129 Smart Romantic Birthday Quotes For Her

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1.To the woman who makes me whole and makes me feel like a true man, Happy birthday, sweetheart. God bless you and bless us.

2.I love you more than I love myself, my Queen. It’s your new year and I pray for the very best for you, honey. Happy birthday.

3.My one and only. The one designed and destined for me. Happy birthday to you, love. May your path to greatness shine brighter.

4.Let life and love fill you for the rest of your years, my darling. May you always have great joy and fun. Happy birthday!

5.My beautiful Queen. The beautiful one for me. Can your importance be measured? Happy birthday, my Queen. May you live long.

6.My Darling, how important you are than precious stones. You’re the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. Happy birthday, love.

7.To the one who has captured my heart, may your life be colourful and may you have a blissful year ahead. Happy birthday, love.

8.Every moment with you is one I cherish and hold so dear. Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams. I love you so much.

9.Today is all about you, my Queen. I’m gonna shout it out. Gonna scream on rooftops. It’s my woman’s special day. Happy birthday, my love.

10.I’m not going to celebrate just today neither will you be my Queen for just this day but for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, my Queen.

11.May this new year add beautiful colours to your life, baby. I love the fact that you were born and that I chose you. Happy birthday, baby.

12.I’m grateful the Creator sent you at the time He did, sweetie. I’m thankful that you were born and are alive. Happy birthday, love.

13.It pleases me to know that you’re growing so beautifully. Count your years and enjoy each yearly ride. Happy birthday, baby.

14.Ah! I can’t begin to mention how wonderful you’ve been. I’m so blessed our paths crossed. Happy birthday, my woman. I love you.

15.It’s been a great time with you, dear, right from our very first conversation. You make everything beautiful, honey. Happy birthday, my Queen.

16.Happy birthday to the one with whom I’m gonna spend forever. We would grow old together, my darling. Do enjoy your new age and year.

17.Without you darling, my life would be on a stand-still. Thanks for being a part of my life. Happy birthday, my dear. Blessings.

18.My Queen, I wish you a new year filled with love, favour, happiness and everything life offers. Happy birthday, love. Do have a whole new year.

19.You’ve drawn me to your fountain of sweet love and now, I’m not gonna let go. You’re so dear baby. Happy birthday!

20.On your special day, my Queen, I wish you every beautiful thing that you’re desire. Happy birthday, lovely. I’m so glad you’re mine.

21.My baby, may all good things be yours. May you experience all round success in your new year, my dear. Happy birthday, love.

22.Yay! It’s another milestone for my baby! Another birthday! Another year! A new calendar! Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you so much.

23.My lovely Queen. I’m so happy I have you. You mean more than riches and fame. You are more treasurable than gold. Happy birthday, lovely. I love you.

24.Thanks for being a pillar of strength and support. You’ve been here for me and have been so supportive. Happy birthday to the best support system. May you live long.

25.With you, baby, everything just makes sense. Life is simply beautiful with you. I celebrate you today as I will, always. Happy birthday, love.

26.Cheers to a new year of greater exploits, baby. We’re moving up and we’re gonna make more beautiful memories. Happy birthday, baby.

27.Enjoy your day to the fullest, my love. Blessings and fun all the way, honey. Happy birthday, darling. You’re the best.

28.I feel blessed that I have you, that you are truly mine. And that you’ll always be mine. I’ll love you forever, honey. Happy birthday.

29.My love for you is greater than the thirst of the deer for water. You’re the very best and I couldn’t have desired someone else. Happy birthday, my beloved.

30.With every heartbeat, I’ll profess my love for you. Over and over, I’ll tell of my love for you. Happy birthday to my special half. Blessings, baby.

31.You’ve got a great personality, honey. One that draws everyone to you like bees to flowers. And I’m gonna stick with you, Darling. Happy birthday!

32.In you, I’ve found purpose. In you, I’ve found numerous reasons to live life to the fullest. Thanks for adding meanings to my life, sugar. Happy birthday!

33.Your blessings will be as uncountable as the hair that crowns your head, my Queen. I wish you the very best, today and always. Happy birthday, love.

34.Happy birthday to the one who makes tomorrow beautiful today. Thank you for all that you’ve been and have done, dear. Happy birthday!

35.Baby, I want you to know that I cherish your very existence and that I can kiss the ground on which you walk. You are important, my love. Happy birthday, baby.

36.Love of my life. The one with whom life makes sense. My baby, a blissful birthday to you, honey. May all things work for your good. Happy birthday, love.

