84 Youtube Journey Message Of Love

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1.Safe journey home, Dearie. I’ll be expecting you back with lots of goodies just for me. Love you loads.

2.May you have a trouble-free journey, my darling. Wishing you a safe journey and fruitful meeting. Love you loads.

3.Safe journey, my princess. You are my joy, my substance and everything that matters to me. I love you. Hope to see you soonest.

4.You are a distinguished shining star; a trailblazer. Bon voyage, my love. Shine…like the star!

5.I wish you a memorable journey; void of trouble and sorrow. Have a safe trip to your destination, my munchkin. I love you.

6.Aim for the sky, Sweetheart; you are literally unstoppable. Have a safe trip, dearest. I love you.

7.You need to go, I understand. Just that a part of me is going with you: my heart. I’ll miss you sorely. Safe journey, Honey. I love you.

8.I wish you journey mercy, my treasure. Please, drive carefully. I’m eagerly awaiting your arrival. I love you, my darling.

9.Hey, Sunshine! You are just leaving, but I miss you, already. I really can’t wait to see you again, babe. I love you very much. Safe journey.

10.Love of my life, I wish you a safe journey. You can be sure I’ll be eagerly awaiting your return. I love you more than ever.

11.Be safe, Handsome. Know also that I’m still crazy about you. May this journey be amazing and kind to you.

12.Safe journey, my Treasure. I will be looking forward to seeing you as soon as school vacates. Take care of yourself. I love you.

13.May your current endeavours be uncommonly successful, my love. I wish you journey mercy and God’s favour. Remember, my heart is forever yours.

14.I wish you a safe trip, my Champ. May you continually enjoy God’s abundant blessings. Be happy, always. I love you.

15.May your dreams come true, my Pumpkin. May your aspirations see the light of reality. Have the safest and pleasant journey, dearest. I love you.

16.Love is the mushy song my heart composed for you. Have a splendid trip, my love. May you get to your destination safely. Love you loads.

17.You are a treasure. Thanks for responding to my cry for help. You are indeed a lifesaver! I appreciate you, my Jewel. Have a smooth journey.

18.May the Lord grant you wisdom, strength, grace and all you need to accomplish all your goals. Safe trip, dearest. May your journey be super fruitful. I love you dearly.

19.The sky is not your limit, my Angel. You are unstoppable! May your undertakings excel. Have a safe trip. I love you.

20.Bon voyage, my princess. Royalty travels in grand style; enjoy the comfort provided and keep on thinking of me, as my thoughts are on you. I love you, dearly.

21.Honeybun, as you travel today, may your way be paved with favour, unlimited grace and safety. You will go forth in peace and return home in joy. I love you, my darling.

22.My heart is with you, Sugarpie. I wish you a safe trip, my love. The Lord shall guard and guide you in all your ways.

23.I wish you the best in your new quest, my Gem. May you achieve your heart desires. Favour will pave way for you, sweetie! Safe trip.

24.I adore you, my heartbeat. May your quest for knowledge bring you into prominence and give you satisfaction. Have a pleasant trip.

25.I miss you so much it seems like ages since we visited. I can’t wait to see you again, my love. A safe trip here, dearie. I love you.

26.The darkest hour is always just before the dawn. Your dawn is about to break with so much rejoicing, hold on, love! Have faith. I wish you a safe journey. Love you forever.

27.I enjoyed every moment of the time we spent together. You are the best! I wish you a safe trip with a smooth landing, my darling. I love you.

28.I wish I could travel with you, Sugarplum, but my work schedule is too tight for now. Have a nice trip, my love. Enjoy your vacation!

29.I’m so excited, that my heart is thumping wildly. I can’t wait to see you again; it’s been a while. A safe trip here, dearie. I love you.

30.Awesome, this is huge! Simply fantastic! Focus, with diligence and favour, is the road to Fame; a journey to a greater level. Safe trip, my Joy. Mercy all the way! I love you.

31.If love is a currency, I’d be the richest person in the world. Loving you is additive; missing you is part of the total package. Have a safe trip, Honey. Hurry back, please. love you.

32.You are a great inspiration, Sweetie puff. You are definitely destined for the top; a real pacesetter. I wish you journey mercy and success in your endeavours. Keep flying, my love!

33.Have a pleasant journey, my love. Take and send lots of pictures. I want to experience your happy moments through the images. I love you so much, do you know that? Enjoy yourself.

34.Hi, handsome. Do you have any idea how much I cherish you? You don’t? Well, I do, very well too. So, do please drive carefully. You mean the world to me. Safe trip, love.

35.Too bad I can’t accompany you on this trip. Enjoy the scenery and savour the exciting experience. It’ll be mad fun! Have a nice trip, sweetie! I love you.

36.Opportunities come like a thief in the night; only the diligent and prepared recognize and seize them. This shall end in praise, my precious. I wish you the very best. Safe journey, sweet. I love you.

