128 + Love Text Messages For Him

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1.I have so much love for you.

2.Never forget, I love you so much.

3.Show your craziness for him by sending these crazy love messages.

4.Wanna make your guy blush? Have these sweetest messages of love for him.

5.I am storing all the love for you in my heart.

6.These romantic love messages are sure to bring the best smile to him.

7.If you want to express how much you care for him, text these caring love messages.

8.Listed below are some deep love messages for him that you are looking for.

9.Sweetheart, I just messaged to remind you how much I love you.

10.I love you and I miss you.

11.I just felt a huge surge of love for you. You’re the best!

12.I miss you so much, my love.

13.I love you so much it hurts.

14.Good night, my love!

15.I promise to love you until my last breath.

16.I love you with all my heart.

17.I just realized something for the hundredth time today: I love you.

18.✉ You are the one, who lives in my heart.

19.My love for you only grows stronger with every passing day.

20.Whenever my phone vibrates, I hope you’re the reason for it.

21.Love truly conquers everything.

22.I love you, honey.

23.My love, I’m always waiting for you. Just you.

24.♥️ I have found the meaning of life when I have met with you.

25.✉ You are the prince of my love story and I am the princess.

26.I don’t know why I love you so much.

27.I have the hottest, funniest, sweetest boyfriend ever.

28.Remind him how much you love it.

29.Thinking about how to make him feel special? Have these elaborate notes of love.

30.The hardest thing for me in life is to live without my wife.

31.My love for you is too big and deep to describe.

32.I love when I catch you looking at me.

33.Every time I hug you, I never want to let go.

34.I love you, dear, and good morning!

35.I am so stupidly in love with you.

36.You are truly special, so thank you for loving me! I love you so much.

37.You are the only reason why I survive. I love you so much!

38.♥️ I can’t stop loving you.

39.All the romantic love messages in the world are not enough to express my love for you.

40.You are the perfect woman for me.

41.I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

42.I’m kind of obsessed with you.

43.You inspire a love in me that I never knew was possible.

44.My life would be so meaningless without you in it.

45.Tell me how you’ll kiss me when I see you tonight.

46.Don’t forget to send one each night, to remind him of your undying love.

47.Our love is stronger than all of the boundaries the world might have for us.

48.♥️ You have given me the reason to stay alive in the world.

49.You and I have created the most beautiful love story in the world.

50.I love you with everything that I am.

51.Your voice is my favorite sound.

52.You are my forever. I will love you always.

53.You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to express your love for him.

54.Sweet dreams, my dear!

55.I love you!

56.I love when I catch you looking at me.

57.I love you, babe.

58.You can measure the distance between us, but not the LOVE.

59.I love you to infinity.

60.I never knew I could love someone to the extent I love you.

61.I miss your breath against mine, sweetheart.

62.I love waking up knowing that you’re in my life.

63.You make my heart melt!

64.Just so you know, I’m madly in love with you.

65.Next time I hug you, I probably won’t let go for a long time.

66.we give special importance to those declarations and messages of love that promise eternal love.

67.I love my life when you are in it. You mean everything to me.

68.Here’s some inspiration so that he can wake every morning to see a loving text message from you.

69.Days like these, spent with you, make life worth living.

70.I love that these mornings are filled with our love and togetherness.

71.I’m in love with you. There will never be anyone else for me but you.

72.You will forever be the favorite part of my life. I love you.

73.That’s how I feel and it’s the truth, and I hope you never forget that! I love you.

74.I guess this is what it’s like to be in love. It’s real.

75.I have seen it many times. I see the truest form of love whenever I catch you looking at me.

76.Let’s make sure that it becomes reality soon. I love you so much.

77.I don’t know what it is, but I am sure I still love you.

78.It feels amazing to have a sister like you.

79.I want you to wake me up every morning.

80.I love you more than pizza. And I really love pizza.

81.You are the only person I can imagine spending my whole life with.

82.You make me weak in the knees every time you look at me.

83.Stop making me think about you! I’m busy.

84.You make my life worth living, baby.

85.All I’ve ever wanted was to be near you.

86.You’re just like bacon. You make everything better.

87.I love knowing that we can make it through anything together.

88.Good morning, my love! Go and conquer this day!

89.Thank you for everything you do for us! I love you.

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91.♥️ I am so lucky that I have gotten you as the first love of my life.

92.✉ Wherever I go, I feel you and I carry love for you.

93.✉ My life is so colorful because you are there.

94.Distance can’t decrease my love for you.

95.We are living under the same sky, isn’t that close enough?

96.You make my heart beat faster.

97.Hey, I just wanted to let you know I love you a little more every single day.

98.I am so lucky to have you by my side today, tomorrow, and forever.

99.I actually never knew I could love anyone this much.

100.You are the only person I want to come home to.

101.What did I think about all the time before I met you?!

102.Hold my hand, hold my heart, and hold me forever. I love you.

103.You’re the cheese to my pizza.

104.● God wanted to give me a blessing for a lifetime, so he sent you to my side.

105.Throughout history, men and women have exchanged love messages, whether it was through letters or texts.

106.Thank you for everything, my beautiful husband. I love you so much!

107.♥️ I want you in my every prayer.

108.♥️ I feel heaven when I see your smile.

109.✉ Being in your arms makes me feel so good. It is the best place for me.

110.✉ You are the best shelter for me in the entire world.

111.I fell in love with the day I saw you. I was restless and it was hard for me to stay away from you.

112.✉ You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

113.✉ I can’t breathe without your kiss. I love you so much, honey.

114.I am so grateful and happy to share my life with an amazing person like you.

115.With the joy of meeting with you, I forget every pain of my life.

116.You are the biggest gift of my life.

117.I think I can’t stop loving you ever in my life.

118.You are the best thing that happened to me.

119.I feel safest and happiest when I’m in your arms.

120.You have no idea how much my heart races when I see you.

121.You’re weird…but I like it!

122.Oh boy, you take my breath away every time I look at you.

123.Thank you for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

124.When I need support in my life, you’re the one running to be there for me.

125.Please take care of yourself, I really don’t want to lose you. Safe trip!

126.I don’t know how much longer I can live without you.

127.These fabulous notes of love will be great to spark up the romance between you.

128.✉ I love to do all stupid things when I am with you, otherwise, I am a decent girl, okay?