137 Cute Long Paragraphs For Gf

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1.I don’t know how I came to this page, but glad I did. Thanks for making it!

2.Hey baby, how’s it going? I miss you a lot. I’ve always thought about you. Here is one of my cute paragraphs to send to your girlfriend.

3.“The amount of love for you that I hold in my heart is not measurable. It is too much to even imagine or explain.”

4.I love you. That’s all I have to say. Save time by skipping the paragraph and moving on to something else more interesting.

5.Just wanted to let you know I have exactly one line to say. I love you.

6.A life with you really is a life I love. I hope you feel the same way!

7.I miss you, and I love where your thoughts go. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

8.I have a gift for you; it is all of my heart! Also, I bought you chocolate.

9.You make me smile, laugh, and feel wonderful! Thank you for all that you do. I love you!

10.My world is only complete when you are a part of it. I need you as much as I need water, sunlight, and air.

11.I turned over, and you weren’t there beside me. I hope we can fix that soon.

12.Every second that you are sad is a tragedy. I am here to make you feel better whenever you need me.

13.Every second apart feels like a lifetime. I yearn for you, my darling. Do you miss me too?

14.I crave you like an addict craves his fix. You are the only drug I need.

15.There is nothing I don’t love about you. Your charming smile, style, and beautiful soul are my queen.

16.If the world was going to end today, I would still find a reason to smile. Thank you for being that reason.

17.You may not be perfect and we may not always agree about everything, but I still love you. I will never stop loving you and to prove it; here are some cute paragraphs to send to your girlfriend.

18.You’re cute, you’re funny and you’re also pretty smart. But I am glad that you are my girl because only YOU are the perfect match for me. I love you!

19.I want to tell you how much you mean to me, but even if I kept talking forever, I’m not sure I could. I never want to let you go.

20.I’m running out of ways to say I love you, but you are the first person I can’t stop thinking of every single day.

21.I love being with you. I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else.

22.Waking up next to you every day is a privilege. I hope I get to do it for years to come. You are everything I could ever have wanted.

23.Good morning, my Cherie. I hope you wake up with the sunlight keeping you warm and knowing that my love is with you.

24.I dreamt about you again, darling. Even when I am asleep, I know you are the one for me.

25.When I say I love you forever, I mean it. In good times and tough times, I will be by your side.

26.I wish I were there with you to brush away your tears. I hope that my words of love can bring you some comfort.

27.If every person gets a miracle, you are mine. Thanks for taking my life and turning it into something beautiful. Everything is better with you in it.

28.It has always been my prayer for us to be together forever. I know it will surely come to pass because you already live in my heart. I love you, darling.

29.If only you could see yourself through my eyes, you would understand how much I rate you. You’re so special to me. I love you, my sweetheart.

30.I get lost each time I try to picture exactly what I feel for you. I can’t think straight. Nothing pops up. No word can describe my love for you. You’re the best for me.

31.I will never stop appreciating God for bringing you into my life. You made me understand true love. Thank you for always pampering me. I will dedicate all my life to loving you.

32.Thank you for making me feel safe around you and for bringing out all the beautiful treasures in me. You’re mine forever, and I won’t stop being yours.

33.I wish I knew how you looked in the morning; I bet it’s a sight worth waking up to.

34.My love for you is like a roller coaster. There are highs and lows. But with every breakneck turn, I love you more and more.

35.You are always on my mind, darling. My heart will forever be full of love for you.

36.Every morning we wake up, there are a million uncertain things. One thing that you will always be able to count on waking up to is my love for you.

37.I know things are difficult for you right now, darling, but I know you will make it through thick and thin. Your strength is inspiring.

38.All I dream of and yearn for is you. I can’t concentrate on anything else. I feel like a schoolboy with a crush.

39.I love you so much I can’t even see straight. Do you know that? I hope to spend the rest of my days proving it to you. I will love you forever.

40.You look so beautiful today, and I wanted you to hear it from me first. You are stunning. Don’t be surprised when they all stare.

41.Waking up to your good morning messages every day is nothing but a pure blessing. It makes every day beautiful and worth looking forward to. You’re the best.

