131 + Proud Parent Quotes To Daughter

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1.Dear daughter, I am so glad God blessed me with a precious daughter you. I am very proud of your success.

2.“One of the brightest young ladies you’ll ever find, that’s my baby, and I am proud of you, my daughter.”

3.“A daughter is the most valuable treasure for every father in this world. I am a proud father of an amazing daughter like you!”

4.My darling daughter, congratulations on your graduation, I am very much proud of you. I love you so much.

5.Dear daughter, I am very glad about your recent success. I can’t be much proud of you as a mother. I wish you more wins dear.

6.“In life, there are ups and downs, and so success may not come every time. I am proud of you for coming this far. Cheers, daughter!”

7.“Dear daughter, thank you for making me a proud father. I will always be here to support you in everything and all the way. Love you, dear.”

8.Congratulations on your achievement sweet daughter go take the world by surprise dear. I love you so much. You make me a proud parent.

9.“I love to see how organized you are. You have made my life much more beautiful. I am proud of you, my lovely daughter.”

10.“Your foundation is rock solid. You have proven time and again that nothing can shake you. I am super proud of you, dear daughter.”

11.“Every part of you speaks goodness and intelligence, and I’m proud to have you as my daughter. Keep being the leading girl.”

12.“You make me a proud parent every time. Your hard work has finally paid off, and I am so proud of you. I love you, my dearest daughter.”

13.“Dear daughter, this is the day you worked so hard for, and I am so proud of you. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors!”

14.Congratulations Mrs. Grace on your daughter’s graduation. I can only imagine how proud you are feeling now as her mother.

15.“Dear daughter, you are a blessing to my heart. I am already proud of you, no matter what happens in life. I will always love and support you.”

16.“Seeing all you have achieved at this stage shows you are really going places. I am proud of you, my daughter. There is no limit, dear!”

17.“Never fear falling because I’d always hold your hands. Sweetheart, you can always count on your parents. We are so proud of you.”

18.“You are a blessing to my existence. Not a single day have you ever brought disappointment to me. I am proud of you, daughter.”

19.“My daughter, do ensure you follow through on your dreams. I am always proud of you in every way, and I love you so much.”

20.“Thank you, sweetheart, for doing things that make me feel proud. You are a gift I am forever grateful to God for. I love you, daughter.”

21.“One thing I am always certain of, even before you start any project, is its success because you never give up. I am proud of you, dear daughter.”

22.“Dear daughter, it is a blessing to have you. I am proud of the goal-oriented and vision-driven lady you are. Cheers to greater achievements!”

23.“A parent can open the door for training, but a choice must be made to enter. Thanks for making the best choice. I am very proud of you, daughter.”

24.My precious daughter, you are my jewel of inestimable value, I am very proud of your first win and trophy at the commonwealth games.

25.Dear daughter, congrats on your appointment as the MD of your company. I don’t have a doubt you will give your best to this new position. I am so proud of you.

26.Congrats dear daughter on your appointment as the new head girl of your school, you truly deserve it.

27.“Whenever you need me, I’ll be here for you. I’m here as your cheerleader and biggest fan. Keep making me proud, honey.”

28.“My little daughter has grown into an intelligent lady who does not fear to fail, and that is why I am always proud of her. I love you!”

29.My daughter, you have always made us proud, thank you for achieving another great feat for yourself and the family. Congratulations dear.

30.Dear daughter, your graduation is almost here, we feel so proud of you. Knowing you will be graduating with distinction makes us very happy as your parents.

31.Dear daughter, it is good to see you graduate from college today as the best student in your class. You made every one of us proud. Thank you so much, dear.

32.Having a graduate daughter means the world to me. Your determination and positive attitudes to study are worthy of emulation. I am very proud of you dear.

33.“I’m happy that I got to be the one to raise you, guide you, and be your role model. I am proud of my daughter always, and that’s you, my darling.”

34.“A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.”

35.“Your win is my win, and every victory you clinch makes me swell with great pride as your dad/mom. Honestly, I am proud of you, my daughter.”

36.“You are the most beautiful rose of all the gardens who just happened to be gifted to us by God Almighty. Dear daughter, as your parents, we are so proud of you!”

37.“Be focused on yourself and your lofty goals. Others may judge you wrongly but always remember that I remain proud of you, dearest daughter.”

38.“If I am not proud of you, my daughter, who else will I be proud of? You’re everything a parent could pray for and even more. Your efforts are blessed.”

