81 Good Night Messages To Her

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1.A good night to the angel who makes all my problems disappear. I love you!

2.A good night to the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Love you, babe!

3.Good night to the woman that makes me happy. My epitome of love. Have a nice sleep.

4.I wish you understood how proud I am of you. You make my world. Good night!

5.Hey darling! Look up to the sky and tell me what you saw. Good night, I love you.

6.Good night, my gorgeous girl! I wish you a peaceful night and a good morning.

7.Retiring for the day with a message to the person I treasure the most: I LOVE YOU. Good night my beautiful wife.

8.I actually consider myself really lucky to have a girlfriend that makes me miss her so much. Good night!

9.I am always here for you. I am sure you already know that. Good night, princess.

10.I will sing a song for you tomorrow to make you sleep better. Have a good night, love.

11.Marriage is awesome because I know I get to snuggle into you each night. Good night, love.

12.Good night to my gorgeous wife, can’t wait to love on you in person again.

13.I will never leave you alone. I will never let you go. And, I love you so much. Good night!

14.This is a good night message to a beautiful lady you are. I hope you wake up in the morning feeling more beautiful than ever.

15.Hey, babe. I have a strong feeling that I am going to dream about you tonight. Good night, love!

16.I miss you very much, my dear. I wish you were here with me. I would have kissed you all night long. Good night!

17.May your night be as cool as the refrigerator, and your dreams as sweet as honey. Good night.

18.Plants need the Sun and water to grow. My heart needs you every day, every time. I love you. Good night, darling.

19.May the Angels of God guard and protect you as you sleep tonight. Good night, my love.

20.Miss you so much, can’t wait until I’m back home to snuggle you to sleep each night. Good night, hon.

21.Good night to my beautiful wife, wish I was snuggled in next to you right now!

22.Hello, my beautiful lover, you are so special to me. I could not sleep without saying I love you.

23.Even just holding my phone in my hand and texting you makes me feel closer to you. Good night, hon!

24.To the woman that is the star of my day and the star of my dreams, good night!

25.Good night, my lady! I hope your day was lovely as you are. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

26.Good night, baby girl. I wish one day I can this to your face with lots of kisses, hugs, and cuddles.

27.For the woman that has made it so I absolutely HATE to sleep alone now, I love you and good night!

28.I wish you a good night, my lady. Sleep tight. Remember that I love you to the moon and back.

29.Good night, queen of my heart! I know we are destined for greatness. Your love makes my waking up in the morning worth it.

30.Good night, my sweet lover! I wish I could say this to your face with a kiss on your bubbly cheeks.

31.May the good Lord watch over and protect my queen when she falls asleep. Have a good night, sweetheart!

32.Good night, my love. May your morning be as bright as your lovely face and as cute as your smile.

33.I have nothing much to offer tonight. Just want to say I’m thinking about you. Xoxo. See you tomorrow, dear.

34.Hey! Baby! I just want to say “Hi before you sleep” Take care of yourself.

35.You are the sweetest girlfriend ever, just wish we didn’t have to be apart right now.

36.I wish to wake up beside you. How lovely it is to find a nice girlfriend like you. I love you dear. Good night.

37.The night is full of bright stars. But, you are the brightest star in my galaxy. I miss you. Good night, dear!

38.I am happy that I met you today. Such a beautiful human being you are. Have a lovely night!

39.My soul delights in you. The best of me is found with you. Your love for me is immeasurable. Good night, my beautiful lady.

40.Good night to the most beautiful woman on earth. I am so proud to have you as my girlfriend. Sweet dreams, my love.

41.I wish I could fall asleep on my own here, but there’s something missing in my arms here and oh! It’s you.

42.I’m just laying here trying to sleep, smiling to myself like a big dork thinking of you. Hope you’re having a good night.

43.I’m going to hop in the shower before I come to bed tonight… wink, wink, nudge, nudge?

44.Reasons our bed is way better than this stupid one I’m stuck in tonight: You’re in it. Miss you, good night!

45.Good night over the phone always means it’s not as good a night as it would be if we were together. Love you, good night.

