113 Best Long Love Paragraphs For Boyfriend

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1.I need to take a minute to appreciate the most amazing man I know. That’s why I decided to write I love you paragraphs for my boyfriend from the heart.

2.Gosh, I love you so much! You are seriously my best friend! My rock! The sun to my cloudy day!

3.My love for you has no beginning and no end. It is cyclical, like life. It is ever-flowing, like the oceans.

4.Dear boyfriend, I miss you. When will you come visiting? I am yearning for the feel of your hands around my body. I want all of you right now. Stop by.

5.I want to share my feelings with you. For the rest of my life, I will show you how my heart beats for you.

6.I was never really a focused person before I met you. I didn’t really have any goals or take my responsibilities seriously.

7.One day, let’s go to Paris. Let’s walk down the Champs Elysees. We can walk by the river Seine and hold hands while we do.

8.I want to shout from the rooftops how much I love you. Call me crazy, but that is how I express my love for you.

9.I love you so much. You are my world. Without you, I don’t know what I would do.

10.When I think of perfection, you immediately come to mind. I wanted to thank you for being as perfect as you are.

11.So just to brag on my amazing boyfriend for a minute! You are so sweet, and I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful man in my life.

12.Baby you are the man I want to spend my life with because you are the real definition of a responsible man. I love you.

13.Darling, it’s safe to say you are my entire reason for being alive. It’s also safe to say that I’ve fallen deeply in love with you.

14.When I was a kid, I used to sit and think of what the person I loved would be like. I pictured kissing in fields or maybe on the beach.

15.A lot of persons say men are a scam but I haven’t seen that with you. You are the best man for me, and I love you the way you are.

16.You have inspired me to be the best version of myself. I am grateful for all the laughs we’ve shared and the great times we have had.

17.Happy one year anniversary to my amazing boyfriend! I’m so excited about the future because you make me the happiest, most grateful, and luckiest person in the world.

18.You are such a special person. When I think about the fact that you are in my life, I truly cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you.

19.You are hilarious! Even when we argue, you make it funny and just crazy! I love your sense of humor and randomness.

20.You are my world. I’ve honestly fallen deeply in love with you, and I am not afraid to say it. We have been through thick and thin, and we are still going strong.

21.Babe, I want to reassure you that I am here for you. Not because I have no choice to leave; my willpower is still as strong as steel.

22.Hey boo wake up, it is morning already. You can’t be serious sleeping at this time. either way, how was your night? Did you find me in your sleep as I did? Yes, bay our love is forever.

23.Dear boyfriend, I love the fact that you are handsome and intelligent at the same time. you really took your time to develop yourself and you have become a better brand of yourself. I love you, dear.

24.I wish we could spend the nights together counting the stars every day while I look into your eyes. I want the days when I can outside in the dark with you around me.

25.Sometimes you and I seem like a wild dream, but it’s a dream I want to come true. It seems so impossible.

26.If someone manages to write your name with an ice cube on the sun, I will admit to them that they love you more than me.

27.Baby, always remember to take it easy. Don’t stress yourself out too much, and don’t lose yourself by doing more than you’re capable of doing.

28.I don’t want the moon, the stars, or the universe. I don’t want a million dollars or golden jewelry. All I need in this lifetime is your love.

29.I don’t want the moon, the stars, or the universe. I don’t want a million dollars or golden jewelry. All I need in this lifetime is your love.

30.Babe, I want to write some love paragraphs for you: I have always known you were the muse in my head. I can’t love you enough baby but I am sure I am willing to love you forever if you please. This is my love letter to you.

31.I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a piece of your heart. I couldn’t ask for anything better in this entire world. You are so amazing in every way and I love you beyond description.

32.You have brought more love and laughter into my life than anyone before. You are not only the perfect amount of silly, but you have eyes full of charm and mischief.

33.Sometimes a woman needs to hear a genuine compliment. You’ve always been kind to me, and you never let me forget that I’m “beautiful” and “amazing” – your own words!

34.No more will my life be fearful, full of uncertainties. The goodness of your presence has brought me hope and a certain kind of gladness that I always can’t wait for the dawning of a new day.

35.Life is better with you in it. It’s simple, really. The world is more beautiful, the days are more fun, moments are more precious. I love having you in my life.

36.Chin, eyes, cheeks, lips, eyelashes, eyebrows, forehead, nose—these are the pieces of your face. Separate, they’d look pretty weird. But when put together, they turn into someone very special. It’s just you.