39.“There is nothing as satisfying as having a daughter like you. I am so proud of the responsible young woman that you are growing into.”

40.“My amazing daughter, don’t hold back from pushing for your dreams. I am always proud of you and will always have your back. Go for it!”

41.“Your determination and strength are admirable. You have chosen to never give up in the face of challenges. I am so proud of you.”

42.“To my beloved daughter, I am happy and proud of the kind of woman that you have grown into. You are amazing and beautiful, true and through.”

43.Dear daughter, thank you for making today a very special and proud day for us. You didn’t only graduate but with the best honor. We are very proud of you love.

44.I will want to heartily congratulate you on the recent success of your daughter. This will be the beginning of greater things for her.

45.Congratulation dear on the success of your daughter, her success is evidence of you standing by her and also encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

46.“Since the day I received the gift of you, my daughter, life has been full of happiness. You make me proud, and I love you without any reservation.”

47.“My beloved daughter, I am delighted and proud of the kind of young woman that you have grown into. You are so amazing and beautiful inside-out.”

48.“I know you get tired and feel like quitting, but your strength is something I’m yet to figure out. Mama is so proud of you, and she celebrates you.”

49.“Beloved daughter, never think that you are alone. I am always here for you as long as I breathe. I love you and will remain such a proud mother.”

50.“The greatest gift every mother can have is a daughter. Someone who sings with her, who helps in cleaning the house, and someone she can be proud of.”

51.“Believe in yourself, daughter, and do not be deterred from your dreams. I know you can and will achieve it. I remain very proud of you!”

52.“Dearest daughter of mine, I am proud of your heart and soul. I am proud of your strength and passion. I am proud of your spirit and everything that combines to be you.”

53.“All that you set out to achieve, you gave your all to it and didn’t stop until you did it. I love you, beloved daughter. Thank you for making me proud.”

54.Dear today, you have shown with this graduation that you can achieve anything you set your mind on. I am very proud of you dear.

55.My girl just graduated first class from college. I can’t be more proud of you love. She is both beautiful and brilliant.

56.Dear daughter, I can’t be much happier when I hear you have been promoted to the general manager at your office. Congrats dear, I wish you many more successes.

57.Your success is a great joy for me dear daughter, congrats on your new promotion at the office. Keep the good works going, dear. Dad and I love you so much.

58.My precious daughter, I am as proud as a mother today to have a daughter graduating from college. Thank you my jewel of inestimable value.

59.Dear daughter thank you for graduating with distinctions from high school. I can’t be more proud of you. You are both beautiful and brilliant.

60.It takes the support of the family member for people to succeed. I want to congratulate you on the success of your daughter. Thank you for supporting her dreams.

61.“Dear daughter, you are my pride. No matter how hard my life gets, I will never let sadness touch you. In the end, your smile is what matters to me most.”

62.“Another milestone in your life; congratulations on making it to the top of your career, my daughter. A job well done!”

63.“The future is so bright for you, my dear daughter. I am proud of all you have achieved. Continue doing your best, and always count on mom’s support.”

64.“My daughter is a beautiful young woman who brings joy into every day – she is strong, independent, and smart, and I am so proud of the person she is becoming.”

65.“I want to see you make every hope and dream a reality. I am always proud of you, and I want you to keep doing what you do. I love you, my dear daughter.”

66.“Seeing you grow and become who you are today is God’s favor. I am proud of you. Keep rising higher and higher. I love you, daughter.”

67.“You are, for me, like a heartbeat, the lovely daughter I am blessed with. Today and always, I’ll tell you how I am proud of you, sweetheart. I dearly love you.”

68.Dear daughter, thank you for making your graduation a very great and proud one for me. You didn’t only graduate but with the best honor. I am very proud of you love.

69.Happy graduation my dear daughter, I hope you will find my gift satisfying this time around. If you ever reject this gift, be ready to reimburse the cost of it. Cheers!

70.“From the moment you were born, you were always so cute. Now you’re growing older, but you’re still my little girl that I am always proud of.”

71.“Every single day, you make me feel proud of your kindness and hard work. Keep doing all you do. I am so blessed to have you in my life.”

72.“I know life has not been all easy and rosy for you. But finally, there is a better future ahead. I am so proud of your achievements. I love you, dear.”

73.Congratulations on your graduation daughter. I am quite excited and much happy that you are starting a new phase of your life as a college graduate. I am so proud to call you my daughter, dear.