42.“I love the way that you make me laugh, my darling. Spending time with you is so much fun. I hope that we can laugh together for the rest of my life.”

43.“My prayer for you today and always is that the favor of the Lord envelops you. May He cause His face to shine upon you. May doors open for you everywhere you knock. Good morning.”

44.You are my sunshine, you are my light and I love you girl! There is nothing in this world that could ever change the way I feel about you, trust me!

45.It’s very common for me to have the urge to be around you all the time. I feel like my life is always better when you’re in it. I can’t imagine ever losing you. I love you!

46.Sometimes, I think about your laugh. It makes me smile so big I have to find a way to calm down. Thank you for being a source of positivity.

47.You are my best friend and the love of my life. I hope you know how much you mean to me.

48.There are moments when I pause and realize that I cannot believe how lucky I am. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing girl. Thank you so much for being with me!

49.Darling, you are everything. You are the only one that I want, now and forever. You are the love of my life.

50.Girl, do you even know how much I love you? You are such a special person. Sometimes I just get caught up in focusing on how lucky I am.

51.We haven’t been dating that long, but I feel close to you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. I hope I can be everything that you want me to be.

52.I certainly wouldn’t have picked someone else over you. You’re a total and complete package. You have all it takes to be a virtuous woman. Thank you for making me be a responsible man. Love you.

53.I wish you would always stay with me. I can do nothing without you, but with you, I can move mountains. Please, stay with me, and never leave me alone. I love you, for real.

54.The only thing I want is to be with you always and forever because you are my happy place. Nothing in this world can replace you in my heart. I love you today, every day and forever.

55.Thank you for being the most wonderful and thoughtful partner. You have really been helpful to me in so many ways. Thank you for making my every day beautiful. You’re the best.

56.“You are the most beautiful person that I have ever seen, inside and out. My love for you burns eternally like a wildfire.”

57.“There are so many reasons that I love you; it would take forever to list them. How much time do you have?”

58.“You don’t need to be scared of anything. You put on a kind of smile I can’t possibly take for granted until the end of time. I miss you, my sweetest angel.”

59.I love you, I love you, I love you! Can we just like, live in a world of “I love you’s” and nothing else, please.

60.Tell me what you need, and I’ll be there. Tell me what you want, and I’ll help you get it. But tell me that you love me, and I’ll prove that I do.

61.I love you forever. I like having you as a girlfriend. You make me feel so special. And best of all, our relationship is built on trust. To me that means everything.

62.Hey, babe. I just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind today. I can’t wait to see you later!

63.I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you, but I am grateful every day. You are a miracle.

64.I know work has been hard today, so I’m running you a luxurious hot bath as soon as you get home. What’s your favorite meal? I’m cooking it for you tonight.

65.Knowing that I will see you again keeps me going even though life is difficult. You are my light at the end of the tunnel.

66.I know you think you’re just lying around in pajamas and not trying, but you are absolutely stunning. Seeing that much perfection with so little effort is just unreal. I could look at you all day.

67.Everyone has a person in their life that gets them through rough times, and you are undoubtedly mine. Thank you for always being around to support me. It means a lot, and I appreciate it.

68.You brighten my days and warm my nights. You bring me comfort and excitement. You are my everything.

69.I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that you are by my side no matter what. You make every day special. Thank you for your good vibes.

70.Meeting and building a relationship with you is the best thing I have done. I hope we cultivate our love like a beautiful garden that will last the ages.

71.Ever ours is a beautiful ship that can weather any storm and cope with the roughest seas. You aren’t only the sails, the hull, and the best shipmate I could hope for on this ship.

72.I have loved you more times than I have loved myself. You are the reason I always stay happy and hopeful. Thank you for being my lover. I love you so much.

73.I’m so free with you. I am always myself, whenever I am with you. You make me feel like a queen in her King’s palace. Thank you so much for making me feel like royalty. I love you.

74.My love for you is incomparable. Nothing in this world can match what I feel for you. My feelings for you is beyond me, so there absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Love you, my queen.

