10 Smart Son I Love You Quotes

Visit:1797   Updated: 2022/12/06

1.Son, never forget that no matter how much you grow and become independent, I always have your back. I love you son.

2.It’s such a pleasure to see you have grown into this gentleman who can maintain his calm and be poised. I’m so proud of you. I love you, son.

3.You have a heart that’s pure gold and a very rare intellect. You’re a precious gem that we feel so proud to call our son. We love you son.

4.All the wild bicycle rides and the fishing days that we used to go for when you were a child, are the memories I cherish the most. I love you son.

5.My little champ is now turning into a big, handsome hulk and I can’t wait to have the best time with my big champ now. I love you, son.

6.Dear son, you trigger me and get on my nerves every day but know that I love you. My cranky face might not show you that while I’m scolding you, but I love you son.

7.Little do you know that when you were younger, I lived my childhood again through you and I can’t thank you enough for that, love you, son.

8.To my son, regardless of your irresponsible behaviour and stupid mistakes, always know that I love you. After all, you’re my son, I can only expect you to be troublesome.

9.My duty was to help you grow into a strong, sturdy man while still keeping your heart soft. And you only made it easier for me by simply being who you’re. Love you son.

10.You’re a well-groomed man who knows how to hold himself accountable and be gentle. All credits go to you only for having been so diligent to become the best version of yourself. Love you son.