40 Smart Freaky Paragraphs To Your Girlfriend

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1.Sorry about your sore lips. Join me at work and let me kiss them and all the soreness will go away.

2.I am going to take in every inch of you and make you moan with pleasure. You’ll love all the things I can do with my tongue.

3.“It’s so hot to imagine you tying me up and yanking my pants down. Run your hands all over my body.”

4.I can’t get my mind off thinking about really s*xy and dirty things I am going to do to you. Can you help me out?

5.Nothing would feel better right now than to run my hands and tongue all over your body, make you beg for more.

6.Tonight I’m gonna work my way all around your body, and I’m going to save all the best spots for last…it’s going to be painful…I can hardly wait!

7.Are you coming over this night? Even if you say no touching, I doubt if I would be able to keep my hands to myself. They would be all over you.

8.You have this blossom look; this treasure like a smile that emanates from your blessed cheek can heal a dying patient. Your beauty is so damsel and you are better than the moon and the son, bright and shining lovely boyfriend.

9.Do you want to get her drooling over you once again? These dirty talk paragraphs will help you to achieve your aim and make her horny. At the beginning of this game, she may feel uncomfortable reading these sexy texts but don’t be afraid! When she develops a taste for it, she will enjoy these messages a lot.

10.I will always live to appreciate God for the first day I set my eyes on you. That precious smile you gave me still comes to my memory. You are the most handsome jewel in the world; in fact, no other guy can beat your beauty. You are a well-built fellow, the weight of your muscles can break a rock, and the well-shaped hairstyle of yours can make a woman lose control.

11.This day, I will always remember the kindness you showed to me. If not for the fact that you stood by my side when I needed you most, perhaps I will have been a bit down, I would have been a lonely girl without joy.

12.The best place I have ever dwelled in is your heart because it is very cool and adorable. I love the sensation I experienced while I was in your heart. It gave me the sense of belonging. Today, and for the rest of my life, I will live to let you understand that you are simply the most cherished guy I have.

13.You are my darling, that nice looking guy I met in the garden the other day. I love every single thing around you, my beloved boyfriend. You are simply a super prince. A smile from you mesmerizes my heart and set it ablaze with endless passion. I will always be the lady by your side because I want to die with you.

14.Sometimes, we may like to take some chocolate however it will not go on well since we are not taking it along with our boyfriends. We love to be together with the people that really matter to us, but unfortunately, the distance will always snatch them away from us because they are simply the most handsome princes in town. Love is a thing of pain and sweetness, our loved ones do some silly things sometimes and yet we overlook it for love.

15.Sometimes, whenever I laugh alone, people take it to be another thing; they never knew I could see you before me joking with me. They never knew you are so special to me. They never knew you are the reason why I am smiling all the time. I love you with intense passion and will always want to be by your side until eternity.

16.Anyway, you may not know that you are a damsel pearl, what should I say rather than to thank God that I found a cute guy like you in my lifetime. This must be an awesome privilege and I will live to thank you for the entire help you rendered to me. I love you, my angel.

17.I am this far in life because you never give up on me. Thank you for the entire patients you had because of me. I am grateful for the love you showed, the kindness you showered upon me. I will always love you for the rest of my life. You mean everything to me. My dearest angel I love you so much.

18.I love the way you just grabbed me and rolled yourself around me. I like it when you suck me and gets all the water out. I love the way I refresh you whenever you put your lips on mine. I am your BOTTLE OF COKE and you are ADDICTED to me.

19.It takes only a true heart to be sincere to the end. Yes, I have found that very heart in you, beating the drum of true love and dancing the songs of affectionate co-existence. It is highly recommended, that every lucky woman should have you as her husband, but completely prohibited that I should share you with anyone else. Baby handsome, I love you.

20.It is our privacy and we need to protect it at all cost so we can always leave happily ever after. Your eyes are like the pearl of passion, your smiles like a diamond gate in heaven. You look so nice, simple and above all, you smell nice. From the head to your toe, handsomeness embarrasses you and ugliness shies away from you.

21.My life has always been through many things until I finally met a sweet guy like you. I must confess that your presence in my life is bliss, not just that but an endless pleasure that can’t be replaced by any man in my heart. You are simply the most handsome man ever. I love you with all my heart.

22.You see, there are many things we can let go, but not like this your powerful smile. Anytime you smile at me, my heart truly I get confused by the aura of your beauty. A special kind of heat pours on me and therefore can’t tell the next thing to do. I love you so much, and truly it is just the way I see it.