46.Some people don’t even have wives to miss back at home, so I’ll count myself lucky to be missing you so much right now. Good night, babe.

47.I almost wish you weren’t such an amazing wife so I didn’t have to miss you so much when I’m away… JK, good night, love you!

48.Hey, pretty one. I hope your day has been great. I wish you knew how much I love you. Have a good night, love of my heart.

49.Before you sleep, I wanted you to know that you are the girl in my dreams growing up. Good night darling!

50.I wish you a lovely night, my princess. May your dreams be long and sweet like your tender kisses.

51.I am grateful that you brought love back into my life. I cannot take it for granted. Have a peaceful night, my dear.

52.Since I met you, the yearning in my soul has been quenched. I love you so much and I can do anything for you. Good night!

53.There are no words to explain how I feel about you, my dear. But all I can say is, have a good night, queen of my heart!

54.A lovely night to the pretty little thing holding my life together. Love you, babe!

55.Good night, my love! Every night I think of you, I cannot help but smile. I love you very much. Once again, good night.

56.You are my lover, the love of my life. The one who rules my heart and my one and only. Good night, dear one. Sweet dreams!

57.Come rain, come sun, you are the love of my life. My light in the midst of darkness. I just want to say “Good night, my darling”

58.A candle may melt and its fire may go down but the love I have for you will always stay as a flame in my heart. Good night, baby.

59.The way you keep running through my mind keeps me pretty hopeful that I’ll be seeing you in my dreams tonight. Good night!

60.I’m almost finished up here, can’t wait for my favorite part of the day… when I get to crawl in bed next to you. Good night, babe.

61.Day after day, year after year, you’re still my favorite part of the day. I’m missing you tonight, hon. Good night and sweet dreams.

62.You’ve spoiled me. I hate not snuggling you at night now. I used to be able to sleep alone, I swear!

63.Good night is kind of impossible for me when I can’t snuggle you to sleep, but I’ll wish you one anyway! Good night, hon.

64.Do you know what they call me these days? The guy in love! I wish you knew how much I love and adore you. Good night, darling!

65.Just like a cup of tea is incomplete without milk, my love for you is incomplete without texting you. Good night.

66.If all our wishes are to be granted, I would have wished to be with you in your dreams tonight. Good night and have a nice rest.

67.Guess I need to hurry up and get my butt to sleep so I can get to the part where I get to see you tomorrow! Good night.

68.I love how we can hang out and do basically nothing together and still have a great time. You’re awesome, good night!

69.Somehow it’s even harder being away like this at bedtime than it was before we lived together. Now I know what I’m missing when I’m away! Good night hon.

70.Love means always missing someone when you’re apart, I guess? Miss you hon, wish I was there all snuggled up with you.

71.Business Trip That Makes Me Unable To Snuggle With You At Night: 0/0 stars, do not recommend.

72.My favorite part of my night is crawling in bed with you and my favorite part of my morning is waking up next to you… miss you hon, good night!

73.I know it is late. But I just wanted to remind you that I am still thinking of you. Good night, my angel. I love you.

74.Every time I look into your eyes, all I see is pure love. It motivates me to be the best version of myself. A true king for the queen you are. Good night!

75.Thank you for spending part of your time with me today. I cherish every moment of it. I wish you knew how much it means to me. Have a good night, my dear!

76.I hope you had a great day like mine? I just want to remind you that you are always in my mind. Good night, dear, and sweet dreams to you.

77.I am so grateful for meeting someone like you. You are pretty, intelligent, kind and special to me. Thanks for stealing my heart away. Good night, my love.

78.I had no idea of what true love is all about until I met you. Each day of my life with you gives me an opportunity to improve. Good night, my darling.

79.I don’t count sheep to fall asleep. I count all the reasons I’m crazy lucky to have you as my girlfriend.

80.I just keep thinking of you and all the things we did today… you know the ones I’m talking about! Ugh, I miss you. All of you.

81.Yeah, I like it when you’re being sweet to me, but have I told you how much your spicy side drives me wild??? Oh, cannot wait to dream of you tonight!