128 Smart Paragraphs For Him Long Distance

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1.No matter the distance, as long as we love each other, we’ll always be happy.

2.The distance between us keeps making my love for you wax stronger. I love you.

3.And the distance has succeeded in making me fearless. But then, I really miss you.

4.The distance is only testing our love, I’m sure what we share is longer than the distance.

5.I feel warm inside because I know that despite the distance, our hearts are together.

6.Your smell is still fresh in my mind. I love that you love me despite the distance.

7.The distance has thought me that even though you don’t live here right now, you are in my future.

8.No matter how far distance may tear us, I want you to know that I’ll always love you, I love you for forever.

9.Even if you’re far away, you’re so close to my heart. I love you always.

10.I can wait till eternity for you, our love will only wax stronger with time.

11.Our love is worth fighting for, be rest assured that I’ll be here waiting for you.

12.The distance is actually for the best, it makes us yearn for each other more.

13.You are my heartthrob no matter how far distance may try to tear us apart, just know I’ll always love you.

14.You should know by now that the space between us can’t ever reduce my love for you.

15.Every time I think about the stars and their distance from earth, I know we’ll be together soon.

16.Babe, as each day passes my love for you only gets stronger. I can’t stop loving you. You’re the best. Have a wonderful day.

17.This part of me has chosen to stay and wait for you no matter what my friends and family may say, I still love you.

18.Loving you is a remedy for the pain of missing you. But then I miss you so much.

19.I look forward to seeing you on video every time. It is enough to see your love for me cover the distance.

20.We may be far apart but as long as you’re in my heart we’re closer than ever. I love you.

21.Your absence sharpens my love for you daily. It brings you closer to my heart more than you can imagine.

22.We’ve got beautiful memories together that the distance cannot dare to erase. I love you now and forever.

23.The fun of having you far away is that I get to be sure you’re coming back to me.

24.A million miles still separate us and I still love you with all my heart.

25.We are like Venus and mars currently, torn by distance, but this distance can’t kill the love we share. I love you cupcake now and forever.

26.My love for you is like a Mary-go-round because with you around only then thus my happiness surrounds.

27.No matter how far away you are, my consolation is that you’re safe and my love is with you.

28.The distance is very bearable, life without you is what I can’t dare to imagine. I miss you, my love.

29.We will be forever together, that’s my consolation. And I’ll endure the pain of missing you for now.

30.Even if you’re in Venus and I’m in mars, I’ll still love you, our distance is a new reason to love you even more.

31.My love for you is like old wine, it has stayed for long and will never die. It only gets sweeter.

32.I really miss you boo, my heart yearns for you and my lungs long for you too, may the sun bring forth light to your path.

33.Nights here can be lonely, and the distance is killing. But I love you still and I miss you beyond what I admit.

34.Yea, it’s not easy but that is why it’s called love. I miss you, baby.

35.I must admit that I miss you so much, it’s too quiet when you’re not here.

36.Most days, I wish you were here with me, I wish the distance is not there. I miss you very much.

37.The time and distance between us are quite inconsequential compared to an eternity of basking in our love.

38.Babe, you’re my dream, my sweet, my joy. Never forget that there’s no place better than home and I’m home to you.

39.Every morning I get up with a smile, a cheerful heart and a thankful mind. Praying to God, thanking him for sending an angel into my life. I mean for sending you.

40.Babe, never forget about me please, I can’t stay without you, this few days I’ve had to spend without you has been hell, please come back soon love.

41.Even though we are far from each other, I love the fact that we’re a perfect couple.

42.My best time is the night, I get to hold you tight in my dreams.

43.“I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together. Good morning, sweetheart.”

44.You mean so much to me. I long for the day when you’ll be standing right in front of me once again. I miss you so much.

45.In love’s name and with the powers vested on me I hereby cut your trip short. I miss you so much.

46.I’ve been holding on for too long and I don’t know how long I can hold on for.. I need you right here with me. I miss you.

47.Can’t understand why the days feel longer when you’re away. I could bet we’ve lived forever these few months. I miss you madly.

48.Your presence is heaven to me because it’s so far. But I can’t stop longings for it like cheese, burger, mayonnaise and cake.

49.You may not understand how much you mean to me, but I promise you that I will not stop loving you for anything in the world.

50.I have to wait days on end hoping that you’ll hold me in your arms. I miss you, baby.

51.What this love means to me cannot be disturbed even by the long distance between us. I love you and you know it.

