156 + Christian Birthday Messages

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1."Praise the Lord for your making it to another birthday. I wish you many more to come."

2.Eating too much cake is not a sin! Refusing to share it with others is! Have a blessed birthday!

3."God is so good! On this birthday, I pray you have many more. Happy birthday. Amen."

4.Happy Birthday! May God make you feel his presence and how important you are to him and me!

5.May God let you find him in all your ways. May his presence bless you. Happy Birthday!

6.May Jesus sets you free, so you may be free indeed. (John 8:36 NIV) Happy Birthday!

7.Have a fantastic Birthday! May God let you see his wonders in your life and feel his warm love.

8.Happy Birthday! Dear, you have my heart, I love you. God makes me smile because of you!

9.May God give you a long life, full of sweet moments and joyful days. Happy Birthday!

10.I pray to God to let you live a long life with laughs, hugs, and peace. Happy Birthday!

11.I pray the Lord that you can enjoy life to the fullest by his side. Happy Birthday!

12.The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. (Num. 6:25) Happy Birthday!

13.Share these Birthday Wishes and let your dearest ones remember God is with them in every step.

14.Share inspiration as your friend or family celebrate their birthday with these inspiring Christian birthday messages and wishes.

15.May this bring you enlightenment and a peace of mind on your birthday, and the days following.

16.Send them off with a prayer and a beautiful Christian birthday wish to prepare them for the coming journey better.

17.May God enlighten your way in every step, give you real joy and keep you. Happy Birthday!

18.May the Lord open his hands to bless you more than you can image! Have a wonderful Birthday!

19.Have a wonderful birthday! You're very special to God and me. I wish you the best!

20.I ask God plenty of blessings to your life, just like the numerous stars in the sky. Happy Birthday!

21.May God make you lie down in green pastures and lead you beside quiet waters. (Psalm 23:2 NIV) Happy Birthday!

22.May God refresh your soul and guide you along the right paths for his name's sake. (Psalm 23:3 NVI) Happy Birthday!

23.Jesus Christ died for our sins and salvation. You are here because of Him. Happy birthday on this day of celebration.

24.May the love of Christ keep you going each day. Never forget that His love endures forever. Happiest birthday!

25.Happy Birthday! I admire you so much, you are great! I wish God take care of you in all your ways.

26.I understand why God created you. You're a star full of his light that makes this world better. Happy Birthday!

27.When God let me find you I was blessed. I wish you the best every day! Happy Birthday!

28.I pray to God to let you enjoy his kindness and love all your days. Happy Birthday!

29.Happy Birthday! I ask God to make you feel his presence and deep love all your days.

30.You're an incredible gift to my life! I ask God to give you many blessings. Happy Birthday!

31.Wishing you a happy birthday and a year full of God’s blessings and compassion. Happy Birthday!

32.Celebrate the gift of life given by God to us and enjoy this special day to the fullest! Happy Birthday!

33.May your joy be full on this occasion of your birthday and bring many memories to cherish in the new age. Happy Birthday.

34.Have a great Birthday! May God always guide you and show you how much he cares about your life!

35.Happy Birthday! May God let you find him in every path you take, be your partner and your guide!

36.Happy Birthday! May the Lord make you smile all your days and give you his favor.

37.Happy Birthday! God was good by creating you. You're a blessing! I wish you a day full of love!

38.Happy Birthday! May your life be filled with God’s eternal joy that nothing and no one can take away.

39.Happy Birthday! I ask God to open his hands to bless you and fill your heart with his presence.

40.May the love of Christ illuminate your present and future and fill it with happiness that comes from above. Happiest birthday!

41."We wish you a happy birthday. We wish you a happy birthday. And a God blessed rest of the year."

42.Cheers to another year of sharing love that God blessed you with through the years. Have a blessed birthday!

43.God has blessed you with another birthday and may it bring you much happiness, praise God.

44.May God be the light that guides your path and his love embrace you at all times. Happy Birthday!

45.You make my life better and happier. I'm so thankful to God because of you. Happy Birthday!

46.I wish you a fantastic birthday! You're an amazing person with a good heart. May God always fill your life!

47.May the Lord refresh you with his love and give you multiplied joy every day. Happy Birthday!

