76 + Birthday Scripture For Women

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1.It is a blessing to have you as a friend. Wish you a happy birthday my friend!

2.May the Lord shower His grace and mercy upon your life. Wish you a Happy Birthday!

3.Happy Birthday to someone who is always jovial and driven by the faith and love of Christ!

4.Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear! May the Holy Spirit send you the gifts of wisdom, maturity, and understanding!

5.May God fill your life with joy, love, and happy moments. Wish you a Happy Birthday!

6.On your birthday, I am praying to God that he takes care of you and blesses you.

7.May God grant you love, peace, and unity as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday my friend!

8.May the Holy Spirit send you the gifts of wisdom, maturity, and understanding this year. Have a Happy and Holy Birthday.

9.You are so precious to me, I Thank God for this special friendship we share. Wish you a Happy birthday my friend.

10.May the love of Christ be with you each day of your life. Wish you the happiest birthday!

11.Wish you receive all the fruits of the Holy Spirit as you celebrate this special day in your life. Happy birthday!

12.On this special day, may the Lord open your eyes to appreciate the beauty of His work. Happy Birthday, friend!

13.On your birthday, I pray to Lord Jesus to bless your life with lots of good luck prosperity and good health! Happy Birthday!

14.Hope that God fills your birthday with beautiful peaceful moments. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear!

15.May the Almighty grant all your heart’s desires, remain the way you are. Have a Happy Happy Birthday!

16.As you start another year in your life, I pray for God’s presence to be always with you. Have a blessed birthday!

17.May the love of Jesus of Christ fill your life with love and happiness every morning. Happy Birthday my friend!

18.May every day in your life glorify God. I pray that you continue to follow in Jesus' footsteps. Happy birthday, friend.

19.Thank you for the warmth and love you have brought into my life. May you have a birthday filled with God’s blessings.

20.May the plenty of the Love of Christ fill your heart and all the days of your life. Wish you a blessed birthday my friend!

21.Wishing you a happy birthday and a new year in your life full of God’s blessings and kindness. Happy Birthday!

22.As you start a new chapter in your life, I pray God’s presence to be always with you. Have a blessed and Happy Birthday friend!

23.This is my humble prayer, May God shower you with success as you start a new chapter in your life. Happy birthday my friend!

24.Celebrate this special day in style; don’t forget to praise his name for He has made it possible. I wish you the happiest birthday!

25.May Christ’s blessings in you increase each day and may your prayer be always stronger. I wish you a blessed happy birthday.

26.Look in the mirror. Yes, the person staring back at you is one of God’s most beautiful Masterpieces. Have a wonderful and blessed birthday!

27.Celebrate the life that God has given you by sharing your joy with others and by spreading His message of love to everyone. Happy birthday!

28.On this special day in your life, I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to bless your life with good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, friend!

29.Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so that we can be saved. That’s why you are here today. Wish you a Happy Birthday my dear friend!

30.May you enjoy all the blessings that come from the Lord. Happy Birthday and I wish you all the best of everything!

31.May the love of Christ keep you strong each day of your life. Never forget that His love endures forever. I wish you a happy birthday friend.

32.May all your dreams turn in reality and may all your wishes come true, this is my prayer to God on your birthday! Happy Birthday To You!

33.I am really thankful to God for having you in my life and may He keep showering you with all of his blessings. Happy birthday, once again. Love you.

34.On your birthday, I wish that your faith in God will become even stronger and that God’s love will keep you going. Happy Birthday!

35.God created you and sent you into this world for a purpose. It is your duty to fulfill God's purpose. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May God Bless you.

36.Indeed it’s a new day in your life, May God's love and joy be with you. I wish you a happy and blessed birthday.

37.Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy your day and have lots of fun. I pray that the angels protect you and guide you in your life. May God bless you, forever.

38.May God answer all your prayers and make your life filled with happiness and joy. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Have a great day and year ahead.

39.Wishing you another year filled with laughter and blessings from God. Celebrate the day and enjoy every bit of it. Happy birthday friend, once again.

40.Happy birthday, dear friend. May God bestow all His blessings upon you and fulfill all of your heart’s desire. Have a great day. Love you so much.

41.On your birthday, wishing you every ounce of happiness dear friend. I hope you bring glory to Jesus’s name every day. Have fun and a blessed day.

42.Happy birthday, dear son. Thank you for bringing all the warmth in our life and making it more beautiful than ever. Have the happiest and most blessed day.

43.May the Almighty bless you with peace and prosperity! May He fill your days with love, warmth, joy, and hope, happy birthday my friend!

44.May the Lord’s love and affection always be with you, may His goodness never leave you my friend, and I wish you a Happy Birthday!

45.May the love of Jesus Christ bring joy and peace into your life as you celebrate this special day in your life and many days to come.  Happy Birthday, friend!

