27 Smart Quote Of The Month

Visit:4959   Updated: 2022/12/05

1.Charge up see the light through the dark, heads up in the room full of impossibilities, you just have to keep pushing.

2.Positive thinking got me where I am, and I am a product of November, next month I see positive kinds of stuff happening to me.

3.Trying doesn’t matter when you always fail, next month try and don’t fail, if you believe it will work.

4.It is said do not just slay your demons, dissect them and find out, what they have been feeding on. Let your next month be better than the previous.

5.We all have the power to do more than we can possibly imagine, what’s stopping you from taking what’s yours and conquer this new month, be the King you are.

6.Don’t just feel miserable when you are in great mishaps, look out for every lesson you can find in a tragedy and move on.

7.As the month ends, so shall suffering, stress and hard lucks end for you, this new month will bring in favors, positive vibes, and victory but you have to put in more work.

8.Let your last month woes remain in last month, for last month words belong to last month language, give this new month a new word and new language, always stay positive.

9.It’s a new month, a new day, new opportunities, new trails and errors, new vibes, but let the goal remain same, I wish you find all that you are looking for before the year comes to an end.

10.Sometimes you just have to let go of your fears, sometimes fear doesn’t need conquering, sometimes fear tells you where the edge is, sometimes fear is a good thing, know the difference and stay great.

11.Your ability to get through problems as things get harder, that’s a hundred times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face, pretending that everything is fine.

12.When you are experiencing pain, there is actually an opportunity to grow and also find clarity with yourself, do not give up, if you believe, then you will make it.

13.Tomorrow is clearly uncertain, but in your hands you have the power to shape your tomorrow, waste it not on unimportant things, you see the main focus is to remain focused.

14.One of the objectives of a new month is not just to start a fresh month, it is to have positive thoughts and attitude towards doing things, and it’s like a new you, staring on a clean slate, yet still pursuing same goals.

15.As the new month begins here are my wishes for you, this month will bring you surprise, surprises that will give you satisfaction, keep working, stay strong, and only focus on the positives because the negative will pull you back. End this year great.

16.Do not waste precious moments comparing yourself to others, or wishing you had what they have, each and every one of us has our own strength and grace, accept what you are, only that way you will achieve greatness.

17.It is impossible to undo the mistakes of this month and that of last month, but there is really no shame in admitting your mistakes and starting on a new slate, don’t waste time, start now and make you’re ending a great one.

18.A new month is like a new slate, you can start with trying completely different things, even give a new approach to things that you couldn’t get right the previous month, but never change goals, let your goals remain same, stay focused and don’t be scared to try out new things.

19.As the month passes by,  make sure you do away with old bad habits, they haven’t added anything positive to your life in the post, they won’t add any this new month, there is no time to dwell in what doesn’t add value to your life goals, stay woke and focused.

20.You can’t change your yesterday, no one can actually go back in time, but here is what you can do, try to work on your today so that your tomorrow will have a great shape, that great tomorrow you so desire. It’s possible if you believe.

21.Life lessons are essential in our lives, here is what to do, take note of those mistakes you did throughout this month, and try to make corrections in the coming month, there is still time, let’s grab the opportunity to be who we truly want to be.

22.Sometimes you feel you have done everything you ought to have done and things still don’t work the way you want, you feel this way because you probably have tried your all, you are not alone my dear, never forget you have God, in trying times like this, run to him for guidance, because on your own you can’t do it.

23.If you have made some new month resolutions, it shouldn’t just be in the new month, but should also extend to other months that follow. Cheers to all of us that made it, here is another chance to get it right again.

24.You will find out that you will do better when you remove yourself from the shackles of failures of last month, it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t great, yes but you have another month to give it another try, and try t get it right. With God nothing is impossible.

25.End of one month makes way for the beginning of another month, keep that positive vibes alive and let go of those negative vibes, allow not your spirit to be shaken, be determine and nothing you do will be short of glory, you just need courage with a little faith. You will definitely see good results.

26.Next month should give us an insight of things we ought to have completed this month, we should nevertheless remain grateful to God for the precious gift of life because when there is life, hope is not lost.

27.A new month is like a new book, you can choose to make certain corrections from last month, and also improve on your work ethics that probably seem to be working fine for you, make yourself a beautiful story to tell the world.