36 Best Good Love Quotes For Him

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1.Good night my king. May your dreams be as wild as the love I feel for you.

2.Good night my love. Let the warmth of your dreams be as loving as the love I have for you.

3.Good night my love, and no matter how far apart we are, for when I dream, I walk guided by your handsome hand.

4.May your dreams be warmed by the blazing fire my heart makes when beating for you. Good night handsome, I love you.

5.Good night my king, may you sleep like a loved man, for I am here, ready to love you again at the start of each day.

6.Let’s fall asleep together, so we can walk together into Morpheus’ lands. Good night my man.

7.Good night my sweet king, may your dreams be as sweet as my dream come true; you.

8.Good night my prince, and may your dreams be a new adventure into the lands of greatness where you belong.

9.Good night my king. Make sure to rest, you must be tired of running through my dreams every night.

10.I wish that the stars shine upon your dreams, for you made mine come true by just being you.

11.Good night my dear king. May your dreams be guided by the sweet hands of angels into my own, so I can see you once again before waking up.

12.Good night my man, for thanks to your love I sleep tight every night, knowing that I will wake up and see you again at first morning light.

13.I may not be the only girl you have seen, but I surely will be the girl you see in your dreams. Good night my love, and hopefully you dream with me.

14.Good night my prince, and may your sleep be as sweet as the feeling I get when I see you every day.

15.Good night my knight, for it is thanks to you that darkness becomes light. Good night, I can’t wait to see your smile during morning light.

16.May you get a good rest baby, you deserve a good night sleep. You must be tired of being fucking awesome! I love you, sleep tight till morning light.

17.May your night be as peaceful as the loving peace you make me feel every day. Good night my dear awesome man!

18.Good night my love, may you dream with me as I will dream with you, and may my love warm up your dreams as you warm up my life.

19.Kiss me good night, so I know I’m with you, so even in the darkest of dreams, your kiss will guide me through. Good night handsome, I love you.

20.Good night my king, may your night be calm and peaceful as you dream that you fly through the skies, only to wake up into my loving arms, for that is what you deserve. I love you.

21.May you sleep well my love, may the path of your dreams be safe and peaceful, for that is all you deserve after saving me from my nightmares.

22.Good night my love, all my days I live thinking about seeing you, and when I dream, I dream about being with you. I hope your dreams bring you as much joy as they bring me.

23.You are the man of my dreams as you are the man of my life, I wish you a good night, and may I be there for you in your dreams, as I am in waking life.

24.You’re the last I think about when I go to bed, and I cannot sleep if I don´t wish you good night, so good night, sleep tight, and may our love burn as strong in your dreams as in the morning light.

25.If you have a wild dream, make sure I’m in it, for when you and I are together, wild becomes an understatement.

26.Go to bed already, so I can imagine/see your handsome face falling asleep, walking peacefully into a world of dreams, and may those be sweet. Good night my knight!

27.Each night when the moon shines and you go to bed, make sure to remember that I’ll be here waiting for you after morning light, eager to see how big your smile will get. Good night sweetheart.

28.No matter how wild my dreams get, I can only hope they are as wild for you as they are for me, for mine are always with you. Good night my handsome knight.

29.You are always the savior in my dreams, the knight in shining armor that makes dreams of my worst nightmares. May you sleep as you deserve, like a king. Good night my handsome.

30.The moon has arrived to see you fall asleep, and to see me watch you sleep, hoping that you have the greatest of dreams.

31.I hate to see you go, but I rest easy knowing that you went into your dreamland, so let your dreams be as sweet as that cozy feeling I get when lying next to you.

32.As you opened your heart to me, I feel the stars warming me every night, so may your dreams be as sweet as the gift you so kindly have brought me.

33.The starlit sky is only a reminder of how much it means to me to know you are in a world of dreams, dreaming with me, walking by the beach in a starlit night.

34.I love you so much that you show up in my dreams, and they feel so real that in the mornings I feel like I am in another dream next to you. Good night my knight, and may your dreams with me, as mine is with you, so we can be together even when we are apart.

35.Good night my love, you are the knight in shining armor of my dreams who will walk with me in the treacherous path of night. Dream with me, as I will dream with you, and we’ll be together no matter how dark it gets.

36.Good night to the man whose kisses are like the waning moon; shining light to the path my eyes can’t see. Good night to the man whose kisses paint colors over my canvas of shades of grey. Good night my love, may your dreams be as sweet as what I feel when I feel your lips.