52.You may be far away physically, but right here in my heart is where you’ll live forever. I miss you so much.

53.We breathe the same here and live under the same sky, that is my consolation for not missing you too much.

54.Every memory is still fresh and I hold unto them until we meet again. For now, I miss you so much.

55.I love you and that’s never gonna change, even though days have turned into months and years but still, my love for you has not changed.

56.I want to write you an epistle, write to you how much I love you in different languages but nothing supersedes these four words ‘I love you forever’.

57.My love for you is everlasting. It is something I have never felt; how could you possibly overwhelm my thoughts and become the God of my heart.

58.I have fallen in love with an awesome person and that’s you, no matter where you go just remember that I’ll always love you.

59.Don’t let our distance deceive you, I still love you as much as I did when you were around and I always will till you return.

60.I have never for once thought of being in a long distance relationship. How I manage to stay in this for this long marvels me. I think this is proof that I truly love you. I love you, dear.

61.I love you the fact that you’re not close to me right now, it gives me strength and resilience.

62.I won’t regret walking this journey with you. I’ll love you now even till whenever we see again.

63.Going to sleep every night, I always imagine that you’re here with me. This makes missing you bearable.

64.I miss you so much and I don’t know if I have the strength to keep holding on but I’ll fight for our love, no matter how long it takes.

65.I’ll be right at the top of this castle waiting for you my prince charming to come rescue me. Even if it takes forever, I’ll be here waiting.

66.The distance is less painful than losing you, and no matter where you go, my heart will still crave for you. Only you can make me feel the way I do. As much as I miss you, I love you.

67.Rebellion in me may just begin the day a force tells me to stop loving you. All my energy will rather be spent loving you than serving my country. I miss you too.

68.I remember our first date. It was epic. These memories keep me going. Don’t stay too long. I love you.

69.The hope of seeing you in a couple of days gives me the strength to pull through. I can’t wait, love.

70.Everything changes. But even if you go beneath the earth, my mind will still have you loved, in fact, you’ll take a part of it with you. Good night.

71.I miss you, mi amor, may whatever you are doing always bring forth good fruits and joy to you in all ramification. I love you.

72.How have you been? Chase your dream, run as fast as you can, but don’t catch new feelings and don’t forget I still love you.

73.I miss you and wouldn’t mind waiting till eternity for you and long as you still love me. Good morning my lover.

74.I miss you playing with my hair and ruffling my nose with yours, I miss the fragrance of your perfume and your nutty smile. I love you.

75.I wish you a safe journey to wherever destiny leads you to, I love you and I don’t mind waiting for you a while longer as long as you achieve your purpose.

76.My love for you will never die, even if we move apart like the four cardinal points, I will always think and wish you well.

77.Distance cannot break our love, nor can missing you kill me. I will wait for you, my love, because I know that what lies ahead for us beats what is in the past. I love you till infinity, baby.

78.I don’t want to miss you too much, the pain is beyond what I can endure. Please be fine and know that I love you always.

79.You left with my heart with you, but I’m consoled that we’ll see again and very soon.

80.“The miles between us mean nothing because I love you here, there, and everywhere. I miss you. I miss you and me together. I miss us. Please come back because this distance between us is killing me.”

81.We met when the sky and the sea merged when the stars flowed in their seamless seams. No distance or barrier can keep us apart, no matter how it seems.

82.I grew up having loved ones separate from me. The day you left the house left me devastated the most. I love you and that won’t let me forget you and my devotion to you is forever.

83.Just a couple of days and it seems like an eternity already. Everything’s moving in slow motion, except for my heart that’s beating for you.

84.It may take years before we get to see each other again but it feels like forever, it hurts me that I won’t see you for a year. I love you.

85.No matter what life throws at you there, just know there’s a heart that still loves you sincerely and my love for you will never die.

86.Do you need a massage? If yes, let my words caress you, let the sweet sounds of my voice keep you company. I’ll love you forever.

87.Your success is my success and I am ready to sacrifice to see you smile. Will be waiting for you, even if it takes forever.

88.Lots of people have come into my life but your presence made a huge difference. You came and stayed. Thanks for being there. I love and I still miss you.

89.My love for you is like a star apple. Though it is bitter but together in persistence we will find and taste the seeds of our sacrifices.

90.When I look at you my heart doesn’t just skip a beat; it, in fact, plays a beat so rhythmic that my heart dances uncontrollably. Stop looking at me cause it could fail a bit.

91.Our love is like a roundabout. No matter the hitches, the storms that hit us, the rain that drenches us. Our love will always find a way around to us.

