18 Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

Visit:2162   Updated: 2022/12/03

1.I know you have flaws but when I see your beautiful heart, I ignore them.

2.It feels good when you love me. It feels great when you allow me for the same.

3.If you want to measure my love for you then i have the mathematical term Infinity for you.

4.I am blindly in love with you. Because I can’t see anything other than you.

5.The best thing about you is that what you look from outside, you are even better from inside.

6.Whenever I make any future plan. You are forever are an important part of it.

7.There are a lot of man in the world. But you are one of the Rare Real Men.

8.When I see the love in your eyes, I feel like having everything in the world.

9.I never count when I love. Because I can’t even count when you love me.

10.First, you became the reason of my happiness, and hence you became the purpose of my life.

11.When I want to know how beautiful I am I see it in your eyes.

12.Life may be small, but I hope with you it will be without any brawl.

13.It feels happy that after so many years of love our relation is expanding, while others are making effort for defending.

14.When I am with you I talk to you. And when I am away from you I remember our talks.

15.The best thing is our relationship is that we don’t need words to understand each other’s emotion.

16.I get impressed by your charm. That’s why I accepted your proposal with the wide arm.

17.Surrounding has nothing to do with I am happy or not. I just need you around me.

18.I will make your happiness double in happy moments.And I will make your grieves half in sad moments.