48 + 50Th Birthday Quotes For Daughter

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1.We love our beautiful daughter to the moon and back. Happy Birthday to our favorite princess!

2.Happy 50th Birthday to my best friend. Promise me you will never start acting your age.

3.Happy Birthday to a true child of the 80s. Hope your big day is totally awesome.

4.Happy 50th Birthday! You may be showing your age, but at least you're not acting it!

5.Happy Birthday, Daughter! There may be a few more wrinkles in your birthday suit, but you’re still looking good!

6.Happy Birthday, daughter-in-law. You chose to be part of our family, and guess what? We're keeping you.

7.Our DIL is a VIP in our family. Happy Birthday from your PIL (Proud In-Laws).

8.Happy 50th Birthday! You don't just look amazing for your age – you are amazing at any age.

9.Still foxy at fifty! Happy Birthday to a guy who looks amazing for his age.

10.Happy Birthday, daughter-in-law! Actually, can we just drop the “in-law” part? You're like a daughter to me.

11.Happy 50th Birthday! Sure, being young was fun, but now you're older and wiser. Well, you're older.

12.Happy birthday, Dad. We are so grateful for all of your love and support. Happy birthday!

13.Happy birthday to my old man—well, really just "old man" would do. Happy birthday, Dad!

14.Happy Birthday to my daughter. I told you to stop growing up so fast, but as usual, you didn’t listen. Love you!

15.Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law, who somehow is even more gorgeous than the day my son married her.

16.Best wishes for a day that has that sparkle you have brought into my life every day.

17.Your son, daughter, and wife respect you and love you more than anything else in the whole world. Happy birthday, Popsy.

18.Happy Birthday to my sweet Daughter. I thought I knew what love was all about until the day I first met you. Happy Birthday, my love.

19."Sugar and spice and everything nice." That must have been written just for you. Happy Birthday to the sweetest Daughter ever!

20.You brighten my life every day! I hope today is bright for you as well.

21.Welcome to 50. If your face feels warm, it's either the heat from your birthday candles or a hot flash.

22.With every passing birthday, you add yet another year of happiness to our lives. Happy birthday.

23.No matter how old I become, I will always be your little girl. Happy birthday, Daddy.

24.Today's the only day of the year when you can behave like a kid. Happy birthday, Dad.

25.What did we ever do to deserve a sweet daughter-in-law like you? Hope your birthday is as special as you are.

26.We might not have gotten off to the best of starts. But I’m glad I’ve won you over! Happy birthday mother-in-law!

27.Happy 50th Birthday! Welcome to the age where it's no longer possible to find a birthday cake big enough to hold all your candles!

28.Days like these make the other 364 boring days of life worth fighting for. Happy birthday, Dad; we love you a lot.

29.Dad—I hate to be the first one to break this to you, but you are getting old. Happy birthday.

30.My birthday prayer for you today is that the good Lord will cure you of your cell phone addiction. Happy birthday my daughter.

31.You make everything about life sweeter than all the candy in the world. Happy birthday, sweetie!

32.Happy Birthday to a great wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. Every year that goes by, we grow to love and appreciate you even more.

33.Happy Birthday, Daughter. You have been such a blessing in my life. I can’t wait to see what joys you have in store for the coming year!

34.Roses are red and candy is sweet, but having you as a daughter cannot be beat!

35.Good lord, Dad—you're old and grumpy now. Don't worry, we still love you tons. Happy birthday.

36.I love our special little family, and it wouldn't be complete without you, its leader. Happy birthday, Dad!

37.Happy Birthday! Wishing you a day full of wine, good food, and everything else a wonderful daughter-in-law like you deserves.

38.Daughters are like the sunlight that reflects on the raindrops of our lives to make beautiful rainbows. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

39.I want to say one and only one thing today, that nothing in the world matters more to me than you, Dad. Have a great birthday.

40.Nothing makes me and Mommy happier than to see a smile on your face. Wish you a very happy birthday, Daddy.

41.Happy birthday to the many who taught me how to play catch... and so many more things. I love you, Dad!

42.Happy Birthday to a dear daughter-in-law. You continue to amaze us with your wit, kindness, energy, patience, and strength.

43.We love you for all the things that you do, not just on your birthday but the whole year through. Happy Birthday to a daughter-in-law who does it all.

44.You have brightened my world, dear daughter, and I wish you a sparkly Birthday, colorful new discoveries and a dazzling year ahead.

45.happy birthday to you, my dear niece. As you turn 57, remember that your best years are just beginning. Enjoy your day.

46.Wishing you all the best on your 50th birthday, and in all the years to come.

47.Dearest Dad—thank you for the lifetime of adventure and fun that you've given me. I love you so much; happy birthday!

48.You are priceless for everyone. For us at home, your colleagues at work, and your friends at the pub. Happy birthday, Dad.