74.My darling daughter, thank you for coming out in flying colors at your graduation today. As a diligent student, you gave your best to your studies, and today we are all proud of you.

75.Dear daughter, thank you for making your mom so proud today. Your graduation today is a story of success for you and me. Thank you for not giving up your dream of becoming a graduate.

76.Lovely daughter, happy graduation. I hope you are set up a special party for the family to celebrate this special if not, don’t expect any gifts from us.

77.“I’d choose to have you as my daughter over and over again, as long as I’d always be this proud as a parent. You always outdo your last, and for that, you deserve all the pampering in this world.”

78.“I brag about you, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of that. I have a brave, beautiful, and brilliant daughter, and I want them to know that I am really proud of you.”

79.“You are the reason behind all of my happiness. I am the happiest father in this world. I pray to God for your healthy and successful life. I love you so much, my daughter.”

80.“Dear daughter, never stop chasing your dreams. Even if all hopes die, even when the world stands against you, your father will always be here to hold you high above all!”

81.“You remained calm and overcame every challenge as it came. You are a shining example to many people. I am very proud of you.”

82.“You are an inspiration to many people, and you are an example worth following. I am so proud of you, my daughter, and I commit to doing whatever I can to see you do more.”

83.“No one loves you and roots for you more than me. I’m so sure of this because you have made me proud, and I want you to always do better. So, I’d be pushing you to greatness. You’re my queen!”

84.“I promise to be where, what, and who you need me to be. I’d do anything for you, and anything you do, I’d be there by your side. Keep it up! I’m proud of you.”

85.“My girl, you are one of the bravest and kindest people we know. Mum and dad are really proud of you, sweetheart. You are the best daughter we could ever ask for.”

86.“I love my daughter. Even when I expect less or little, she has always given me more and much more. She is my fighter and go-getter. She makes me so proud.”

87.“Memories of us together tell just how much happiness you added to my life. You have always been the best daughter in this world. Your father loves you a lot.”

88.Celebrating a special daughter like you at her graduation is a great pleasure. I hope you will buy me the gift you have been promising now that you are a graduate.

89.“I see you work so hard, and I wish I had worked as hard as you when I was younger. Anyway, I’m glad I raised you well, and you’re making me proud. Cheers, sweetie.”

90.“It’s not a crime to be an excellent young woman, and you have given your all to be where you are right now. I’m delighted to be your parent, my baby girl.”

91.“Do the things you have to do, and even the ones you’ve always thought you couldn’t. I’m proud of you, and that’s enough to make you forge ahead. Cheers, my princess.”

92.“A world of new opportunities just opened up, all yours for the taking. We believe in you and stand behind you no matter where you choose to go. We’re so proud of you!”

93.“You may already know that I am proud of you, but I will still always remind you. You are one of the best gifts the Lord gave to me.”

94.“It is not easy to be where you are. You have come a long way, crossing many hurdles, and I am very proud of you.”

95.“Even when the entire world is against you, do not listen to what they say. Keep on doing your best, the sky is just the starting point. Dad is proud of you!”

96.“I am always dazzled by your excellent performance and proud of you for effectively seeing to all that is committed to your hands.”

97.“Don’t worry about anything. As long as you strive to be better, you’ll always be at your best. Don’t ever feel like you are not enough. I’m always proud of you.”

98.As a focused, diligent student, you gave all your best to your studies. All these paid off for you as you graduate with distinctions today. I am much proud of you love.

99.“Dearest, keep aiming high, and one day you’lld reach that height. I believe in you, I am proud of you, and I know that all your efforts will yield wonderful results. I love you, my super amazing daughter.”

100.“You have come so far. You worked so hard and left no stone unturned to make your dreams come true. Do you have any idea how proud you’ve made me of yourself? Go big, my little girl!”

101.“Everyone thinks you’re too good to be true, and your prestige is influenced. However, they don’t know how much you have labored to get these credits. I see it all, and I’m proud of you, dear. I am!”

102.“Dearest, keep aiming high, and one day you’ll reach that height. I believe in you, I am proud of you, and I know that all your efforts will yield wonderful results. I love you, my super amazing daughter.”

103.“I’m so proud of how much you have grown and how incredible you are turning out to be. As you grow older, I’d be by your side to see the great woman you’d become.”

104.Darling daughter, congratulations on finishing college. As your father, I am so proud of you for finishing with excellence. I and your mom are very happy and we have no doubt you are going far in life.

