57 Smart Inspirational Quotes For Broken Heart

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1.It hurts so bad when your heart is broken, but mend it quickly because it is more dangerous to remain broken-hearted for a long time.

2.Remove the pain in your heart, after a thick cloud comes beautiful rain, your life will be beautiful again.

3.You can’t buy love or you will pay heavily for it. Get through this time, it is your life that is most important.

4.Try to get over the pain in your heart; by tomorrow, you are going to get better and stronger.

5.Learn to forgive and let loose of the pain in your heart, by doing this you have peace and joy to your heart.

6.This set back for you is temporary, you will bounce back again, just believe in yourself.

7.When your heart is broken, know that there is a new door that is about to be open in your life, it will bring everlasting happiness and joy to you.

8.We must not remain in the illusion of heartbreak for a long time; we must quickly accept our fate and move on with our life.

9.“Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.

10.God knows you more than you know yourself, He knows what is good for you and He will give it to you, He mends all broken hearts and heals all pain. He will take good care of you.

11.No sorrow last forever, and after every hardship there comes relief, you will find love and comfort again.

12.You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

13.Give your heart the chance of healing, breathe new life and feel the freshness of the world again. I love you.

14.Don’t think I’m too feeble, I’m strong, I will pull through, and in the end, I will be just fine.

15.I sympathize with you, be strong, your heart is stronger than you know, you will get over this and you will happy again.

16.Some time somehow someone or everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find out which people are worth the pain.

17.You will get better if you can forgive; forgiveness removes the rancour and the pain from the heart, thereby setting your heart free to see a bright picture ahead.

18.Wipe your tears, a merry time awaits you tomorrow, you will find everlasting joy and happiness.

19.Don’t throw in the towel yet, give love a second chance, you will find true love again.

20.I know it’s hard to find the light, but if you hold out a little longer, you will see the same stars in your skies that I look upon.

21.Endure the pain of heartbreak, it doesn’t last long, renew energy is coming your way, with much vigour. As the sun rises every day, you will rise to shine again.

22.Do not imprison your heart for holding on to the memory of the pain of the past. Look forward to a beautiful future and move on with your life.

23.A love lost is another love found, God will give you a beautiful alternative, you will be grateful for this occasion.

24.Forgive and forget, don’t let him rule over your life even after he/she has left you, do it now, and it is you that matters.

25.I broken heart is not a broken wing if you break my heart, I have my wings with me, I can still fly and soar high again, my life does not depend on you.

26.It is my heart that is broken not my whole body, I will find amending it, I will put them together, I will defy the pain, I will move on with my life, and at the end, I will great again.

27.If someone that you have given all your life rejects you, do not feel bad, it is one of the lessons of life you have just learned.

28.It may not seem like it now, but the sun will shine brighter one day, and the clouds will clear out for good.

29.Be brave, stay strong. You will survive this. It might not feel like it now, but you will make it through. Someday. Just take one step at a time and keep going forward.

30.Love lost can still be found in another. Love is like a butterfly, the more you run after it, the more it eludes you, be calm, and God will send you your heartthrob your way.

31.When you are hurt, your eyes are wide open to see where things have gone wrong, it is simply a beautiful lesson to learn from your mistake, for a better tomorrow.

32.I have two policies in life that have kept me going, I love and care for my self first, I do this not in a selfish way but in a way that keeps me happy all the time.

33.My heart is too precious to be broken, I will mend it immediately I discovered a fracture, my heart is me and I’m my heart, I can’t afford to get a broken down hearts.

34.You only know today, but you don’t know what tomorrow has in stock for you, stand up, dust yourself, and move on with your life, the future is bright for you.

35.I have vowed never to give up loving you, I will always see the beautiful side of you even if we are not together again.

36.Who tells you that you will go through life without heartbreak, many people have received a more devastating heartbreak and they survived, you will survive yours too, be ready to embrace life again.

37.Cry a little more today, but don’t ever cry again tomorrow, for the tears of today gives way to the happiness of tomorrow.

38.It may be the darkest time of your life, but don’t worry, the sun will rise in your life again tomorrow, what you are going through now will last just for a moment, you will find everlasting joy.

39.If he let you go, let him be, move on with your life, you are more precious and beautiful than you believe. Life will offer you a better opportunity tomorrow.

40.If one person does not appreciate you, think of one million people out there that will appreciate.

41.If someone loves you before and now he doesn’t love you anymore, leave him/her and go on with your life, it wasn’t a genuine love in the first place, true love endures, and true love does not hurt.

42.If you are rejected by one person, thousands of people are out there who truly love and care for you, they wish to meet someone like you, and I pray you to meet the best of them.

43.Do not give up on love, one day you will find someone who will love you completely.

44.You are making the sacrificed of a beautiful tomorrow today; a better tomorrow is preferred to the glitters of today that will fade tomorrow.

45.Think of a brighter future ahead, stop trying to turn back the hand of the clock, you can change the past, but you can reshape the future, and today and tomorrow are where your future lies.

46.Beautiful sunshine awaits you tomorrow; do not think that the storm will not be over.

47.Don’t give up on love yet, and not any other time, it is amazing how things can turn around tomorrow.

48.Happiness will never elude you if you don’t contribute to your sadness, look inwardly to locate the point of contention, learn a lesson and move on with your life.

49.What feels like the end of the road may actually lead to another beautiful way, count your blessing, not your loss.

50.To be heartbroken sometimes open our eyes and help us to get better in life, it shows us our real self and makes us know our worth. We truly need to learn a vital lesson and move on with our normal life.

51.I feel like holding you tight to feel every pulse of your heart, I was there before, I know how it feels to be heartbroken, in just a little time you will get over it, and everything will be marvelous for you again.

52.When your heart is broken, do not be despair, you have just been shown a way or a reason that certain things may not work, you have learned your lesson, you will be great in your next relationship, open your heart to love again, you will find true love.

53.If your heart is not broken it open your eyes to find out the truth about life, you can find the joy of your heart again. You have been pretending for so long that everything is ok, but it is not, it is now that everything will be Ok.

54.Don’t give up on your love life. It is only as broken as you make it. Sometimes we lose control of our heart and allow it to become stiff and unyielding. When that happens, we must search deep within ourselves to discover what is missing and then choose to fill it with love.

55.Dear, your heart is broken because a person that was important to you has changed his or her feelings towards you. Whatever the reason may be, it feels like the world is cold and cruel. But still, your happiness is essential to you; let go of the pain, you can be your best again.

56.Do not close your heart on love, if you have met someone who had broken your heart, believe that he or she is not the right person for you, he doesn’t care what you go through, so put yourself together someone who would love and care for you will come your way again.

57.You are heartbroken, it seems as if you are in hell, but after sometimes things get better, your heart gets adjusted and you have to move on with your life. Be strong, life is too short to worry yourself; enjoy your life while given gratitude to God.