75.You give me more than enough reasons to love and live my life to the fullest, without accommodating negativity. You’re the one for me. You are my perfect one. I love you.

76.For real, I am in love with you. I can see and feel it in everything I do. You’re the most important and special person in my life. I hope you can say this to me too. I love you.

77.No matter where we go, what we do, or the decisions we make, our hearts will always be tied together knitted as one. I have endless love for you.

78.My love for you will always grow deeper and stronger. It seems to be the only thing that makes me happy. I will never stop loving you, my woman.

79.You deserve to be loved, cared for, adored and pampered like a child. I’ll always give my best to make you feel like a special woman. I love you so much.

80.I feel like the most fortunate man to have such a sweetheart in my life. To me, your presence the most valuable, and I will never trade it for anything. I love you.

81.Thank you for always telling me how much you love me. I’ll never get tired of hearing it. You’re my world, and I love you so much.

82.“When I see you, my heart sings, my body trembles in excitement, and my mind is soothed. I love you so much, my sweet lady.”

83.“I love you so much, my world. Meeting you has made getting through all of the struggles in my life worth it a million times over.”

84.“People often talk about “true love.” I am not sure what that is exactly, but I feel like I understand what it means when I think of you. I will never stop loving you.”

85.“Every day, I wake up feeling so happy because you are my girlfriend. My life feels so full. I feel so blessed to be with you.”

86.I have always wanted to tell you this, since the moment I saw your beautiful eyes looking at me. You’re the best girl in the world. I’m so glad to be yours and love you forever.

87.You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had. You are the one I want to spend mine forever with.

88.I will always love you. We’re partners for life. Nobody else could be as compatible with me. I hope you feel the same way too. Until we meet again, always smile and enjoy your time here on Earth.

89.The truth is I can never get enough of you. You are my every waking thought and the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. I love you more than the stars, more than life itself.

90.You are my dream girl and I am the luckiest guy on earth. You fill the missing piece of my life, you make my heart happy and I can’t thank you enough for that.

91.I would say that I hope your day is as wonderful as you are, but that would be impossible. Nothing is as great as you are!

92.Look out of the window and see the sun. I hope it warms you the way my love should warm you and brightens your day the way I aim to.

93.Life feels empty without you by my side. I dream of the day that we are together, my love.

94.Sometimes, I wake up, and I can’t believe that I get to spend my whole life with you. It is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for being mine.

95.Sometimes you love someone for their heart or beauty, but I love you because you are every good thing a person can be. Smart. Strong. Kind. You are amazing.

96.I’m not entirely sure what I am doing with my life, but I certainly know that I want you there for it. Thank you for being my perfect partner in crime. We are a match made in heaven.

97.Life comes with many changes, and people come and go. I hope that no matter where I go, you are there with me.

98.You have brought me so many thousands of beautiful, sacred moments. I can’t wait to experience millions more.

99.You give me joy. The only reason I smile is you. I have never in my life come across anyone who was as amazing as you. I love you so much.

100.It has always been blurry and dark without you. But ever since you stepped into my life, it only gets bolder and clearer. Thank you, my princess.

101.Thank you for keeping up with me, despite the many stupid things that I do. We both I am not good enough for you, because you’re the best, but thank you for not giving up on me. Love you.

102.I want to be with you now and forever. If only I can be given the golden opportunity to walk down the aisle with you today. I’m really eager to spend forever with you. I love you so much.

103.Mere looking at you takes me as far back as when we first met. You swept me off my feet with your enchanting smile. Never seen a lady that beautiful, so I was moved. I love you.

104.Your love keeps me alive and makes me feel complete. Your love makes me grow and glow from within. Your love will always be of paramount importance to me. I love you.

105.Pretty girl, my love for you is never going to end, and no matter how hard life becomes, I will always be there for you, just like you have been for me. I love you, baby.

106.My heart is meant for you only. It accommodates everything about you only, and this makes it so beautiful. I will never stop loving and caring for you. You’re my world.

107.I care less about whatever does not have to do with you/us. Whenever you are with me, nothing/no one else makes sense. I love you with every breath I have. Kisses!