23.I may not know how to turn you on to the best, but I am a kind of pretty sure that this freaky words of mine will go a long way to put a smile on your face. Do you know one thing that loves needed most? It is a smiling face like yours—do you remember? You are a darling and I love you for this simple reason.

24.The way you make me feel in my heart I don’t think a supercomputer can calculate it. What country has the most powerful missile, USA right? They can’t even penetrate my heart by their drone because your love has really occupied it. Don’t worry; I will let you understand the difference between a true and a fake love.

25.I keep on dreaming about you every day and night and one day, I asked myself what is really wrong with me that I can’t stop thinking about you? I came to realize that you are the last man standing that is worthy of been loved forever. I will always be yours for the rest of my life.

26.Nothing can stop me from loving you the way you are, the reason is that the aura of your love embraces my heart and showers it with lots of beautiful colours. I will always be by your side to show you how much you really mean to me. I wish you all the best in this world and every other world to come.

27.Hey! Do you know why I am writing this to you? It is to tell you that you are simply the best boyfriend in the world; your well-built body reminds me of a great warrior who never gave up on the one he loved. I hope you can fight to defend me?

28.There are different ways we meet in life as for you; I met you in a passionate manner. This privilege will always be appreciated for the rest of my life. I love you more than you can ever imagine because you are a superhero.

29.If there is any reason why I love you, it is because you are special, gifted and naturally worth to be loved with all my heart. I hope that you will one day see lots of reasons behind the feelings I have for you. I love you to the end of time.

30.I shall always be there for you no matter the condition. I have resolved to be yours because now I belong to you. Please, come and take me to your papa to tell him how much I mean to you. I love you, my dear angel.

31.Indeed, you have taken my heart away, with your loving and interesting nature, my heart becomes so cool. I love you beyond imagination. In fact, I have envisioned everything about loving you. Now, you should be happy that a queen like me accepted to spend the rest of her life with you. I love you.

32.It has come to the point where I can no longer control my thoughts for you. You don’t need to panic because my reflections about you are always good. This is possible because I love you with all my heart. I miss you and will like to spend the rest of my life to protect you in my own way.

33.Come to me, love me, and cherish me, because I am ready to love you the way you will not be able to comprehend. Remember, I vowed that I won’t live you for any reason, believe me. It is the truth from the innermost part of my heart. I love you. I will always want to be yours forever because you are a special human.

34.It is my pleasure to have met a damsel treasure who never wants to see me sad. Truly, I must confess that a nice person like you has never come across me in life before. I must be lucky to have you as my boyfriend. I love you, my prince, so is rest assured that you will always be my favorite.

35.Believe me, I just wish you are in my mind to see the great level at wish I adore you. I have seen many treasures in life but none of them can withstand your handsomeness. You are brighter than the sun, more beautiful than the moon. I love the fact that you came into my life. I cherish you so much and wish that the love that exists between us lasts forever.

36.Sometimes, I used to think if truly you fell from heaven or you are from the womb of a woman. The reason is that; your lifestyle is so fascinating, flabbergasting and awesome. No wonder I love been seen around you all the time. You are simply the most handsome guy I have seen ever. I love you more than you can ever think.

37.Sometimes, I will just look at you and then next I see is a man in a huge smile—I mean a smile that can melt the heart of any woman. Believe me; I don’t like to see you walking alone. In fact, how I wish you will agree always wear extra large overall so that no one else will notice how handsome you are except me. I wish you will just cover your eyes so that no one will see your face but me.

38.The very day I set my eyes on you, I realized that a kind heart has entered my world. That day I could not sleep. Your thoughts pre-occupied my heart and I have no choice than to succumb to the aura of your love, passion and compassionate movement towards me. I love you so much.

39.You are my dream, the very reason why I hope to stay longer in life so that we can enjoy each other for the rest of our life. My hope in life is to finally become your wife, the mother of your kids. Anytime I can’t hear from you, tears flow down my cheeks and then I will quickly realize that I am deeply attached to you. I love you.

40.Have you thought to get into a deep and dirty fantasy with your girlfriend? Definitely, yes! In this case, a naughty paragraph is one of the best things that will make her wet. Pick up the option that suits your relationship from our set to create a relaxed atmosphere. Let your sweet girl feel happy and desirable to you!