“ A teacher may forget your mistake but they can never forget the love you give to them.”

8.“When a teacher gives you good values ,they are giving  the values to many more generations.”

9.“Teachers can only open the way to your destination but you have to walk through it by yourself.”

10.“ A teacher can see a spark in the student which is not seen by others.”

11.“ A good teacher can make your  100 days of hard work into a life changing game.”

12.“A good teacher is more recognized by what they are and not what they teach.”

13.“ The students have faith in their knowledge only because of the amazing teacher they had.”

14.“ A good school or university is a better place because the teachers are present there.”

15.“ The successful day of a teacher is the day when their student starts doing good work.”

16.“A teacher is happiest when their students give their best to their potential of work.”

17.“ The best creation of god for making a change in the world is a teacher.”

18.“ A parent gives birth to their child but a teacher teaches them how to make that life worth it.”

19.“ The teacher doesn’t give importance to your grade , they give importance to your hard work that you paid off.”

20.“ Most people have only 5-6 people who always remember them but a good teacher has a thousand of them.”

21.“A teacher educates their student’ mind to understand and gives language to their heart to feel.”

22.“ Summer’s holidays are the reason a parent can see the changes in you all day.”

23.“ A student who is able to make use of their knowledge , always remembers their teacher.”

24.“ If a teacher wants their student to respect them, give them the love they strive for.”

25.“ A good teacher is like a bridge to their student to reach their destination.”

26.“ A good teacher never tells you to make yourself like some , they tell you to be a better version of themselves.”

27.“ Teachers are the ones who love to get challenged by their students because that is what makes them win.”

28.“The art of teaching students is the art of making them friends of discovery. ”

29.“ A teacher’s duty not just ends by giving them lessons but it also takes responsibility for them to not misuse it.”

30.“ For the world a good teacher may be just a teacher but for the student a teacher means the world to them.”

31.“ A teacher gets gratitude from their student but a good teacher gets love and respect from their student.”

32.“ It is said a child is the shadow of their parents but the child’s knowledge reflects his or her teacher’s ability .”