37.Many travel with high expectations but return disillusioned: this shall not be your portion. You’ll go forth in joy and return in jubilation. I wish you journey mercy, Darling. Love you loads.

38.I’m so thrilled for you finally decided to do this. Have a most wonderful time, my heart sole delight. I wish you smooth flight to and fro. I love you, today and ever.

39.Dream on, my priceless gem. Greatness awaits you. I’m right here, applauding you on, all the way to the top. You are unstoppable! I wish you a successful trip. I love you.

40.Prince of my heart, loving you is my life core ambition. Missing you is the downside. I’m glad you’re coming home; safe trip, my darling. I’m as lovestruck as ever.

41.The road ahead may be literarily and figuratively long and hard, but be assured you will make it there safe and sound: cross my heart! Have an amazing journey, my love. I adore you forever.

42.Call me biased, but I know I’m right. You are a generous soul; beautiful within and without. May you enjoy God’s very best on this journey. Have a pleasant trip, sweetie puff. I love you.

43.Have a safe journey filled with happy thoughts, my one and only love. You mean the world to me, now and always. Take good care of yourself while at it. Love you like it’s going out of fashion.

44.I wish you a safe trip, my heartthrob. Have a memorable time over there, completely devoid of regrets. Have no fear; rather, anticipate the joy of your brief stay there. Enjoy yourself. I love you.

45.Love of my life, I wish you a safe trip. May your journey be smooth and accident-free. May your purpose be accomplished with no stress. You will return home rejoicing. Go in peace, dearest.

46.The prospect of travelling makes one bubble with joy. You experience new things, meet new people. Be happy, my darling. Keep safe and come back soon with great memories. I love you.

47.I’m so glad you are finally doing this. You have worked so hard, you surely deserve this break. Have a safe trip, Sugarpie. Enjoy your vacation to the full. I love you to the moon and back.

48.Throb and throttle of my heart, may the Lord be with you and keep you safe. He will watch over your going and your coming back. Have a safe trip, baby. I love you.

49.Have no fear, dearie. You shall go forth in peace and return in safety. Accident, highway robbery, vehicular trouble, kidnapping and the likes aren’t your portion. Safe trip, my love. I adore you, always.

50.You have been cooped up for so long. This journey is precisely all you need to unwind, spread your wings and have loads of fun while recuperating your positive vibes. Have an amazing trip. I love you.

51.My love for you is a trillion-credit course, baby; to be taken for life so you have plenty of time to savour and enjoy. Have a safe trip, my darling. You rock my heart with glee.

52.Hey, love! It’s really great seeing you these past days. Letting go is kind of hard. I can’t wait to see you again; trust me. Safe trip, dearie. From the core of my being, I love you.

53.I can see you are brimming with excitement at the prospect of travelling. It’s going to be an amazing journey full of wonderful experiences. Just watch out, sweetie. Have a great trip! I love you.

54.I miss you so much already, Beautiful. I wish you a safe, smooth and turbulent free flight. I adore you.

55.Loving you is so easy: you are daring, adventurous, endearing and strong. Your resilience and tenacity will surely take you to the pinnacles of success. May your journey be prosperous in every way, my Sunshine. I wish you a safe trip, dearest. I love you crazily.

56.I wish you a very happy journey. I delete hitches, terminate sorrow, and edit worry from it. Have loads of fun, be comfortable and safe. Remember to call or text. Remind me how much you love me as I’m smitten with you.

57.You will smile again, no doubt about it. This journey shall be an amazing life-transforming experience for you. Your pains shall be no more, as your tears disappear. Journey mercy, my dearest. I love you till eternity.

58.I need you like a drowning man needs a lifejacket. Your love is my redemption and lifeline. Take extra care on your journey; you have a fragile piece on board: my heart. I adore you to bits. Safe trip, my love.

59.What’s there not to admire about you? You are exceptionally good, business savvy, hardworking, focus and result oriented. Your excellent traits are rubbing off on me. As you embark on this business trip, I wish you a safe journey and successful deals. I love you so much.

60.Every journey in life is a chance to learn, grow and evolve. I’m looking forward to seeing you upgrade to a better version of yourself. You are a star; glowing is to in you. Shine, already. Have an amazing journey. I love you.

61.Storms of life can be disruptive and messy. Its purpose is to set you on the right path. May you find a clear path and a sense of accomplishment, as you embark on this self-discovery exercise. Safe journey, my precious darling. Love you.

62.Life is a journey in phases; with twists and turns. May the odds favour you always, my love. As you embark on this career-uplifting journey, may the Lord grant you a safe trip, strength of purpose and outstanding success in your endeavours. Journey mercy, my darling.

63.Though I’m not there to see you off in person, I am sending you the warmest journey wishes in the history of lovey-dovey. May your trip be smooth and safe, and your mission be satisfactorily accomplished with ease. I’m forever nuts about you.

