17 Smart Energizing Quotes For Work

Visit:1609   Updated: 2022/12/01

1.“Success will come to those who don’t seek validation from others and believe in their thinking.”

2.“The day you stop dreaming small and stand for the greatness you are meant to achieve, that day can be the first day of your new life.”

3.“You can’t control every circumstance of life, so just keep working hard; as it has the potential to tame anything you can’t control.”

4.To get your job matched to strengths. Conversations like these also allow you to discover what aspects of a job might lead to disengagement. And of course, the opposite: their energizing tasks at work.

5.“There is a quality which can make a person never lose in his life, that quality is ‘Hope’.”

6.“Bad luck fails in front of the person, who doesn’t stop even after facing failures, criticism, and self-doubt.”

7.“Everyone will face tough times in life. The winner is the person who takes them as a challenge and opportunity to grow rather than saying, “Why it happens only with me?”.”

8.“Sometimes you have to take a tough decision in your life, which makes you go out of your comfort zone to achieve things you never imagined.”

9.“No matter how many obstacles come in front of me, I will not give up, and I will keep pushing forward because I know these obstacles are there to test my worthiness.”

10.“If you want to achieve success in your life, then cross these three gates: 1. Accept Mistake 2. Work on that mistake 3. Never repeat the same mistake.”

11.“Difficulties are good. The task that is most resisted in life contains the seed of greatness, and the things that are hardest to complete help us to achieve our true potential.”

12.To get more energizing tasks and get fewer draining tasks at work. Conversations like these become an opportunity to turn a “Man, this culture is awful” experience into a “So, if this is what other people value, which runs against my values, then here's how I'm going to cope.” So, think of what strategies you can come up with to convert a workplace experience into a positive and enriching one.

13.“When I fail, I brush off the dust, and I start again. I come back smarter, and more dedicated.”

14.Leading Through CliftonStrengths Analytical. Imagine leading through this strength and someone regularly pulls random anecdotes out of the air. You would, of course, wonder if this person ever fact-checks or uses reasoning skills. “Do they ever vet their comments to see if they're actually true?”

15.Leading Through CliftonStrengths Includer. Imagine you’re leading through this talent theme. You’re really good at identifying who among the team a) has given a voice, b) has not said anything, and c) might want to comment but hasn't been given the chance.

16.To get a well-rounded team. In any given team, there’s a clash of perspectives that are not discovered until they are actually talked about. Suppose you brought your whole team of 10 direct reports together to apply StrengthsFinder in a virtual strengths discovery training.

17.Leading Through CliftonStrengths Responsibility. Imagine that you lead through Responsibility, and you’re working on a team where people are constantly showing up for meetings 5 or 10 minutes late. Because it's part of your DNA that you do what you say you're going to do, these people who disrespect other people’s time annoy you big-time. In general, no one likes it when someone misses a commitment, but it’s a different (deeper) level of insult to someone's talent of Responsibility.