48.“A life full of blessings and love.” That's my prayer to God dedicated to you. Happy Birthday!

49.Happy Birthday! I thank God for your life. My prayer is you can be full of his love and joy.

50.Happy Birthday! I ask God to give you a unique joy and fill your heart with his love.

51.May the Lord bless you from Zion… May you live to see your children’s children. (Psalm 128:5-6 NIV) Happy Birthday!

52.May God keep you as the apple of his eye and hide you in the shadow of his wings. (Psalm 17:8 NIV) Happy Birthday!

53.May God's grace be with you today, on your birthday, and forever. Happy Birthday, my dearest.

54.You are truly a gift from God to us. May you enjoy every moment of this special day! Happy birthday.

55.My prayer is that God showers you with success and a humble heart to always remember to praise Him. Happiest birthday!

56.May the heavenly souls above protect you and care for you, just as you do for me brother! Happy Birthday!

57.On this special day of yours, May God grant you a satisfying, joyful, and peaceful life ahead! Happy Birthday Brother!

58.May the Lord shine His light on you as He showers you with grace and favor to take you throughout the year. Happy Birthday.

59.Today be the beginning of a new chapter in your prosperous life as you find more reasons to rejoice. Happy Birthday.

60.May every choice and decision taken in this new age be an opening leading to you becoming a better person. Happy Birthday.

61.May your days be showered with happiness and a bountiful of blessings to grace your way. A happiest birthday to you!

62.You inspire me every day and I thank God that I have a good friend in you, Happy birthday.

63.May the Lord fill your life with his love and walk with you all your days. Happy Birthday!

64.May the Lord make you feel his freedom like an eagle and let you enjoy many heaven blessings! Happy Birthday!

65.Please, never forget how much I love you. Your life is a precious gift from God to me. Happy Birthday!

66.Happy birthday wishes SMS & powerful Prayers. These Happy birthday text messages ask God for His protection, guide, love, and presence.

67."May God be your strength in every path you take and always bless you.” That's my prayer. Happy Birthday!

68.How many fishes are in the ocean? I pray God to bless you even more than their number. Happy Birthday!

69.May your path be like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. (Proverbs 4:18 NIV) Happy Birthday!

70.On this special day, my prayer is that the Almighty showers His grace and mercy upon your life. Enjoy your birthday my dear!

71.May the love of Jesus bring hope and joy into your life on this special day and the many days to come. Blessed Birthday!

72.May the favor of Christ cover this day and the rest to come. May you enjoy the happiness that comes only from the Kingdom of the Father. Happy birthday!

73.Celebrate the life that God has given you by sharing your joy with others and spreading His message of love to everyone. Happy birthday!

74.You make the lives of those around you much brighter and I pray that you have a beautiful birthday today and many more.

75.To a birthday that should have cake, smiles, laughter, and plenty of love. Praise God for this time of joy and celebration.

76.May God fulfill all the wonderful plans he has for you and make you feel his love. Happy Birthday!

77.May God let you feel his company anytime, let you know him and enjoy his blessings. Happy Birthday!

78.Birthday wishes about gratitude, people's value, love, and joy. Happy birthday text messages and quotes, which show how important is someone for you.

79.God has blessed my path with your life. You're an invaluable treasure. Happy Birthday! I wish you a fantastic day!

80.Since the beginning, God saw how wonderful you were. I saw the same since I met you, you are amazing. Happy Birthday!

81.Angels to protect you and many blessings to your life. That's what I asked God today. Happy Birthday!

82.I ask the Lord to always be by your side and prosper you abundantly in everything. Happy Birthday!

83.As you begin another chapter in your life, may God presence never part from you. Enjoy a happy and most blessed birthday!

84.A sweet and simple text for you, to let you know that you are truly special for me sister! Happy Birthday!

85.May God bless you with a health and long life, and may you always get success. Happy Birthday dear sister!

86."As you celebrate your birthday today, take some time out for God. Send up a prayer thanking Him for giving you life another day."

87.The Lord shower you today with more wisdom, grace and love making you a blessing to all around you. Happy Birthday.

88.May the Lord satisfy you with long life and prosperity in the new age and enjoy the mercies of God. Happy Birthday.

