20 + Positive Teacher Message To Students

Visit:4886   Updated: 2022/12/01

1.You are the reason we are here. This is all for you and if it doesn’t feel like it, let’s talk about it.

2.We all have individual geniuses and abilities but we can go farther together than alone. We will strive to understand and leverage this truth.

3.You are not a letter grade, grade point average, test score, certificate, or ‘data point’ in this school or district’s success.

4.We will strive to be honest, efficient, and pragmatic. We will not use inefficient tools, technology, strategies, sources, or technology just for the sake of forms and appearances.

5.I love different things than you do and you love different things than most everyone else; learning is about sharing that love.

6.I love learning and I love people and you’re a person and you’re here to learn. Hopefully, you can see where I’m going with this.

7.You are loved and cared for and have infinite value but that value is only potential if you don’t use it to grow.

8.You will learn ‘things’ here that should be clearly relevant to you and your life. We will gain knowledge and skills to help you live a better life. If not, let’s talk about it.

9.We will learn through humility. We will own our mistakes and admit what we don’t know and the limits of what we do.

10.We will never forget why we’re learning what we’re learning and if we do, we will talk about it.

11.We will value affection over thought and thought over knowledge and knowledge over academic performance but we will see all as intertwined.

12.I understand the walls outside of this classroom and think about them as context for everything we do here.

13.We’re going to learn to question everything in this class. Even these ‘standards’–and standards in general. The word “Why?” is like a lantern and we’ll use it constantly.

14.You have an active and constant role in your learning. It may not always seem like it, but you’re in control of your own failure or success.

15.We can and will learn from anything. As a result, we will always be learning no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

16.I have expertise/credibility and I care about you and your success; these are equally important and together why you can trust me.

17.We are all on our own journey but in this class, we all need one another and will help one another grow.

18.You have a future and your best days are ahead of you; sometimes the mountain you’re climbing can obscure the view you’re about to enjoy.

19.I fail and make mistakes. I will help you but sometimes I’ll need help from you.

20.I am responsible for everyone and thing in this class and therefore at times what I say and do may confuse you or even seem unfair or wrong. I am always here to talk to you about things so that you understand.