37.To my significant other. The one with whom I’m gonna spends the rest of my life with. Happy birthday, my love. Age with grace and every good thing.

38.You’ve come a long way, honey and I commend your strength. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to journey through life with you. Happy birthday, baby.

39.Till now, I marvel at how we became so close and inseparable. I’m not complaining but I keep loving us. Happy birthday, my life partner.

40.You’ve captured and consumed my heart with your love. You light up my world, honey. And you deserve being celebrated. Happy birthday, love.

41.Your worth has no estimate, my love. You complete and fill empty spaces in my heart and life and so I can’t let go. Happy birthday, jewel.

42.My darling, you deserve every good and amazing thing that comes to your path, henceforth. I love you with every fibre of my being. Happy birthday, love.

43.My love, I wish you a beautiful day on this special day of yours. May good things always be yours. Happy birthday, dearie.

44.You’re not just my lover, baby, you’re my best friend. A darling one I can confide in. I love you. I love us. Happy birthday, baby.

45.My go-to girl! One I can always run to and never lets me go disappointed. Happy birthday to the Queen of my heart. You’re special, baby.

46.When you came into my life, you brought life with you. You lit up every dark corner. Happy birthday to my sunshine. May you keep shining.

47.I wish you a life of unending pleasure and redeeming love. One filled with happiness and inexplicable peace. Happy birthday, love.

48.Happy birthday to a special someone who means more than the world to me. It’s your special day, baby. Enjoy to the fullest. I love you so much.

49.Wishing you every good thing of life, my sunshine. You who have brought light to my life deserves better. And may your path shine brighter, Darling. Happy birthday.

50.My Darling, I thank God I met you and at the time I did. I wonder how I’ll be if you are now someone else’s. I love you. Happy birthday, Darling.

51.There’s never a dull moment with you, my baby. I love the way you make laughter rumble from the inside of me. Happy birthday, my laughter source. Blessings always, babe.

52.May your days in the land of the living be long and may you enjoy every second. Never will you have cause to be sorrowful. Happy birthday, babe.

53.Happy birthday to the one who specialises in stealing hearts. You’ve stolen mine and I’m glad you chose to keep it cos it’s safe with you.

54.Oh, baby! Happy birthday to you, Darling. On your special day, today, may you receive answers to every of your heart cry. Happy birthday, my love.

55.My dearest, what’s life without you? You’re so lovely, in and out and on this day, I love that I can celebrate you as I always do. Happy birthday.

56.I love you, sweets, more than words can quantify. I know you know that and I know you love me too. The journey has been beautiful with you. Happy birthday, dearie.

57.Tell me, love. How do you feel today? I can only guess how excited you must be. But I’m glad you are excited. It’s my joy. Happy birthday, sweetie.

58.Baby, you make each day worth pushing through. You fill me with so much gladness, that I’m so happy you’re mine. Happy birthday, my love.

59.Honey, I promise you again, today, that I’ll always love you. Never will I choose anyone else. Never will anyone else be mine. Happy birthday, love.

60.You are the best woman on the face of the earth. You’re simply amazing, darling. I wish you a very beautiful new year ahead. Happy birthday, I love you.

61.My beautiful Queen, may blessings be yours, all days of your life. May all good things of life be yours, honey. Happy birthday.

62.I wanna reaffirm my love for you, baby. I want you to know I’ll always be your support. Whatever it is you need, I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

63.My darling, may we have more reasons to celebrate. May we always have cause to be joyous. May good things never cease in our home. Happy birthday, babe.

64.Happy birthday to you, love of my life. With you, life makes sense and I’m grateful that you were born. May this new year be better than your previous. More blessings, my dear.

65.As you, my dear, begin a new calendar today, may your path become brighter and I’ll always have cause to rejoice over you. I love you so much, baby. Happy birthday, dear.

66.Yay! My woman is a year older today. Baby, you mean more than the world to me. And I’m so glad that your birth came when it did. Happy birthday, sweets.

67.My darling. I love you so much. And as you’re a year older today, may beautiful colours be added to your already colourful life. Happy birthday, dear.

68.Your existence in itself is pure joy. I’m beyond glad that you were born. And now, that you’re mine. Happy birthday, sweetness. May good things continually happen.

69.You’ve made my dream of having a beautiful and intelligent woman come true. I love you so much. And on your special day, may all good things happen. Happy birthday, love.