64.I’m really excited at the prospect of seeing you today. I’ve been lonely without you. I can’t wait to see you, my darling. Safe trip, sweetie. I love you to the moon, via the galaxy and all through the universe.

65.Nothing ventured, nothing gained; that’s a bold step in the right direction you just took. Keep progressing, love. I’m right here cheering you on. I wish you the very best and a safe trip to the land of awesome beginning.

66.You know all too well that ‘out of sight is never going to be out of mind’. On the contrary, my mind is threatening to explode from the prospect of missing you. Have a safe trip, my darling. May this journey be an eye-opener to extraordinary opportunities for you. I love you.

67.I’m so thrilled you finally agreed to go on vacation. You can count on an incredible adventure with unforgettable moments as you retire to refire. You’re about to have a swell time. It’s a journey of a lifetime of wonders. Have fun, dearie.

68.You are such a great person: you deserve every happiness that comes to you. This journey is one of such. Let down your hair and catch mad fun. Don’t worry your head, your mad schedule goes nowhere while you’re away. It awaits your refreshed genius self to tackle it. Love you crazily.

69.My heart is bleeding in a thousand places just because you’re travelling. Saying I’ll miss you madly is putting it mildly; I’ll try not to go crazy while you’re away. I love you, my darling. Have a safe trip.

70.You will be fine, sweetie pie. Mark my word. When in doubt, pause and take a deep breath. Trust your instincts: they are honed for a purpose. I wish you journey mercy, my dearest. May you succeed without fail.

71.It’s obvious you’re giddy with excitement; I don’t blame you. Travelling can be exciting. Have lots of fun, great memories with unforgettable moments. It promises to be a wonderful journey. I love you to bits.

72.You are yet to set out, but I’m missing you badly already. It’s like an important part of me is being forcefully removed. Sure, I’ve got to let you go for a greater cause, I only wish I’ll be with you every step of the way. May the Lord grant you a smooth and hitch-free journey. May your way be prosperous. Have a safe trip, Honeypie. I adore you.

73.Missing you like a drowning man misses the air, is a given. Your wake-up kiss is invigorating. Your charming smile is always intoxicating. I will count the days till you return like I’m praying with a rosary. I love you, Honey. Have a safe and smooth journey.

74.Worrying does no good; in time, everything is going to be fine. Let your mind be at rest; everything will be just fine. Have faith, sweetie. Be unshakably optimistic. I can’t wait to celebrate you. I love you like tomorrow is a mirage. I wish you a safe journey.

75.From my mouth to God’s ears; may you get to your destination safely. The Lord shall satisfy all your desires with good things and make your ways prosperous. You shall return in peace, my darling. I love you now and always.

76.Seeing your parents is essential, but I’ll be lonely and bored without you. Please, give my love to dad and mom. Lots of kisses to your siblings. I wish you a safe trip. Come back soon, my darling. I love you.

77.You are the bane of my existence, my Gem. I love travelling; too bad I can’t accompany you on this trip! By all means, enjoy the scenery and savour the adventurous experience. It’ll be all shades of fun! Have a nice trip, sweetie. I love you.

78.I admire your resilience and determination, Sugarpie. You inspire me daily. Just focus on what is ahead and give it your best shot. The sky isn’t your limit! Have a great trip! Everything will be just fine. Have faith. Be optimistic. I can’t wait to celebrate you. I wish you a safe journey. I love you, my heartthrob, now and always.

79.Loving you is a core course with uncountable units. Not to be trifled with. I know you’ve never travelled by air, but there’s nothing to be scared of. Relax and regard it as an exciting adventure – easy as pie. May you enjoy a smooth flight, devoid of stormy weather, and a safe landing, sweetie.

80.This vacation is exactly all you need to bounce back to your feet. Take lots of rest, sleep, eat and catch loads of fun. I’m seizing your alarm clock and clamming down on your flexible deliverables. Meetings are to be rescheduled and laptop to be frozen in time. It’s time to rest, play and be refreshed. Safe trip, my heartthrob. I adore you.

81.I’m so happy I feel like crying. Dreams truly come true. A huge congratulations once more, on your new appointment. As you resume in your new post, I wish you a safe trip, tremendous success and more achievements. I love you, my angel.

82.Letting go can be so hard on a heart that is so totally in love! Oh no! I’m never letting go, sweetie. It’s this trip and the missing you part that’s hard on me. I’m already looking forward to seeing you sooner than we planned. Wishing you the safest and coolest trip ever. I love you.

83.You are the apple of my eyes, letting you go on this trip without me is kind of hard. It has to be done, so do please take the utmost care of yourself. I cherish you like the rare diamond you are. Safe trip, dearie.

84.You aren’t alone, my Sunshine. You have me in your corner, as your number one cheerleader. I can’t wait to celebrate you: small and big wins, we jubilate over all. Go for your dreams, I believe in you! Safe trip, my guy. I love you passionately.