108.No matter what I am going through, whenever I am with you, I move past it faster. Your words are soothing and always full of wisdom. Glad that I have you in my life. I love you so much.

109.I love how you make me feel so positive and energetic. Nothing’s the same with you. You have a wonderful way of turning things around. I love you so much.

110.My love for you is deeper than you know. In fact, it is deeper than I know. I just find it so easy to be in love with you, and this is because you permit me. Thank you, my love.

111.You are beautiful inside out. I am the luckiest to have found a lady as beautiful as you. I want to be with you now and forever. I love you so much.

112.Ladies with sincerity in their heart and passion in their eyes are hard to come by. I was so lucky to have found you. I love you so much, my darling.

113.I cannot be more thankful to God for having you in my life. I’m the only one who can tell how you have saved me from the darkest days. I will love you forever and always.

114.“Every day, as soon as I wake up, I think of you and wish that I was waking up with you, and every night before I fall asleep, I think of you and wish that I was falling asleep with you.”

115.“Before I met you, I thought a lot of things meant a lot to me. Since I met you, I have realized that nothing means anywhere near as much to me as you do.”

116.“My heart is full of love for you, my sweet princess. My life would be empty without your presence in it. Every time I see you, I am overwhelmed with love.”

117.“I love you for your kindness. You are so caring and selfless, and you treat me so well. You make me feel like I matter, and that makes me love you so much.”

118.“Writing down all of the reasons why I love you would make for the longest novel that has ever been written. I don’t know where to start or what to say to convey the enormity of my love for you.”

119.Babe, I love being around you so much. You’ve shown me what true love is. Babe, the word love is far too short to describe the way I feel about you.

120.Our relationship is a mystery to me, it’s something I can’t fully explain. You are my heaven, my peace, and joy when life is living me. You are the other half of me… You complete me.

121.My girlfriend thinks I’m crazy, but she’s dead wrong. I’m not crazy, I’m just really in love with her cute little face. I love you!

122.You are the cutest girl I have ever met. When I see you, my heart skips a beat. You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

123.You are the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep. You are my whole world and I cherish every moment spent with you.

124.Today is one of those days when I can’t stop thinking about you. I keep trying to focus on my work, but you are on my mind. I just thought I would let you know!

125.Sometimes, I fantasize about running away with you and leaving everything else behind to start a new life together. You are the Bonnie to my Clyde, and ours is a love affair to last the ages.

126.This is your friendly daily reminder that I love you. You are so beyond amazing, and it is the greatest gift to have one as beautiful as you in my life. Thanks for sticking around.

127.Good night, darling. I love you with all my heart! Don’t forget to text me once you get up. You’re the first person I want to hear from in the morning!

128.You’ve been running around in my thoughts all day. I hope I dream of you so you’ll be on my mind all night! I love you so much. Sleep well!

129.Loving you is the only thing that makes my life worth living. If I dare stop loving you, my life will be cut short, that’s certain. I enjoy every moment I spend loving you. Love you, babe.

130.My love for you grows exponentially every day; I can’t even stop it. You have made me a totally changed person. Thank you so much for everything. I love you, my baby.

131.From the moment I met you, I got lost in your love. Now you have taken over my heart. Take care of it and feed it what it wants. I love you.

132.Oh! I love you. I love how you love me. I love how you love and care for everyone, not minding their beliefs or faith. You’re for everyone, and I love that about you. I simply love you.

133.My life never knew what’s called “bliss”, before you came into it. Oh, you made every corner of my life beautiful with your angelic presence. I fall in love even more with you, my darling.

134.My love for you will never fade away, it will always be. It will continue to thrive and stand the test of time. You first loved me, so I won’t stop loving you. Yes, I am loyal like that.

135.My whole life belongs to you. You have been in charge since we started this relationship. I have grown to trust your decisions for me; they remain the best. Thank you for being in my life.

136.Nothing more compares to the happiness I have been feeling since you came into my life. I love you so much like my life depends on it.

137.You are the kindest soul I have come across. You make my life so beautiful and I feel on top of the world, whenever I am with you. You are my sweet banana. I love you.