70.I hope that you will lose count of all the blessings you will receive on your special day because you’ve blessed me immeasurably. Happy birthday, love.

71.I still can’t place a finger on how I’ve come to love you this much. You’ve become a very vital part of my life. And happy birthday, darling. May this not be your last.

72.Baby, you’re everything. You mean the world and no one else matters as much. And I celebrate you, today. Happy birthday, baby. Many more years.

73.You darling, make life so beautiful to live. I love walking through life with you. And today, your special day, I celebrate you. Happy birthday, love.

74.Your smile makes me smile. Your joy gladdens me and I’m excited when you laugh. You mean the world to me, birthday Queen. Happy birthday, love.

75.Sweetheart, it’s been joy all the way. You are a source of joy and have never given me cause to be sad that I chose you. Happy birthday, dear.

76.I searched all over and found you. I kept you and you’re mine. I don’t regret it one bit. Happy birthday, my choice. You’re the best.

77.Your existence means a lot to me. I’m so glad that I have you by my side and in my life, darling. A blissful birthday to you, love. Never forget that I love you so much.

78.Sweetheart, I cannot but share in the world’s joy as we celebrate the anniversary of your birth. Happy birthday, my beautiful. You’re more than important to me.

79.Your love, baby, is sweeter than the sweetest honey. And I love you much more. On this beautiful day of yours, may you have reasons to laugh? Happy birthday, my dear.

80.You’re beautiful beyond compare, my Queen. You’re beautiful inside out. Your type is rare, honey. And I love that you’re mine. Happy birthday, love.

81.Happy birthday to the most important person to me in the universe. You are everything, darling. More than everything and I love you so much. Have a beautiful new year, honey.

82.I’ve discovered that choosing you amongst others is the best choice I’ve ever made. One I don’t and will never regret. Happy birthday to my choice. I love you, baby.

83.Sweetheart, I can’t think of anything without putting you in mind, I can’t think of life without you. You’re more than important, sweets. Happy birthday, love.

84.My love and Queen, may you have a fun filled birthday. You’re a such a darling one and I’m blessed I have you beside me, always. Happy birthday, my love.

85.I celebrate your birth, your existence and the fact that you’re truly living life. Happy birthday, pumpkin. The best things is yours.

86.Since knowing you, it’s been blessings upon blessings, favour and favour. Good things follow each other. Aren’t I blessed? I celebrate you, honey. Happy birthday!

87.With you, I know my future is secure, promising and beautiful. You simply make everything make sense. Happy birthday, my dear. You’re blessed beyond measure.

88.Happy birthday to a different breed of women. Darling, I’m blessed our paths crossed. Your impact can’t be pushed under the rug. Happy birthday, love. Live long for me.

89.Honey, your presence in my life is a source of joy. I’ve never had cause to be unhappy. And it’s your day again, baby. I rejoice with you. Happy birthday, my love.

90.My love, the Grace to celebrate another year of your life gladdens me beyond comprehension. Happy birthday, baby. May you always have reasons to be happy.

91.Happy birthday to the one who fills me completes me and is a source of undiluted joy. I really do love you, baby. Have a blissful new year, love. Happy birthday.

92.I remember how we met, my sweetheart. And I’m really appreciative that you agreed to be mine. May this new year be a new beginning for you in all things, dear. Happy birthday!

93.In my down moments, a picture of your ever smiling face comes to mind and my worries are eliminated. I love and enjoy your presence in my life. Happy birthday, baby.

94.It’s been a blissful journey of love with you and I’ve not had cause to regret choosing you over others. Happy birthday, my woman. May your life be as beautiful as much as you have made mine.

95.We’re strong together, baby. We’ve pulled through many tough times and are still standing. Happy birthday to you, who supports me every step of the way. Blessings, dear.

96.A very blissful birthday to the special one who has seen me weak and still loves me the same. Thank you for all that you are and have done. Happy birthday, my beautiful one.

97.Oh, baby! It’s a new year for you. I’m as excited as you are because we are both one. It’s your birthday, our birthday. I love you so much, dear. Happy birthday.

98.My Queen, how are you enjoying your day? I hope that you’ll make the best of your new age and things will work out for you, my dear. Happy birthday once again, my Queen.

99.Happy birthday to the best person in the universe. My very own Queen. Baby, you mean more than the world and I’m beyond glad that you’re mine. Long life and prosperity, love.

100.I love this grace that I’ve received to share a beautiful life with you, my love. You’re the best, honey and I wish you a year of plenty. Happy birthday, hun.

