73 Best Sad Paragraphs For Boyfriend

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1.The part of my life that is shared with you cannot be easily gotten back. You took a major part of me.

2.I accepted that this is meant to be, this may be our fate to go our separate ways. Painful but acceptable!

3.Your heart is all I wanted but it seems too difficult for you to give. Give me your heart if you can!

4.I have had to cry to regain my happiness. I have cried but now it’s time to be happy.

5.Thank you so much for your impact on my life and the hurt you caused me later. I won’t forget both.

6.Loving you is a painful experience I have to bear, I have determined to go through this pain. Thank you for putting me through this.

7.Staying with you is not so comfortable for me but it’s a sacrifice I have to make nevertheless. I choose to stay committed to you.

8.As you journey further in life, I wish you a fulfilling journey ahead and the happiness you craved for.

9.I have come across several people but I seem to love you more than everyone else. This remains true.

10.I would be sincere with you about what my feelings are like. I’m not happy about your departure. It’s painful.

11.I feel deeply hurt but my love for you has to override emotions. I stick with you by choice, not by feelings.

12.Your time with me gave me the best experience of my life. This won’t be forgotten despite the crisis.

13.Having to realize and accept that we were not meant to be together forever was the hardest reality of life I have to accept.

14.Must love be filled with pains and tears? Your unpleasant disposition has manufactured some for us. This is highly disappointing!

15.I would forget the surprises you offered me through this hurt, it’s rather painful. Thank you for hurting me.

16.Beautiful Lady, I must sincerely confess that I missed you greatly, we should have managed this situation but unfortunately, we have to go our separate ways!

17.I have tried my best to please you but my best wasn’t satisfactory for your libido. It’s hurting that you can’t be pleased.

18.It’s hard for me to move on because you meant a lot to me but unfortunately I meant nothing to you that’s why you demand an exit.

19.Nothing in you wants to stay in this relationship, it seems letting you go will be the most profitable decision I have to make. You can go, goodbye!

20.I wish I had partial amnesia to erase the memory of you off my head but I hope that one day, I will get over you and move on.

21.What has happened has happened but all of them together cannot alter the quality of love that I have for you.

22.Truly, challenges have happened and have been able to cause a separation between us but I will never forget the moment we had together.

23.Your exit from my life has made loving another man now very difficult for me. I wish I got over this quickly!

24.My imagination never captured that our love span will be very temporal and short. This is traumatic!

25.I’m absolutely unhappy about the whole incident, but what can I do than allow you to have your way?

26.I wanted to forget about you completely but forgetting you have never been as easy as loving you.

27.Pain sets in when love is gone. I feel this pain this much because the love has all gone.

28.Nothing can be further from the truth, you never valued this relationship in the first place. If you had, you would have fought to salvage it.

29.I can’t hate you but I have to un-love you to protect my sanity. You’re not as important as my mental health.

30.Love ought to be a beautiful thing but you brought ugliness into this. This might be a reflection of your mind. No apologies!

31.If I ever knew that you had some packages of heartbreak for me, I wouldn’t consider being in a relationship with you. The deed has been done. Goodbye.

32.The hurt you’ve caused me is very grievous and extremely unbearable. This is nothing but wickedness if I must tell you the frank truth.

33.It’s sad how a love story that was supposed to end well turned out bitter and painful. The pain you left in my heart will always be in my heart.

34.It is difficult for me to utter these words but IT IS OVER BETWEEN US! We have to move on with life. Goodbye.

35.I will not start to paint you a bad sheep all because challenges have erupted between us. You’re a good guy, I won’t forget you so easily.

36.No matter what has happened in the long run, life has to continue. Existence must continue regardless of who departed from your life. I have to let go.

37.I deserve my happiness which I have learned to build on myself and not someone else.

38.Having to build my joy on you was one of the greatest mistakes I have committed. You taught me never to try this again.

39.It’s very terrific thinking of the pains you caused me. I never want to think about it again but it keeps coming back.

40.When you first came to me, I thought it was agape love but in the long run, it was evident that you were infatuated.

41.Moving on is a choice I have to embrace, you’ve broken my heart. Now, it’s time to focus on my healing. Goodbye.

