54 Best Welcome Back To School Quotes For Students

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1.Welcome students! It’s a brand new day. Make new friends, join new associations that will inspire you to achieve greatness.

2.I welcome you all to school today. You are a bundle of limitless possibilities. Each day comes with opportunities to bring out the best in you. Make each day count!

3.We are so elated to start this school year with you! Never ever forget that you can do anything you set your heart to do.

4.Dear students, you are welcome. Mark Twain said: “The man who does not read books has no advantage over the one who cannot read them.” Read! Read!! Read!!!

5.Welcome to our school. As you continue with us please know that you are surrounded by people who care about you and long to help you reach your full potential in life.

6.You are welcome to this school. We are thrilled to be in partnership with you as you discover yourself in this educational journey. Best regards!

7.You are unique, special, and wonderful. There is no other version of you. I love to see you all prosper!

8.Welcome my students! Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on whether you use it or waste it. I advise you to use it.

9.As a student, one important thing you should bear in mind is that laziness is your worst enemy and hard work is your best friend.

10.Being a good student is not necessarily about the ability to rote but a burning passion to learn.

11.Welcome to a new class. I am passionate about your success and I promise to give my best to bring out the best in each of you.

12.Learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

13.Welcome to school! Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do says John Wooden. There is something you’re good at. Give it your best!

14.Welcome great students! You do have a bright future and your best days are ahead of you. Sometimes the mountain you’re climbing can obscure the view you’re about to enjoy.

15.“You have great potentials inside of you. I will be glad to see it brought to the limelight.”

16.Dear new student, you are most welcome. We are glad to have you with us. We will be dutiful enough to wake up the sleeping giant in you and make you successful in life. Welcome!

17.As you begin something new, your fears may be screaming but don’t give in to them. Listen for those small whispers of hope and be encouraged.

18.Dear students, welcome to a new class. Kindly remember that you cannot reap what you did not sow. Be diligent this time around and put in your very best in this new phase.

19.Welcome to a new phase in your academic journey. I hope that you do well in your courses and make me proud as your teacher.

20.Dear students, your attitude to situations will determine what you get in return. Have a positive attitude to life. It won’t always be rosy.

21.Dear student, welcome! Our aim and mission are to support and encourage you in your journey to make the world a better place.

22.Dear students, welcome to a new class. I hope you will remember that it is not going to always be rosy and that when the going gets tough, it’s only the tough that gets going.

23.Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford.

24.Good day to you my students. I want you to know that the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. So if not for anybody, do it for yourself.

25.You are just on the next rung of the ladder. Do not rest on your oars. Strive for more and be more determined than ever to succeed.

26.I welcome all students to this new class. I hope you will all excel in your courses. Feel free to come to me if you have any questions concerning what you are being taught. I love to see you excel!

27.Dear students, you might not all be at the top of the class at the end of the session but there is something in you the world needs and is looking for. Do not fail your generation.

28.Welcome students! Most of you desire to be great but do you know that you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Therefore, start from somewhere no matter how small.

29.“Many of life’s failures are those who did not recognize how close they were to success before they gave up. So, don’t give up! Don’t throw in the towel!

30.Passing the entrance examination into this school was no mean feat. It shows you are smart and intelligent. We hope to groom you further to help you attain your maximum potential.

31.Our heartiest welcome to you all! We are well prepared to give you a sound education and take you on your journey to greatness. Welcome!

32.Dear student, welcome! We are here to help you in all ways we can to help you achieve your desired goal. We implore that you partner with us and let us play our part as you play yours.

33.For every prize, there is a price to pay. Being in a new class comes with a price to pay to come out successful. I hope you will pay the price.

34.Helen Hayes said: “The expert in anything was once a beginner. You won’t become good at what you do overnight. You have to follow through with the process. Welcome!

35.Dear students, I have the expertise and I am concerned for your success. I want you to cooperate with me and trust me as we go along on this journey.

36.It gives me great pleasure to see you again! Remember, no one attains greatness perchance. You have to work towards achieving it.

37.“You have a mighty mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered.”

38.Dear student, we are happy and glad you decided to join this great citadel of learning. We are true to our words and will certainly deliver as promised. Thank you for trusting us.

39.As you begin your journey in this school, I want you to know that change can be hard, but in the long run, it can create something beautiful. You are in the right place!

40.We are so glad to be a part of your academic success. Please feel free to walk up to the office of the head for any challenge you might encounter during your stay on this campus.

41.Persevere with passion! Have a determined and strong-willed mind! It will not always be rosy but endurance is key!

42.In life, what differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people is not necessarily their brilliance or gifts. It is their determination not to give up.

43.Life is always in phases. You are in a new class and this is another stage in your progress. Give in to the forming process and watch your transformation into a brighter you!

44.My dear students, it gives me joy that we are together again. I can’t wait to make use of this privilege to impart the knowledge to take you higher in your various pursuits.

45.You are all prepared to commence a remarkable journey with our university. We hope to be successful in making this journey as best as it could ever be for you.

46.You are welcome to this great citadel of learning. As you pursue your goals, we implore you to be focused and remember whose child you are.

47.The constant thing about life is change. While you are in this new class, put in your best. There will not be another opportunity to be in this class next year.

48.Your attitude or disposition to life determines the altitude you will get to in life.

49.My dear students, to be ordinary or extraordinary is not a matter of predestination, it is more of your choice. Therefore, choose to be extraordinary.

50.Being in a new class simply means you are progressing. Do not relent in your pursuits for success. You are on your path to becoming the great person you desire to be.

51.As you continue in your academic pursuits, I want you to always have these words ringing in your mind: I can! I will! I must!

52.Study like there is no tomorrow because if you keep putting it off till another time, you will probably be too late. In a nutshell, do it now!

53.You are most welcome to our institution. Please feel free to drop your complaints about issues on campus in the boxes provided. We promise to attend to them and make your stay here enjoyable.

54.It’s a new beginning, a bright and pleasant year. So, open up your mind to endless possibilities and opportunities to be a better version of yourself.