92.As long as I think of you every day, there is no distance that our love can’t conquer. I will love and cherish you in my life. You remain the best thing that happened in my life.

93.Saying bye after every phone calls is bothersome, it reminds me of how much I miss you.

94.Because it’s you I’m in love with, I’ll wait even till the end of time.

95.Every step I’ve taken leaves me wondering how I ever lived without you. If I can control circumstances, you’ll never leave my sight. I love you and madly miss you.

96.All the love I spoke of for you had not been fully expressed when we parted physically. I am consoled however that we are bonded in ways we can’t explain. I love you so much. Sleep well.

97.I’m tired of doing mundane duties all day, I just want to bask in your love. Why do you have to be so far away?

98.I’ve missed our cuddles and kisses. I miss you badly. Come back to me soon.

99.Trying to figure out why a lot of things go the way they do. But without confusion I know I love you and I’m proud of that.

100.Don’t fear when I express my fears for myself, because nothing will make me not preserve myself until I meet you. You — my love — is all I want. I love you.

101.My Love, you are such a caring and loving boyfriend. You’re my everything. I Can’t wait until when next we’ll see. Have a lovely day.

102.Baby, I’ve missed you, I miss your touch and those late night walks, I miss our dates but as long as you’re chasing your dreams I’ll wait for you.

103.My love for you is like an iroko tree. As you go to bed, be rest assured that my shade of love covers you. So relax in the comfort of my love.

104.You own my heart; you own my thoughts; you dominate my mind; you challenge my desires; you are my dream, my goal. Please make me your ambition.

105.Your love is the motivation and the inspiration to keep pushing through the pressures of this world. I will be waiting to see your cute face once more.

106.I have never for once regretted the day we met. It has been from one love paradise to the other, and distance has not changed that. It only makes me long and yearn more for you. Can’t wait to see you soon, my love.

107.I want to see you all the time, but I know it’s impossible. This is me saying I miss you so much.

108.Sometimes it feels like the time stand still, but then it’s because I really miss you.

109.No matter how painful not seeing you now is, trust me, not having you at all is worse.

110.Just thinking of the people who would enjoy your presence today makes me sad, because I can’t. I miss you love.

111.I do not doubt that you’re going to rock your world today. I feel bad that I can’t be there with you. Be amazing today. I love you loads.

112.It’s torturing not having you here to hold and run my hands through your hair. I miss you so much.

113.The days I spend with you is never enough to keep me for extra days, even though they are filled with bliss. I’ll do many things to be with you. I love you.

114.Then the whole world will understand how true love works — when our being apart only makes us closer and our distance only makes us cherish ourselves more. I love you, my heart.

115.I hate to spend a minute without you. Now I’m having a beef with your job for separating you from me. My attention is focused on being with you now. I love you.

116.No matter how far you go, my mind will always have you on it. My, when I have a chance to be around you, the way my eyes light up is epic in its own right. I love you so much.

117.Isn’t it you that I made up my mind to always stand by? I’ll dedicate a good number of my days to creating a platform for us to spend the rest of our lives with ourselves. I love you, Darling.

118.Even through broken lenses, you’re beautiful. So all your flaws and mistakes are things I can bear as much as I love the good in you. I love you.

119.Chase your dreams, run wild, be the man you’ve always wanted to be, be great then come back for me, I’ll be waiting for your arrival, my prince.

120.This might be the craziest thing I’ve ever said but I can’t unlove you, you have stolen my heart away and I’m not taking you to court for it. I want you to keep it and treasure it.

121.Hey babe, how have the days been to you, I hope you’re fine and having a good time, I want you to never forget how much I love you.

122.My love, I have missed seeing you smile, how you hold my hands whenever I feel cold. I miss seeing you and it hurts me that you won’t be around for a long time.

123.The closest you’ve ever been to me of late is my heart. I wish I can pull it out and bear same on my palms, looking into its vessels and scream how much I miss holding it.

124.All of me is what I give to you, my soul, heart and thoughts when you left you took them with you. I’m waiting for your return my love.

125.I love you, and I can equally type it with my eyes closed. Until the day I get to see you again, know that I have never imagined giving up on the love we share.

126.Who would have thought we would still be together? The challenges associated with long distance relationships came and our love conquered it. I am sure we would conquer even. Love you so much, cutie.

127.I know you’ll be fine as we are under the same sky. I miss you badly.

128.I don’t miss you too much as you’re always in my heart and my dreams.