46.Our God is the most High; His blessings can be seen in you.  May your birthday be a reminder of God’s love in your life. Wish you a happy birthday!

47.Happy birthday, my dear. On your birthday I pray to God for your health and well-being. May Jesus gift you all the success, pride, and prosperity. Have a great year ahead.

48.May the heavenly souls protect you from every harm and keep you fit and healthy throughout your life. Have a happy and great birthday. Hugs and kisses!

49.May you always be aware of God's presence in your life. May you always open your heart for him to come there and stay with you. Have a glorious and memorable Birthday!

50.I pray to God on your birthday to bless you with a blissful life. I am so proud to call you my son. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, dear.

51.Happy birthday, dear daughter! May God bless you with good health and happiness, always and forever. May the love of Jesus bring hope and joy into your life. Amen.

52.A wonderful day to celebrate what the Almighty God has done for you. He has gifted you with life. May you share his love with everyone. Happy birthday!

53.May Jesus Christ continue to bless you abundantly and keep you safe in his loving care. On your birthday enjoy His divine presence in your life. Have a Happy and Holy Birthday.

54.Each one of us is special in His sight May you feel Him watching over you with loving affection, not just on your special day, but always! Blessings on Your Birthday.

55.Oh dear, today is your birthday and nothing can be merrier. You came into my life and made everything brighter than ever. May the love of Christ keep you going every day.

56.Life by itself is a gift, so never forget to thank God for it. Moreover, never forget to make the most of it. Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you with abundant peace and joy.

57.Dear daughter, happy birthday. I pray to Almighty to give you passion, love, and every bit of joy. May God fill your life with blessings and compassion.

58.God has shown you one more Birthday only because He wants to tell you that He loves you. May you have a blessed and beautiful life ahead.

59.It feels so nice to have such a wonderful and precious soul like yours. May God grant you your wishes as you celebrate this special day in your life. Happy birthday, friend!

60.I am lucky to have a wonderful friend like you! God knows that I need someone who I can share my ups and downs with! Thank you for gracing my life with your friendship! Have a blessed birthday!

61.Happy birthday, dear. I am grateful to God for your existence. I hope you have a great birthday and may God continue to shower you with all his blessings and make your life amazing.

62.Dear boy, on your birthday I am praying to Jesus to fulfill all your heart’s desire and to bless your life with a lot of good luck. Have a great birthday. I love you so much, dear.

63.I pray to God for blessing you with better health and better days. May Almighty bless your life with happiness and success. Have a great day, munchkin. I love you.

64.On your birthday I pray to God that he fills your life with joy and peace. Always pray and seek help from God, he is always ready to help you out. Have a blessed birthday.

65.I hope you enjoy all the blessings that are coming to you and appreciate everything. Have a blessed life, sweetie. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you so much.

66.Great people like you deserve all the best blessings in this world. May God shine light upon the roads of your life always! Have a blessed and amazing birthday!

67.On this beautiful occasion of your birthday, I pray to Lord to bless you with all the happiness and success. Hoping you embrace all the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday, son.

68.May God's many blessings be poured upon you. May you have a real sense Of God's hand upon your life, Leading you and guiding you as you walk with Jesus Christ.

69.With the Lord's blessings may you overtake all the obstacles that come your way, May you shine in every way and continue sharing the word of God, wishing you a blessed Birthday!

70.Wishing you a day filled with happy memories and a year with numerous reasons to be thankful about. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest persons I have ever known. May God bless you.

71.Happy birthday, my little boy. May you sing the glory of Jesus throughout your life and make your life worthy of God’s blessings. Have a blessed birthday and a beautiful life, dear!

72.God is always there to protect you and watch your back. So don't ever feel that you are all by yourself. May you have a lovely day and an even more beautiful year ahead. Happy Birthday. May God Bless you!

73.Open your eyes and see the beauty surrounding you. Everything is created by God. But you know what is His most dear creation? It is you! He loves you more than anything else. Don't ever let him down. A very Happy Birthday to you.

74.Life is meant to enjoy each day as if it were your last. Your birthday is a reminder that God has given you one more year to bring about a change in the lives of the people around you. Make the most of your big day today!

75.Give and you will get more, Love and you will be loved more, Help and you will be helped more, Pray and you will be blessed more. May God be with you today and always!

76.It will be a great pleasure for any Christian if you wish them on their happy birthday by Christian Birthday Wish who's heart belongs to load Jesus Christ. Inspiring religious birthday wishes can boost his/her spirit for life's coming years and will help them to be more happy on their big day. We hope that you have enjoyed and find the ideas what to write in a Christian birthday wishes by reading our post, we also hope that these birthday wishes could make your greetings more acceptable and sweet.