74 + Inspirational Birthday Poems For Women

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1.Inspirational birthday poems, by themselves, make a great gift: the gift of inspiration.

2.Here is a list of 125 inspirational birthday messages that are incredible.

3.Your love and fervor make you a remarkable and indispensable woman. Happy birthday to you!

4.With heartfelt love I wish you a very happy birthday. Thanks for being a good friend.

5.Bottom line: Write inspirational birthday poems with an uplifting message that expresses your birthday wish the best.

6.This is one of those inspirational birthday poems with a simple message that can have a major impact on someone's life.

7.Before you write an inspirational poem for the birthday gal or guy, take a few moments to get inspired by the poetry on this page.

8.For being my best friend through the years, I say a big thank you. Happy birthday to my Sister!

9.I never regret ever meeting you. Happy birthday to a sibling-like friend.

10.Happy birthday to you, Darling. With lots of love from your beloved friend.

11.You are one of the best gifts I have ever had. Happy birthday to you.

12.Inspirational birthday poems are a very powerful, very personal and very simple way to inspire the ones you love on their birthday.

13.Inspirational birthday poems, like this one, are best suited for loved ones who need a quick "pick me up" after a long-drawn-out letdown.

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16.You do all things out of a generous heart. Happy birthday and thank you for being you!

17.If the birthday boy or girl is totally oblivious to what he/she needs to do in life, write more assertive inspirational birthday poems.

18.Looking for happy birthday poems? Find unique poems here to wish a special "Happy Birthday" to your loved ones.

19.Simply use, change or combine the clever, cool, cute, funny, happy, inspirational, romantic and sentimental poems below to create your birthday wishes.

20.Bottom line: Choose happy birthday poems that you know will bring a smile to the face of someone special.

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22.I wonder what life would have been if you had not been my sister. Happy birthday to you!

23.One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones on their birthday is the gift of inspiration — via inspirational birthday poems.

24.If the birthday boy or girl is very insecure, go for highly positive, slightly subtle inspirational birthday poems (so you won't add insult to injury).

25.You are beautiful beyond description and I’m glad I have you. Happy birthday to my darling Sister.

26.Of all your friends, you have always proven to be the best. Happy birthday to you.

27.In other words, live every moment to the fullest.

28.The answer to the question above depends on one very important factor: the actual message you would like to convey in your inspirational birthday poems.

29.What a perfect birthday message to send someone who lacks self-esteem. What a lovely birthday gift.

30.You are more than a friend to me. You are a sister and a confidant. Happy birthday to you.

31.No matter how sweet I choose to make my words, you are sweeter than any description. Happy birthday to my mother!

32.With words that stir the soul or move mountains, inspirational birthday poems can have a profound effect on someone special, especially on the day of their birth.

33.So many people can benefit from this poem. It has an uplifting message for everyone who reads it. This has to be one of the best inspirational birthday poems of all time.

34.This is one of those inspirational birthday poems that literally dares the reader to ache, dream, risk, love, act like a fool, even embark on an adventure.

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36.Your beautiful smile and loving nature make your day worth celebrating. Happy birthday to you.

37.When I see no reason to be proud of myself, you show me a thousand reasons to be. Happy birthday to the best of friends on earth!

38.According to this poem, taking chances is what makes life livable.

39.Dipendra Tamang is a peace builder by profession with a love for writing poems. He is known by his pen name thangbalay on Instagram.

40.It's a beautiful birthday wish for someone special, perhaps your brother or sister who may not fully understand you...or vice versa.

41.Out of all the birthday messages you can send to a love one, happy birthday poems are the safest. Why? Two reasons.

42.#32 Be the tap-dancing llama in a herd full of horses. Happy birthday to unique, quirky, so wonderfully beautiful YOU.

43.#35 Happy birthday to the strongest, smartest, funniest person I know. This year will bring all the great things you deserve.

44.#39 You are wonderful, brilliant, and you fill each day with joy. Happy birthday, and may all your wishes come true.

45.Birthdays are a special day in everyone’s life. On this day, we love to feel special and loved by friends, relatives, and loved ones.

46.Our best words cannot describe how much we love you. You will forever be special to us. Happy birthday to you great woman!

47.Happy birthday to my number one fan, the one who sees possibilities in me, even when I’m failing. I love you, Sister!

48.Happy birthday to my dear sister. May the joy this day bring to you keep growing in your heart now and in years to come.

49.One of the sweetest things in the world is to call you a sister. Thanks for being my sister and my everyday pride.

50.A friend in need, they say, is a friend indeed. You are a friend indeed. Happy birthday to you, Dear.

51.Sweet words flow spontaneously from my heart to you. Yet, they do not describe how loving a friend you are. Happy birthday to you.

52.Having you as my friend is worth recording as an achievement. I am very proud of you. Happy birthday to you.

53.I’ve been waiting for this day to come that I may trumpet it to the world that it’s my woman’s day! Happy birthday to my superheroine!

54.Triple blessings for you on this special day of yours! You are my Cinderella and I am your superman! Happy birthday to the force that inspires me.

55.Calling you the best mother on earth is not an exaggeration because you truly are! Happy birthday to you, Mum.

56.If you know any birthday guys or gals who need some encouragement on their big day, choose one of the inspirational birthday poems on this page as your birthday wish for them.

57.Of course, there aren't one-size-fits-all inspirational birthday poems for every birthday boy or girl. What type of inspirational birthday poems are right for your loved ones?

58.This poem is best suited for birthday boys and girls who need a reality check, a message that reminds them about what really matters in life.

59.Inspirational birthday wishes, Inspirational birthday messages: If there is a day that we all take into account throughout the year, it is our birthday.

60.Poetry, whether it's cool, clever, happy, funny, romantic or inspirational, is a great way to say "Happy Birthday" to your loved ones. For ideas, jump to the section of poems you need today.

61.#37 Wishing you the happiest birthday. This year, reach for the stars, work hard, and may all of your dreams come true.

62.So many lives including mine have been transformed by you. A mother like you is hard to come by. Thank you for loving me. Happy birthday to my Mom.

63.If the birthday boy or girl lacks drive and needs a little push to do something that will lead to a considerably better quality of life, opt for more assertive inspirational birthday poems.

64.You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are a store of great treasures. I love you!

65.Dear sister, on this special day of yours, I pray that you flourish like a tree planted by the waters. I love you!

66.The years we have spent together under the sun seem to be the best. Happy birthday to my superhero!

67.Parents should pray for daughters like you. You are such a darling and I’m glad to have you. Happy birthday to you, dear.

68.Here are my personal favorites when it comes to inspirational birthday poems. Each one of these inspirational birthday poems can make a very thoughtful birthday gift for someone special to you.

69.The message of this inspirational poem, which is to be a good person and take the high road, is simple but has profoundly meaningful ramifications.

70.in her voice.

71.What are the best clever birthday poems for a card or eCard? The best are birthday poems that contain clever twists or turns of phrase (nothing too cryptic, of course).

72.These lyrics will show your "special someone" the depth of your love for him or her...in an elegantly romantic way. Let the birthday Beatle-love-fest begin!

73.#23 Nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams this year. You have more passion, motivation, and strength than anyone I know. Happy birthday.

74.#24 Wishing you a year filled with prosperity, success, and all the incredible things your heart can hold. Happy birthday.