13 Best Messages To Send To Girlfriend

Visit:2291   Updated: 2022/12/06

1.In When Harry Met Sally, they say, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Now I’m usually a pretty patient guy, but I just can’t wait for us to get the that point when we’re planning our future together.

2.Did you know that you’re the worst thing that ever happened to me? Because of you, I’ve lost hours of sleep. I’m always checking my phone. I can’t focus on anything because I keep thinking of you. My friends tell me I look like a crazed man. And maybe I am crazy, crazy in love with you that you dominate every part of my life. And you know what? I actually like it!

3.I want to be the guy who can make your bad days better. I want to be the guy who can make your stress go away as I replace it with a back rub. I want to be the guy who can turn your frown into a smile with a silly pun. I want to be the guy you can run to with your fears, the guy you can rely on when you want to cry. I want to be the guy that loves you so much that you’ll learn to love yourself even more.

4.I used to be afraid of love before I met you. I thought that being in love means being weak and vulnerable enough to let someone hurt you. But you showed me that love doesn’t have to be painful, that it doesn’t have to hurt. You showed me a love so pure and true that you made me believe in it. You made me see the world in a brighter light, and all you had to do was love me.

5.I remember the days when we used to be so shy around each other. We didn’t know who should make the first move. You smiled your shy little smile and you made me feel like I was walking on clouds. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d have the honor of calling you my girl. With you so many other men out there who are more handsome and less socially awkward, you chose me. I can’t express how thankful I am that you chose me.

6.My thoughts are free to roam wherever they like, but it’s amazing how they always find their way to you. I could go to any place I like at the drop of a hat, and yet my feet always head in your direction. I could be doing anything else right now, but it’s my heart that keeps telling me that the right place is always by your side.

7.A girl like you only deserves the best. I may not be the best guy out there, but I will tell you this: I will do whatever it takes to give you everything your heart desires. I’ll do my best to secure our future, I’ll try my best at cooking, and maybe I’ll get around to learning how to give the best massage in the world! You’re the reason I want to be the best at what I do because you deserve nothing less.

8.Do you ever notice how I always smile like an idiot whenever I’m talking to you? I hope you don’t think I’m condescending or ridiculing you. I’m just smiling my dopey smile because I’m so happy to see you talk so animatedly about something you’re passionate about. So fine, laugh at me all you want because I look dumb. But the joke’s on you because I’m just deliriously happy.

9.You’re my first thought in the morning and my last at night. You’re the source of my strength and my greatest weakness. You make me deliriously happy when you’re there and downright miserable when you’re not. You’re the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, and I can’t even imagine what I did right to deserve you in my life. You’re my angel, my star, you’re everything that’s right in the world.

10.I wish I could give you one day when you see yourself through my eyes. Then you would see just how beautiful you are inside and out. You would see how the world becomes more colorful whenever you smile. You would see how everything is brighter and better with you in the picture. If I could only give you one day to see yourself the way I see, you would understand why you’re so special to me.

11.If nothing else, I hope you know that I love you with everything that I am. I love you from my first waking breath to the second before I fall asleep. I love you in my dreams, in every waking hour. I love you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. I love you when we’re together, when we’re apart. I love you when we’re having fun, and even when we’re fighting. I love you all day, every day, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

12.If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I’d have a garden of roses. If I had a penny for every time I remember your gorgeous smile, I’d be a millionaire. If I had a drop of water for each time I get butterflies when you’re with me, I’d own the Pacific. You’re always running through my mind, and I don’t think I want it to stop.

13.I never knew real fear until I met you. Back then I was carefree and careless. I cared more about myself than other people. But when you came into my life, that’s when I became scared. Not because of you but because I knew then what it was like to love someone more than life itself. I learned how to put you above myself. I learned to love you so much that I learned to be scared of the possibility of losing you.