37.I know I say I love you all the time, but that’s not enough. Those three words can’t describe the way I feel about you. You make my tummy do flips, and my hands shake.

38.I know we make the best couple and deserve an award for that. You are the beakful ornament I want around me every minute. We could go hiking and anywhere around the world, you find pleasing.

39.You are the best thing that has happened to me. You are the most amazing guy in the world. You treat me the way a woman should be treated.

40.You have truly changed my life in ways you will never understand. Everything was going wrong in my life until the day I met you.

41.I keep wishing and wishing, but sometimes wishes don’t work. I will have to spend a couple of months feeling lonely like the world is no longer spinning.

42.Being in a long-distance relationship is not easy by any means, but I would not trade this relationship for anything in the world. Nothing in my life is worth more than you, even when you are far away from me.

43.The little things you say to me always put a smile on my face. You make me want to listen to love songs, you still give me butterflies, and you still make me speechless.

44.There was this time early in our relationship, I can’t even remember what we were doing. It was probably something normal, like sitting on the couch or driving together. But I looked over at you, and I just knew: This is the man for me.

45.I saw you in my dreams last night. I kissed you, hugged you and told you how much I love you. Will you please make my dreams come true?

46.Thank you for loving me and accepting me unconditionally and providing me with undivided love and attention. I thank you for all the laughs we’ve shared and the great times we have had.

47.No matter how many times we fight or argue, I always want to work it out. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could. No one could ever take your place.

48.You have always been my rock and inspiration. Honestly, I don’t know who I would be without you. You are all I want and hope to be, I love you unconditionally.

49.When we’re together, I feel as though I’m invincible. It’s like every piece of me is so weightless that I can drift from one cloud to another without ever coming down. I never want this feeling to end.

50.I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on you. You were standing there, oblivious to my existence, chatting with a friend. There was just something about you that called out to me.

51.I hope that you know that I will always be there for you. Not just for the good times when we are celebrating and enjoying life, but for the bad times as well.

52.You are the definition of a perfectionist. You are my first true love and you are the best. I am praying to God that we last dear. Somehow I do not want to lose you because I love you.

53.Dear boo, how was your day? how did it go at the office? I got so worried about your well being that I literally fidgeted. Just checking up on you, and letting you know that I care. I love you.

54.Sometimes I wish every girl could have you as a boyfriend but then I realized it would be too risky. As much as I wish the best I love my peace as well. You know I do not know how to deal when it comes to multiplicity. Maybe I am a jealous lover.

55.While you have made me stronger than the woman I used to be, I have made you emotional too. It is good. Now you understand a lady’s point as much as I understand the men’s point. I must say you have earned yourself the best boyfriend title. I love you.

56.When I look at you, I always feel so much stronger and surer of myself. When I think about you, I feel so happy knowing that there is someone out there in the world who loves me as much as I love them.

57.Each morning I wake up in the morning; the thought of knowing that you are with me makes my life complete. I don’t wish for my heart to keep beating if it isn’t for you. Everything I need and will forever need, I find in you.

58.Hey baby—I was just thinking about you while I was on my way to work. You make me smile all the time, even when we’re not together. I just picture your face and your big bright eyes, and I can’t help it.

59.It started with wanting to spend more time with you. I wasn’t even sure what it was back then, just this feeling I had of wanting more. More time, more information about you, more of your presence in general.

60.Whenever we are apart, I am constantly thinking of you. It is crazy how every little thing can remind me of you. Your smile, your laugh, and the sound of your voice are never far from my thoughts.

61.The love we have is greater than any of the storybooks we’ve read. You are my knight in shining armor, and I am your fairy-tale princess. There is no more perfect tale of love to tell.

62.It’s too hard for me to fall asleep tonight. It’s probably because you’re not here next to me. I miss you so much and wish I could have your strong arms wrapped around me while I sleep.

63.Never in my life have I felt more dedicated to anything. I pledge my life and my love to you, and I promise to keep investing my time and energy into the wonderful relationship that we have together.

64.When I try to think of a favorite memory that I share with you, it is hard to pick just one. There are just too many wonderful memories to choose from. I love looking back at our relationship and reliving some of the memories we share together.

65.Babe, I wish that our love can be forever. That I can be your arms and listen to the sweet words you will whisper to me. I close my eyes and all I can see you. I am so into you and I know it. Dear, boyfriend please continue to be good because it is worth it. I love you.