42.The scar you left might heal up but the memories of you will always linger in my heart. Thank you for making me stronger without you.

43.The way you pronounced your intention for departure shows that you never valued our relationship. I have decided to let you go. Goodbye.

44.I never demanded too much from you, you made it look like my demands could not be met. This is simply a reflection that you were never ready for something serious with me.

45.My emotions for you were as deep as oceans but you took advantage of them to hurt me without mercy.

46.You’ve shown me that mere love isn’t enough, I have learned how to play with cautions through you. You didn’t do well for hurting me but thanks anyway, I learned my lessons.

47.Nothing was more obvious than the fact that you were tired of this relationship. You caused all this mess, I dare to blame you.

48.Nothing makes sense to me anymore. The fact that what I cherish so much has slipped my fingers is excruciating. It’s my fate and I will live with it. Goodbye forever.

49.Sometimes it’s better to let go of what you love to receive a better one. It’s over between us, I have to let you go so I can receive a better person. Enjoy your life.

50.Crying my eyes out won’t be enough to take away the pain in my heart, somewhere in my heart, my heart still yearns for your love but I just have to let go. I’m sad about you.

51.You may think you truly know the depth of my love for you but situations have revealed that you don’t have an idea. If only you did, you would have treasured me more.

52.No matter what you have done, I love you regardless. Nothing has changed, I’m still committed. Saying goodbye is what I have to say for my health’s sake.

53.Relationships are elastic and they have elastic limits. They are better left the way they are than attempt to break them.

54.Love is a treasure, it is to be kept and treasured. We require intentionality to keep up with the vow of our relationship. This is the posture I have chosen to maintain.

55.I share certain memories with you that I will never forget forever regardless of the challenges. Your absence will be felt! I feel sad about our separation.

56.I thought living without you would mean a disaster to me but since you have to go, I have learned to be happy alone. I’m coping but deeply missing you.

57.I never envisioned your departure that’s what makes me get the rudest shocks of my life. It’s no longer a dream that you’re gone, you are truly gone! Bye!

58.I have wished severally that I could easily displace the hurting feelings I have about your departure so that I can regain my peace. It’s truly difficult to be done but I have to do that.

59.I have never felt as terrible as this, this is the most tragic moment of my life. I will walk through it and be fine.

60.Truly relationship has their challenges. How we handle those challenges determines our outcome from them all. You didn’t handle this well.

61.The first time I set my eyes on you, it was like I have seen an angel of the Lord. But the progression proved it otherwise.

62.You didn’t know the price of the kind of a woman whom destiny has brought your way, it will take my departure to make you understand. Very soon, you’ll understand!

63.I’m done with this relationship and I don’t want to ever be there again. Your exit is my pleasure!

64.I love you so much even when you hurt me I still try to understand you but all my efforts to understand you and create a common ground for both of us were not regarded as anything.

65.Your love is like that venom that doesn’t harm its prey immediately but one that does it gradually. It shouldn’t be called love but something I can’t explain with words.

66.Breaking up isn’t just ending calls or texts. It is cutting you out of my life and that’s my final decision. We have chosen our different paths and I hope that it doesn’t cross again. Move on, man!

67.It’s unbelievable that a heart that once cared for me and loved me is now a stranger to me! It’s better now than in the future. Goodbye forever!

68.No matter what happens or what you do, just know that I have forgiven you even though you don’t deserve it. Irrespective, things cannot go back the way you want them to. I’m sorry. It’s over.

69.Living a day without you seem like having no existence at all. But it does seem like losing you will be your interest. I have to let go!

70.At all costs, I will try to give myself the happiness that I deserve, you were a pioneer of joy in my life but now that you’re gone, I have to make one available for myself.

71.This is really saddening and extremely traumatic because I’m getting to know that you, who was once responsible for the unceasing happiness in my life is now the one giving me my grievous pains.

72.I confided in you and to that effect I gave you my all. Unfortunately, you didn’t count all these as anything. I don’t like you for this.

73.No matter how much you hurt me I will always love you but now you have given me reasons to act otherwise.