101.And today is a special and glorious day. I wanna take time to wish my Queen the very best life’s got. Baby, you deserve the best of the best. Happy birthday, my love.

102.My beautiful life partner! You make the journey through life awesome, baby. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, babe.

103.Forever won’t be enough to declare the magnitude of love I have for you. And so I’ll let you know how much I love you each time I’m opportune. I love you so much, dear. Happy birthday!

104.Mine. Irreplaceably mine. The one for me. I’m so grateful to the Creator who has beautifully made you and sent you to us on this day, years ago. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

105.Oh my! It’s the Queen’s birthday. My Queen’s birthday. May you grow in all areas of your life, Darling. I love you. And a blissful new year to you. Happy birthday, love.

106.If there’s any feeling stronger than love, that’s exactly what I feel for you. The beautiful fact that you live fills me with so much peace and joy. Happy birthday, sweetness. I love you.

107.You’re all I see and think of in my dreams. You’re what my imaginations are about. I can’t control thoughts of you. May this be a very bright day for you, baby. Happy birthday.

108.This generation is blessed because you’re born in it. And I’m more than blessed because I’m one of those who is very close to you. A blissful birthday to you, darling. I love you so much.

109.Happy birthday to a darling, my beautiful one. You’ve been a light in my own small world. May your path shine brightly. Happy birthday once again, my love.

110.Today can’t pass without me celebrating a person of high importance to me. You know how special you are, right? Happy birthday, mine. You are blessed beyond measure.

111.Baby, you’re every shade of beautiful and awesome. You’re simply amazing. On your beautiful special day, may you have reasons to laugh always? Happy birthday, love.

112.Baby, nothing is gonna ever separate us. You’ll always be mine and I’ll always be yours to keep. We’ll be together forever. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

113.You’ve become an integral part of my life. Simply indispensable. I love how you fill me beautifully. Happy birthday to my woman. More of the Lord’s blessings and goodness, baby.

114.God sparing our lives, we would spend your 100th year together, in each other’s arms. Sounds beautiful, right? You’re so dear to me, my love. Happy birthday to you!

115.My highly cherished Queen who beautifies my palace and makes me the king of her life. Happy birthday to the one who deserves the very best. Blessings, baby.

116.Even the heavenly bodies can attest to your beauty and the fact that your kind is rare and that there’s none other like you. Happy birthday, my love.

117.Amongst all others, honey, you stand out. Your uniqueness can’t be rivalled. And I pray that you have a blissful, fruitful, joyous and fulfilling year ahead. Happy birthday to the Queen of Queens.

118.My jewel of inestimable value. The one whose presence fill my life beautifully.Today, I celebrate your existence. Your very presence. Thanks for coming to us, my love. Happy birthday!

119.I can say boldly, that you’re one of the reasons I live. Your living makes me want to live to see another day. And you’re a year older, today. May all things be beautiful for you. Happy birthday, love.

120.Your presence in my life is synonymous with a tree of happiness with juicy fruits planted in the garden of my life. Happy birthday to the one who brings every good thing to my life. I love you.

121.Thinking back through all our times together, I wonder how my life would have really been like without you in it. I’m blessed cos I have you. Happy birthday, my beautiful one.

122.You’re beautiful beyond comparison, beyond words and beyond comprehension. I love you so much. And on your special day, I celebrate you as always. Happy birthday, baby.

123.You’re all shades of beautiful, pumpkin. Beautiful within and without. I love all of and about you. And on your beautiful day, today, I wish you the very best. Happy birthday, love.

124.Life is indeed beautiful. The journey is sweet because we’re in it, together. I never want to spend a moment away from you, darling. May good things be yours, always. Happy birthday, sweets.

125.Being your friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wonder how I’ll describe being in love with you. I have no words now, so, happy birthday, beautiful. I love you so much.

126.I’m the happiest man alive. Your presence in my life made it so. And I promise to make you happy every day of the rest of our lives together. Happy birthday, dearie.

127.Life with you is so sweet. Everything goes smoothly with you. Even tough times seem beautiful because we go through them together. Happy birthday to the amazing woman who makes life sweet.

128.Happy birthday to my better-half. The one who stood by me when the going got tough. I love you darling and I wish you a great new year and phase of life. Happy birthday, love.

129.Happy birthday to the love of my life. My darling, thanks for loving me and tolerating all my excesses. I love you, too and I pray for a fruitful new calendar in your life. Happy birthday, dear.