105.My sweetheart, as a focused and diligent student, you gave all your best to your studies. All these paid off for you as you graduate with distinctions today. I am very much proud of you love.

106.“You possess everything good that we had in us. It feels great to see our little angel becoming a lovely, wonderful girl. We are proud of you!”

107.“Dear daughter, you are the best daughter a mom can ask for. I love being your mother and watching you grow. You are one of my greatest accomplishments, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

108.“Baby girl, it meant so much to me that you would take the time out of your schedule to be there and see me in my new position. I’m proud of you, my little girl is growing up fast!”

109.“We wish you a day full of sunshine, a heart full of adventures, and endless laughter as you set out on your next goal. I hope your future will be as fantastic as you are. We are so proud of you!”

110.“Dear daughter, life shows us many ups and downs. We have to go through many hardships every day. No matter what, don’t lose hope because your parents will always be there to support you.”

111.“You look like me, and you’ve taken after me in almost every manner. I’m always proud to see myself in you, and I’m more proud whenever you excel. Lots of motivation from mom, my girl.”

112.“I remember the first time you called me dad, and I knew it was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard or would ever hear. It’s been years, and I still stand by it.”

113.Many went to college but couldn’t graduate but even when you have the odds against you, you still didn’t give up. You gave it your best. I am very proud of you as you graduate in flying colors today.

114.Dear daughter, I extend my congratulation to you on the occasion of your graduation. I believe you will now find it worth throwing your overdue part for the family.

115.Cute daughter, congratulations on your graduation. I never knew you can graduate with distinctions, I had always thought of you as lazy but now you have proven mummy wrong. I love you.

116.“Dear daughter, you are the epitome of beauty, so studious in school. You are a great example to your brothers and sisters. You inspire me with your positive attitude toward life. I love you, mother.”

117.“I will never be able to express how much I appreciate you in words. You are my greatest source of joy. My greatest source of pride is you.”

118.“People see the sweetness of your face, but they don’t often see the sweetness you added to our life. You have given us so many reasons to be thankful to god. We love you!”

119.“You have motivated me to hold my head up high in pride. I am blessed to have you in my life. Congratulations, and good luck in your career!”

120.“Sometimes you are mad at me. Sometimes I am mad at you. But we still enjoy being the perfect mother-daughter pair because we would really go mad without each other. I love you.”

121.“You are such a beautiful girl, and I’m so proud of the incredible way that you are growing up. Even at such a young age, you are full of wisdom, kindness, compassion, and courage.”

122.Today is your big day darling daughter; your success is a milestone for us as a family. You don’t only celebrate your graduation; we also celebrate your steps closer to greater achievements in life.

123.Dear daughter, I am very proud of your success as a graduate today, with so much disciple, you gave your best to your studies and you came out in flying colors making your mom very proud of you. More wins my love.

124.“Do you know how the story of your parents’ lives went from being ordinary to extraordinary? When they became mommy and daddy to a sweet daughter like you. We love you, and we are so proud of all your accomplishments.”

125.“ Dear daughter, I love who you have grown to be. You are so smart, beautiful, and kind, and I can’t wait to see all of your achievements as you grow up. I’d like to be there every step of the way to celebrate with you!”

126.“We know how hard you work to be your best, and we are so proud of you, daughter! We know you have reached your dreams because of the hard work, sweat, and determination you have put forth. We love you so much, and we always will.”

127.Darling daughter, thank you for coming out in flying colors at your graduation today. As a diligent student, you gave your best to your studies, and today as your mom, I can’t be more proud of you dear. Mommy loves you more.

128.“Love is not what’s in the veins, but it’s in the heart. My daughter and I may not be related by blood, but I love her with all my heart. And life’s been better ever since I had her. I love my stepdaughter so much.”

129.Dear daughter, it is good to see you graduate from college today as the best student in your class. You made me proud as a mother today. I can’t be much prouder. Thank you so much, dear. Mommy cherishes you so much.

130.Dear daughter, I feel so proud as a mother for having you graduate from college today. I want to thank you for fulfilling the promise you made to me to graduate with the best grade which you did. You truly distinguished yourself and gave your study the best. many more win dear.

131.“Dear daughter, you are one of my best friends. Sometimes we don’t get along, but I think that is what makes us so close. The love and bond I have with you are very precious to me. I am very proud of the woman you are becoming.”