31 Smart After The Wedding Quotes

Visit:1456   Updated: 2022/12/10

1.We are grateful for the monetary gift you gave us at our wedding. God bless you.

2.Thank you for sponsoring our wedding. Thank you for settling our bills. God bless you.

3.We cannot pay you back in money for all you did before and during our wedding. Thank you.

4.We can’t tell you how much it meant to us to see you at our wedding, we truly appreciate it.

5.Your friends and families’ presence at our wedding made our day memorable. Thank you for being a part of our success.

6.Your care, Love, and support that graced our holy wedlock cannot be taken for granted, thank you for attending our wedding.

7.Thank you so much for making our wedding day so memorable. It could not have been so special without you being there for us.

8.Nothing amazing would come out of a party with empty chairs. Thank you for making it to our wedding. We are glad and grateful.

9.Thank you for sponsoring us. We are grateful and we will ever be grateful. Once again, thank you.

10.Words alone cannot show our gratitude to thank you for attending our wedding ceremony. We don’t underestimate your presence, God bless you.

11.Thank you for your being there when we needed you the most. Your presence at our wedding contributed to our huge success. Thank you for attending.

12.If we have called you and you had not come, no policeman will arrest you. But in all, thank you for making it to our wedding.

13.Thank you (insert the name) for celebrating our holy wedlock with us and for your ever cherished presence.

14.Thank you so much for making our wedding day so meaningful: it wouldn’t have been so special without you being there with us.

15.My wife and I deem it fit to reach out to all that attended our nuptial mass. We say a massive thank you.

16.You doubled and lifted our happiness for sure with the gifts you gave us at our wedding, as such, I thank you so much. May the Lord increase you.

17.We are thankful to all who were present during our marriage ceremony.Thanks for witnessing an open show of our love.

18.Thank you for taking out time in knowing our vision and ability to make your mind to support us for our wedding. We owe it a great deal. Thank you so much.

19.The testimonies, gifts, and love received from you made it superb. They mean a whole lot to us as newly wedded. Thank you for coming.

20.(Name), you are such a darling for blessing us with such a gift. We appreciate it.

21.With no one on the seat at the reception, our wedding would have been boring. Thank you for making our dreams come through in an interesting way.

22.A wedding ceremony will only last for a day, but a gift gives a lasting memory. Thank you, so much for your presence and such an awesome gift.

23.Our marriage ceremony will not be a successful one if you had not attended. Thanks for bracing us with your presence.

24.(Name of the person), your presence at our nuptial mass was such an honor. It pleases me so much, and your gift was the most delightful of our wedding. Thank you so much.

25.I have always known myself to be blessed with great friends. Thank you for that expensive gift you presented to honor us.

26.Your support has brought a huge amount of help to our aid and we are saying thank you for all you do.

27.What can we do to repay you? My wife and I promise to be there on any occasion of yours. Thank you for attending our marriage ceremony.

28.Your coming to our wedding celebration lit our hearts; we never had expected the massive level of positive vibes that flowed throughout the event. Thank you for adding light to the occasion.

29.A thousand words would not be enough to show how much we appreciate you and the gift you gave us on our big day. Thank you, God bless you.

30.Thank you for every role you played at our matrimony and for paying details to attention. We were much thrilled with how everything turned out. God bless you.

31.We were greatly favored by God and men such as you for the unification of our love affair. Your showing up alone is precious to us and wouldn’t be forgotten for life.