66.Baby boy, I want to blow kisses to you tonight before you sleep. But before I do, let me give you some tips…. Do not listen to hearsays. Do not change for anybody. Be the best that you now love. Your person is enough so flaunt it. I love you now take the kisses.

67.Sometimes I ask myself how I ever fell for you. What charm you used, and what spells you cast to capture my whole being. Is this real? Did I fall for real? Ah yes, I did. Because I found a lover, a friend, a mentor, and a life teacher. I love you.

68.Babe, I wish to tell you this. I literally want you to be mine and mine forever. How do you love that? You know you are my greatest muse and I love you as much as you do.

69.When I looked out from the window today, I thought about your huge steps walking down the way just to meet me. I remembered our first day. I remembered the second; and the third; and the forth. I remembered everything, my love.

70.Just take the lead, my baby boy. Take me anywhere your heart feels right. And in the night come back to me to do me right; to bond with me and make me yours forever. I will be waiting for this moment.

71.Where have you been all these years that I searched for perfection? I literally wished you had come into my life earlier. But you ere her now and I will cherish every moment like it were my last.

72.Memories of you sometimes cloud the way I think. You occupy my thoughts in the morning. You occupy me at work, and at nights, I cant seem to sleep. Come, home baby.

73.You are the best boyfriend. You do everything to make me happy. You have a strong personality that makes me want to listen to everything you have to say. I also love the way you listen in return. You are so caring and understanding, and I love you for everything you are.

74.For the first time in years, I have been able to understand a person from his weak points to his strongest points; the sympathetic and the non-sympathetic sides. Dear boyfriend, you are a good gift. I am bound to love you forever and I know that with strong conviction.

75.I just wanted to take this time to say thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for loving me and accepting me unconditionally and providing me with undivided love and attention.

76.I don’t even know how to tell you how much I love you. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and my last thought before I go to sleep. Everything I see reminds me of you and the things that we’ve shared.

77.You are so handsome, intelligent, and insightful. I feel like I’ve won the lottery… like I’m the richest woman in the entire world, all because I have you.

78.Knowing you has been such an amazing adventure. Ever since I met you, I knew that my life would never ever be the same again. Since I have known you, life has never been sweeter.

79.When I’m lying in bed at night thinking about everything that I appreciate in my life, your face pops into my mind so much that it clouds over everything. You’ve changed my life, and I appreciate you more than words can say for that. Good night, babe!

80.I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for loving me and accepting me unconditionally and providing me with undivided love and attention.

81.I want you every second of every day from now until the end of forever. I didn’t believe in love, and now I understand that I just spent my time gratuitously. But, being with you has changed my outlook on love and life entirely.

82.There are times when we’re together, we’ll be out at a restaurant or maybe just at home, sitting on the couch or going about our days, and I’ll look over at you, and I’m struck by how much I love you. It’s just like the first time.

83.I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were, so I thought I’d text you. Because the thing is—I think about you all the time. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, somewhere in my brain I’m playing a little movie of you.

84.I don’t even know how to tell you how much I love you. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and my last thought before I go to sleep. Everything I see reminds me of you and the things that we’ve shared.

85.If someone told me that I would love someone the way I love you, I would call them crazy. But now baby, I can see what real love is and what you are capable of when you truly love someone.

86.Sometimes I try to think of what my life would be like without you. What I would be like or what I’d do with my days. It’s so hard because so much of who I am now is due to you.

87.Dear boyfriend, have I told you that I love you in a special way? Have I asked you to accompany me to events because I just want you by my side? Have you caught me watching you all because I wanted to stare? I love you and this is coming from the deepest of heart. All I want to do is send you a long paragraph to confess my heart.

88.You are the reason I want to get up every morning and become a better version of myself. You are the reason I want to work harder because I want you to be proud of the lady you have as a girlfriend. You make feel alive babe and I mean it. I love you sweet.

89.When people say bad things on social media I just laugh and churn them because I know the man who loves me is different. The man I see every day is totally different from the hearsays in the media. I do not care, babe. I love you and that is all; that matters.

90.If I can measure your love and affection, I’m sure they must have passed the realm’s humans often place on a relationship. You have no barrier, my love. You set no walls. You placed no limits. I love the way you love me. And I love you back.

91.Dear lover, thank you for being the best horny giver. Thank you for being the best lover in every sense. Your touch is magical. Your hands are flames giving e arches and burning me with sensations. Your lips are the sweetest lollipop ever.