89.Here is to another beautiful opportunity of sharing the love that God has bestowed upon you throughout these years. Have a blessed birthday!

90.Praise God for life itself, Happy birthday and I pray that you have a memorable year full of blessings ahead.

91.I'm very glad and grateful for your life. You're an amazing blessing to me! Happy Birthday!

92.I'm so grateful for all the moments we have spent together and today is a special one. Happy Birthday! God bless you abundantly!

93.I pray the Lord to keep you and show you his kindness, fill you with hope and guide your path. Happy Birthday!

94.Make your dear ones feel special on their day with these Birthday Bible Verses and show them the love of God and yours.

95.May the Lord fill this day with love, peace, joy and laughter. Enjoy all the blessings that come from above, Happiest Birthday!

96.May Jesus be your guiding light, and may the angles from heaven above shower endless joy on you! Happy birthday dear brother!

97.May God shower you with blessings and abundance. Happy birthday to the most wonderful and nicest person I know.

98.On your birthday, my wishes are that you grow up in love and expression of faith made manifested to all around you. Happy Birthday.

99.With lots of happiness may you be blessed as you celebrate a new age. You will find happiness in all you do. Happy Birthday.

100.For been a constant source of inspiration to me. May your source of inspiration never run dry as you celebrate the new year. Happy Birthday.

101.To yet another year of fulfilling what the Lord wants from you. Be richly blessed in all possible ways. Happy Birthday.

102.May the Lord bless and keep you in good health of Spirit, mind and body. Happy Birthday with lots of best wishes.

103.I told God you're amazing, but he already knew it. I asked him to bless you even more! Happy Birthday!

104.May the Lord be a shield around you, lift your head high and answer you. (Psalm 3:3-4) Happy Birthday!

105.May every day of your life bring glory to the name of Jesus. I pray that you continue to live in the light of His gospel. Happiest birthday!

106.You are as beautiful as the shining sun. No heart is purer than yours is, friend. God can see that, as we all can. God bless you and happy birthday.

107.On you birthday, I would like to thank God for sending you in my life and making it a better place to live. Love you! Happy Birthday!

108.May Jesus who is the light of the world, shine every morning you wake up and fill your life with happiness. Happy Birthday!

109.May your prayer in Christ grow stronger and His blessings increase each day. May your birthday be a reminder of Go’s love in your life. Happy birthday!

110.May Jesus shower his infinite wisdom and never ending knowledge on you on your birthday making you a better and wiser person. Happy Birthday Friend!

111.Love yourself as much as God loves you. That is an infinite amount. Have a blessed birthday, and never forget.

112.May the blessings of the Lord saturate your heart as you live out the next year in all your heart desires. Happy Birthday.

113.On this day, I pray the goodness and mercy of the Lord be evidently manifested in your life for all to see. Happy Birthday, friend .

114.For you this day be the prayer that you prosper in all you commit yourself into and think of in the new age. Happy Birthday.

115.On this special day, may the Lord give your soul more strength and lift your spirit to enable you find reasons to rejoice. Happy Birthday.

116.May your eyes be open to see the beauty of the Lord and your heart made to see reasons to rejoice in the new age. Happy Birthday.

117.The earnest prayer of my heart for you as you celebrate a new age is that everything works together for your good. Do have a lovely Birthday.

118.Treasure every moment and every breath you take. Life is God’s greatest gift to mankind. It is only just to celebrate and make the most out of it! Have a blessed birthday!

119.Today on your birthday is a great chance to give thanks to God for seeing you through ghis far, what a blessing to be gifted this many years and here’s to many more for you ahead.

120.Happy Birthday! God set you apart because he saw your beautiful soul. May him fill you with his presence and give you what makes you happy.

121.May God prepare a table before you, anoint your head with oil and make your cup overflows. (Psalm 23:5 NIV) Happy Birthday!

122.May God’s love and affection be on you today and forever. May His goodness never leave you. Happy Birthday dear!

123.May all your dreams turn in reality, and may all your wishes come true, this is my prayer to God on your birthday! Happy Birthday To You!

124.Everything has a reason! But I don’t care for anything until you are with me! I really thank God for gifting me you as a sister! Happy Birthday!

