36 Best Paragraph For Ur Gf

Visit:3395   Updated: 2022/12/11

1.Don’t cry, sweetheart. Let me wipe the tears from your cheek and cover you with kisses to lift your spirit.

2.When I say I love you forever, I mean it. In good times and tough times, I will be by your side.

3.When I am weighed down, you lift me with your smile, motivating and rejuvenating. Thank you, my pearl. I love you.

4.Thank you, my love, for all the numerous ways you have been good to me. I appreciate you.

5.My love, please come to me. I need you so bad I cannot think straight. You are my addiction.

6.I turned over, and you weren’t there beside me. I hope we can fix that soon.

7.I wish I were there with you to brush away your tears. I hope that my words of love can bring you some comfort.

8.I am most grateful to you, my queen, for the sincerity of your love for me. I am indeed full of appreciation for you.

9.I am indeed thankful to you, my dear. Thank you immensely for all of who you are to me.

10.I love being with you. I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else.

11.A life with you really is a life I love. I hope you feel the same way!

12.Tonight, you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing. I will look after you and help you recharge your batteries!

13.I have a gift for you; it is all of my heart! Also, I bought you chocolate.

14.I crave you like an addict craves his fix. You are the only drug I need.

15.Thank you, my dear, for who you are to me, for your love and kindness. You are one of a kind.

16.My sweet, thanks for being real to me in ways that make life real in all ways. Life with you is the best gift of life I’ve received.

17.For the things you have done, for the things you are set to do, and for the love we share, I say thank you, lovely.

18.Thank you, love. I am in genuine appreciation of you from the depths of my heart.

19.Thank you in all ways, my precious. I am gladdened by your love for me, and your innumerable kindnesses.

20.You make me feel things that I have never felt before. My life changed when you came into it. It’s like my heart was switched on.

21.I need you, my love. I can not wait another minute for your presence for the rest of my life.

22.I need you as much as I love you, which is too much to measure. Please, stay with me tonight.

23.I love you for the way you make me feel. You make me happy and grateful to have you as my companion.

24.My world is only complete when you are a part of it. I need you as much as I need water, sunlight, and air.

25.Every day you wake up, the universe should be grateful to have you in it.

26.I don’t like seeing you sad. It’s not fair that someone so beautiful inside and out doesn’t always feel great.

27.Every second apart feels like a lifetime. I yearn for you, my darling. Do you miss me too?

28.You have brought me so many thousands of beautiful, sacred moments. I can’t wait to experience millions more.

29.A big thank you to you, my precious. I am thankful to you for the marvellous things you have done for me.

30.I never used to believe in the concept of soulmates. That was until I met you. You are sacred to me, my angel.

31.If even one percent of the world’s population were as amazing and kind as you are, this world would be a paradise.

32.I want to tell you how much you mean to me, but even if I kept talking forever, I’m not sure I could. I never want to let you go.

33.I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you, but I am grateful every day. You are a miracle.

34.I know things are difficult for you right now, darling, but I know you will make it through thick and thin. Your strength is inspiring.

35.Every second that you are sad is a tragedy. I am here to make you feel better whenever you need me.

36.Sometimes, I wake up, and I can’t believe that I get to spend my whole life with you. It is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for being mine.