92.Telling you how much you have contributed my life immensely will be like writing a message of 1000 words. It is like writing a long paragraph of unending descriptions my dear. I love you and cannot love you less dear boyfriend. I know you love me too because it plays itself right the way stand and admires me without words.

93.Make me dream the dreams of love and fulfilment knowing you are right by my side. I couldn’t trade you for anything else. I haven’t found the man that has beaten your personality. You are the one that makes me see the beauty in everything. Much love from me.

94.Knowing you are by my side watching my every step and making sure that I never fall is more than enough. How can I tell you that you are my rock, and my bed at the same time? yes, you are and it feels so good.

95.I had felt loved before but nothing compared to how you do and how my heart tingles for you. it is unexplainable. I just know this is special. I just know I found the man for me and I love him the way he loves me.

96.I have for the first time in my years of living understood the meaning of love. It entails sacrifice. It entails availability. It entails companionship, and above all endurance and patience. You taught me all these with your actions. They speak loudest. I love you my heart.

97.I love the way we listen to each other. I love the way we inspire each other. I love the way we endure each other. I love the way we communicate with sighs. I love the way we love each other. It is the best form of love.

98.No matter how many times we fight or argue, I always want to work it out. No one could ever take your place. You are amazing in every way, and I don’t know what I would do or where I would be if I had never met you.

99.I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having you in my life. For helping me through the bad times and being there to help me celebrate the good times, I cherish all of the moments that we share together.

100.They say that soulmates are two souls that used to be one being. That these beings were separated and that as they roam this earth, they always feel the lack of each other, the empty spot inside of them, until the moment they meet again.

101.I want to thank you for being my backbone. You have always been the motivator behind all my successes. I need no hope because I have everything I need when you are here with me. I adore you, baby.

102.You’re my everything, and I mean that. I will never forget all of the fun things we’ve done together and the amazing times we have spent together. You have my heart forever and always, and nothing will ever change that.

103.My boyfriend is all I got” A friend said this to me and immediately I thought about you. She said he was sweet. She said he was supportive. She said he was loving. She said he loved her weaknesses. This is you, my love. To me, my friend talked about you. We are so lucky and have boyfriends like you. I hope you like this long paragraph message to you.

104.You know for as long as you are in my life I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I want to be with you every minute. Those moments of us together and alone are usually the best. The silence is divine and communicates faster. Thank you love for your love.

105.I look up to the sky in my loneliness and the picture of you struck me. You then begin to look like the moon. I reach out and reach up higher to get a good hold of you. It was then I knew I really loved you and that, my being is subjected to loving you forever. Be safe dearest.

106.Can we really control life? maybe we can, but when it comes to falling in love with you? I don’t think we can. What we share is mutual and I respect it. I respect the feelings we have; I respect the boundaries we yet set; I respect your opinions coz they are full of wisdom.

107.So I have literally seen the Angel and the devil in you. I must confess that they are beautiful and compliment your personality. They are what make up your individuality. And it is perfect because I am able to manage them well.

108.As you lay your head to sleep tonight, you are only permitted to dream about me. I have sent the angels to ensure you have a good night rest, and bring you safely to dreamland, where I will be waiting for you. Don’t be late, for I will not wait for too long. Sleep peacefully like my baby that you are. I love you my dearest boo.

109.I just want you to think of our good times when we selflessly share the joy with each other. And, my darling, I need you to understand that bad times are also part of this journey called love, and I will never let anything come in our way, let alone a trivial argument.

110.You are the best thing that has happened to me. You are the most amazing guy in the world. You treat me the way a woman should be treated. You are the ground that I stand on, my knight in shining armor.

111.I love you, and I wish there is a way you could just see into my soul and find the depth of passion, tenderness, and love that I have for you. No one else ever meant to me as you do. For me, you are the true meaning of love. You are my heart and soul, the very reason why I breathe.

112.Dear lover boyfriend, have I told your love is extraordinary please believe me. I love you like the thousand stars. I love you like the twinkle in the sand. I love you like the sparkles in your eyes. You are my biggest fascination. I have always wanted you even before you asked me out. Yes and I’m glad we are together.

113.When I say you shine as the stars believe it. When I say you are my light in the darkness, swallow it. When I say all I want is you, I am serious. Above all, when I want to kiss and love you, know that I cherish you. It is you I want forever. It is your love I want for life. may our love sparkle to be envied.