125."You have inspired many people. Everything about you will always be remembered and a lot of us are celebrating for your birthday. We all wish you the best."

126."When you get sad, remember who it was that created you and loves you most. God will always be there for you. Happy birthday and keep your chin up."

127.I pray that even as you celebrate your birthday today, may you enjoy the Comfort of Christ the King in every situation you face. Happy Birthday!

128.On this day, look back to the many blessings of God upon your life and thank him for every blessing manifested in your life. Happy Birthday.

129.Your kind heart and brave soul is a blessing for with your little steps you make the world a better place. Blessings on your special day. Happy Birthday.

130.May every day of the new age give you reasons to celebrate with sunshine in the rain, laughter in the storms and strength in moments of weakness. Happy Birthday.

131.God bless you. May your day be filled with happy memories and the year laden with numerous reasons to be thankful and celebrate on. Happy Birthday.

132.Beyond what words could express in prayer, I ask that the Lord fill your lovely heart with treasures of goodness in the new age. Happy Birthday.

133.Arise in great strength, find more fulfilment and be abundantly blessed with the things that mean the most to you in the new chapter of your lifetime. Happy Birthday.

134.Your heart will find more ease in determining preparation and determination that births success-inclined manifestation. Be strong and clear in purpose. Happy Birthday, dear.

135.When thoughts of you flood my heart, smiles lighten my face for you have daily shown me that you are a treasure and am glad having you as a friend. Happy Birthday.

136.With a big smile, a warm hug and best wishes from my heart, I celebrate you today as you enter into a new age laden with testimonies of good news. Happy Birthday.

137.May God continue to raise you up, elevate your talents and distinguish you as you live out the new age. Be abundantly blessed in the new age. Happy Birthday.

138.A fresh start begins with a sincere prayer, a humble heart and a faithful mind bearing the love of God. A blessed and wonderful birthday to you!

139.Cheers to the one of the most beautiful and genuine person I know! An abundance of Love, faith and hope – these are my wishes for your birthday! The happiest birthday to you!

140.On your birthday do not forget to think about Him while celebrating you. He loves you and wants nothing but the best for you and so do I, always.

141.On this special day as you celebrate your birthday, Wishing you embrace all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Happiest and most blessed birthday!

142.In this section you can find lot of best Christian birthday wishes. Birthday wishes in this section can be sent to anyone you know personally or professionally through phone or internet.

143."In all of His glory, He took time to create you. As you are celebrating with family and friends, don't forget to thank the man upstairs."

144.It doesn’t matter how many candles in your cake or your age as you celebrate your birthday. Your heart and soul is more important to God. Happy Birthday!

145.To a friend who is a definition of a daily miracle that keeps happening goes this wonderful Birthday wishes. May you be blessed always. Happy Birthday.

146.Celebrate Happiness, celebrate love, celebrate life and enjoy God more. Live in celebration of all the Lord has given you. Happy Birthday.

147.In the new year and the years to come, May the leading of the Lord and guidance of the Lord be expressly manifested in all you doings. Happy Birthday.

148.May the Lord Himself be your portion in the new age and be satisfied with the bread from His table as you enter into the new chapter of your lifetime. Happy Birthday.

149.You are blessed and kept by God, in the new age enjoy more of God and his life manifestation in everything you do. AMEN. Happy Birthday.

150.May peace, joy and mercy go with you. In the new age may your heart identify with the many provisions of GOD as an enabling for the new age. Happy Birthday.

151.For the new age, I pray that the Lord will go before you and open doors of great possibilities for you. Happy Birthday with lots of love.

152.A thousand wishes on my heart, loads of prayers that you continue to blossom and flourish in all your hands find to do. Be thankful for the gift of life. Happy Birthday, friend.

153.Praise Jesus for another year of having you around, we are blessed to know and have you in our lives.

154.God has seen you through so much and has brought you to another birthday, I give thanks and feel so blessed to have had you be a part of my life.

155.Be thankful always and give thanks, on your birthday I am reminded of how thankful I am to Jesus that I know you and for our friendship.

156.As you celebrate your birthday today, may Lord also open your eyes to appreciate the wonders of His hands. Wishing you all the best of everything! Happy Birthday.