33 Best Birthday Quotes About Getting Older

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1.May God always bless you and bestow good health and prosperity on you. Have a wonderful and unforgettable 21st birthday.

2.Happy 21stbirthday, dear. May you always be happy, may it be greater than it already is & may your path be wonderful & smooth!

3.I can’t think of a single reason someone would be excited to turn twenty-one.  Can you?  Try to have a happy birthday anyway.

4.Congratulations on blissfully overcoming two decades of your life. Welcome to the phase of youth & make the best of your life by reinventing yourself. Happy Birthday.

5.Happy birthday to the best friend anyone could ever have. May your all wishes and desires and ideas become a reality. Happy 21stBirthday!

6.Cutie, you are responsible for giving me my breaths and taking them away too. Happy 21stbirthday, have fun.

7.For every person wishing they were twenty-one or older, there are at least 5 people wishing they were younger. Congratulations on getting older.

8.Happy birthday and best wishes for more years of life with health, peace, and love! Thank you for being who you are and always be like that.

9.You always fill my days with laughter and happiness, and as you turn twenty-one, change the age number, but retain the fun. Happy 21stBirthday!

10.Age increase does not necessarily mean one is growing old. It’s another meaning for ripening and therefore getting better. Congrats for making it to twenty-one. Happy 21stBirthday!

11.It’s magic and a privilege to have you in my life. Looking forward to many more years together with trust, love, and joy. Happy 21stbirthday my sweetheart.

12.Today is your big day! You are turning twenty-one, and I hope you have the most fantastic party ever with all your friends and family around to celebrate.

13.Congratulations to you on your birthday. Remember that it is not just another year that we are celebrating, but we are grateful for the gift that God gave to our family and friends 21 years ago.

14.You have been a rare commodity to get, but am proud that I have you. May all your wishes come true as you mark your 21stbirthday!

15.Today, on your 21st birthday, I wish you to have the best birthday party. May your coming years be packed-out with good deeds and blessings! Happy 21st birthday!

16.Turning 21 is a big deal. You have survived long enough to prove that you are a responsible, loving, and legal adult. Happy birthday and here is to the next twenty-one years!

17.Twenty-one is the magical age when responsibility starts to taste better than alcohol. Enjoy your new taste for responsibility. Happy 21stBirthday!

18.I know you are not a child anymore, but I cannot help but think of you on your first birthday. Now, twenty years later you are still just as dear to me. Happy birthday, love.

19.Remember, if you can’t count backward from twenty-one by sevens, you are probably having too good of a time at your 21stbirthday party.  Happy 21st birthday!

20.I cannot believe it has been an entire year since you turned twenty. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s going to fly even faster now that you’re twenty-one!

21.Here is my advice to you: the last twenty-one years went by so fast. I hope the next twenty-one are just as incredible as the first, just take your time to enjoy everything. Happy birthday, dear!

22.Not only 21st, may your life be brighter as each birthday comes and goes! May you have a fabulous birthday and may all your dreams come true.Happy 21st Birthday!

23.Your birthday is a sign of wellness and achievement in life. I hope it becomes better and nicer as you grow old. Wishing you all the best as you hit twenty-one. Happy 21stBirthday!

24.This is your chance to have the perfect night of your life so far. Turning 21 is a big deal, but it will only be the beginning of great things to come. I hope you have a fantastic birthday today.

25.May you keep shining like this always so that I can keep on basking in the warmth of your friendship. Wishing you a very happy 21stbirthday my best buddy.

26.Everyone focuses on telling you to drink responsibly when you turn 21, but I want to warn you of another danger.  Eat responsibly, because your metabolism will be slowing down as you get older.

27.Hey, you are one of my best friends, but sometimes I feel like punching you in the face. Every time I try to reach your age, you take off. Happy 21stbirthday though, but wait for me next time.

28.As you celebrate your 21st birthday, I know the candles cost more than last time. May you live to an age when the candles will cost more than the cake.

29.Can you imagine a perfect reason to celebrate? You are turning twenty-one! This happens once in a lifetime, and we are going to make it a night you never forget.

30.May God replenish your life with blessings, and no matter what happens, may happiness never leave your path! Today is a special day. It’s your 21st birthday, beloved daughter, and I want to wish you all the best for your life.

31.Happy birthday my dear. The 21st year is chaperoned on the desire to live a bright and adventurous life. Enjoy this new phase to the fullest by leaving the past behind, exploring yourself for the future by tracing the new path of choices, and grabbing the new opportunities.

32.21stbirthday, may the girlish-self abandon your life by giving you the way to femininity. Keep being this good girl and become what you desire to be in future. Always know that you can count on your parents & we are always here to help whenever you need. Happy Birthday.

33.For some reason, twenty-one-year-old people are not able to blow out their candles as well as twenty-year-old people. No one knows why this is true, but anyone who has observed it will tell you that the twenty-year-old people have a better aim for some reason.